Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar Loss Inspires #PoorLeo Memes (Photos)

DiCaprio lost his fifth Oscar nomination to “Dallas Buyers Club” star Matthew McConaughey, and the internet doesn't plan on letting “The Wolf of Wall Street” forget it, either. Here are the best memes that hit the web the Oscars on Sunday to recognize #PoorLeo.

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  • SpecialOps96

    LEO Deserved the Oscar, don't get me wrong I like Matthew but LEO was the sure winner.

    • Melody

      I totally agree with you. What's wrong with these Oscar guys?!

  • fog

    Leo deserves the Oscar for his opus, his collected works, he is an extraordinary talent whose talents can cover a huge range of type, style and sensitivity. Maybe some of these Academy voters don't like him personally, or are put off by his good looks, but the fact is, he has the lot as far as acting goes. THE PEOPLE'S OSCAR GOES TO…..LEO DEEEEE CAPRIOOOOOO!!!! yay!

  • Michael H

    It's a shame that these people have nothing better to do, than this. I say one day that Leonardo's Oscar will be a well received honor, and when that time comes, I am pretty well certain he will be man enough not to poke fun at those who didn't receive one. These people who poke fun at others to take away or distract from their own misery, or short comings in life are so bitter with their own failure, that they have to tell the world and remind people daily of others misfortunes. Dare you say, that poor Leonardo missed his opportunity to Matthew. Well I'll tell you that I am a native Texas, which means that I was taught to be respectful by my parents, and now as an adult learned to be sensitive to the needs of others, however, I despise those who do the aforementioned. I say that these Man, Matthew McConaughey, and Leonardo DiCaprio are phenomenal actors, and Both deserve awards. So back off, get a life, or go to acting school and get you're Oscar, Chump.

  • king h

    leo is just too good to be compared maybe thats y they all envy him….dont mind any of them