Dailies | Jill Zarin Revisits ‘Real Housewives’ Firing: I Was Going to Quit (Exclusive Video)

The former Bravo star revisits her departure from the popular show on Friday's “Oprah's Where Are They Now?” on OWN

We may never know the full truth behind Jill Zarin's exit from Bravo's “The Real Housewives of New York City,” but “Oprah's Where Are They Now?” tried.

On Friday's new episode airing at 9/8c on OWN, Zarin looks back on her time as one of Bravo's original New York housewives in 2008 and her much-reported firing from the series four seasons later.

In TheWrap's exclusive preview, Zarin said that she was actually going to quit the reality show.

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“This is what nobody knows,” she said. “This is really the truth. One night I was just — I think I took a sleeping pill — and I typed out an email to my producer and three out of the five Housewives. And I said, ‘I'm leaving the show. I want to leave on a high, I'm in a good place right now.’ But I never sent that email to Bravo. I kinda got cold feet the next day.”

If she had sent the email, according to Zarin, she would have pre-empted being fired by the network six weeks later.

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“When I got the phone call from my production company, I knew,” she remembered. “You know when you have a sixth sense and I shed a few tears because when anything ends, it seems so final. I honestly have no idea really why I was fired. Because nobody will tell me the true answer.”

You can tweet live with Jill Zarin (@JillZarin) and OWN (@OWNtv) during Friday's episode using the hashtag #WhereAreTheyNow.

Watch the video above.

  • Margie Gunderson

    This is ancient history, Jill. Why haven't you moved on? It's not as if the “why did Jill Zarin leave RHoNY?” question is on par with “what's going on in the Bermuda Triangle” or “where is Jimmy Hoffa buried?” This is not a mystery for the ages.

    • Scott

      That was mean Margie. You don't like it, don't watch it. Seriously how can you do a “Where are they now?” show on current people. Don't be mean AND stupid.

  • Kathleen

    She was fired because she was boring and she was relentless with her obsession with her failed friendship with Bethenny. She became very uncool.

  • ez

    a self centered imbecile. Find a career already. maybe go on the bachelor with the other divorced or soon to be divorced

  • VintageSunshine

    Who cares. She's just trying to stay on in the public eye but has no real reason for doing that other than rehashing old stinky garbage. Who cares. No one.

  • Zoe

    She's so full of it. Any time she's ever said “this is the real truth” she's lyin through her teeth. She was fired because she got too big for her britches!!

    • Jasper

      Instead of Where Are They Now? They should've done Do You Remember Me? For Jill Zarin lol!

  • Jennifer

    She's no different from the other Housewives except that Jill was entertaining & fun to watch. What Bravo has now is a bunch of drunks, wimps & bored entitled women. No spark, no interesting facets. Bravo ruined that show.

    • Beverly Bainbridge

      I couldn't agree more Jennifer.

    • Delores

      Entertaining? Seriously? She was a bitch, ruined a friendship with Bethany over what…to stay relevant on the show? She showed her true colors, she was mean spirited and made the show dark. She was manipulative in front of and behind the cameras. I'm not saying that RHONYC is better now, but I think because of her a lot of people abandoned that show. Jill Zarin was not good for that show at all!



  • Michelle Terrell

    When Bethenny left, the show got boring.

  • lindak

    Who cares where jill zarin is now?she blew it because she thought she was the most
    relevant woman on the show.Thank God shes gone gone gone

  • Penny Puppy Walker

    I do miss her on RHONYC, I wish she was still part of the cast. I don't miss those other women they got rid of, especially the one with the Australian husband, she was so wretched.

  • cryslynns

    OH really? Wow, who is she kidding. So why then did she go on WWHL and beg Andy to tell her why she was fired and that she was devastated by it. And that was MONTHS, if not more than a year, after she got the boot! Right…I guess now she is trying to save face. Too late Jill! You were axed because the viewers didn't like you because you took your hate with Bethenny too far. THAT is the truth!

  • Jackie

    Her ego got too inflated. She acted like an entitled bitch and they showed her who was boss all along. Farewell. She was negative and MEAN to everyone.