Dailies | Pat Robertson: Jews Are Too Busy ‘Polishing Diamonds’ to Tinker With Cars, Mow Lawns

Pat Robertson: Jews Are Too Busy 'Polishing Diamonds' to Tinker With Cars, Mow Lawns

The televangelist made the comment on his Christian Broadcasting Network show while talking to a rabbi about making money

If there's one thing we know about Pat Robertson — he doesn't mince words.

The televangelist, and former GOP presidential candidate, delivered another zinger Monday, when he welcomed conservative activist, Rabbi Daniel Lapin to his Christian Broadcasting Network show “The 700 Club.” Lapin was there to promote his book “Business Secrets From the Bible” about making money.

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Robertson started the interview by asking, “What is it about Jewish people that make them prosper financially? You almost never find Jews tinkering with their cars on the weekends or mowing their lawns.”

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Lapin didn't appear the least bit surprised or insulted. In fact, he agreed with Robertson. “No, I pay one of the best mechanics around to take care of my BMW. That's what I do. I'd be crazy to take my time doing it myself,” Lapin said. “Or for me to mow my lawn, I'm the worse lawn mower in the world, but the young man who lives down the street from me, he's one of the best and he's happy to do it. I'm happy.” Later in the interview, Robertson joked that Jews are “polishing diamonds, not fixing cars.”

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Watch Robertson's comments below:

  • Me

    Pat Robertson: Jews Are Too Busy ‘Polishing Diamonds’ to Tinker With Cars, Mow Lawns

    And Pat Robertson is making a lot of money on his TV show.

  • jonathan

    This is where the liberal agnostic press vexes a perfectly innocent statement if you look at the video.

    • Johnny

      Agree. Thsi was totally innocent and actually indicate that it was a poition or quote from the other guy's book. Totally misrepresented by the writer of this article.

  • DaveN

    Pat Robertson is a moronic little troll.

    That being said, this article greatly exaggerated his actual words.

  • Newzheimer

    Pat Robertson is pretty busy polishing his own diamonds. He has interests in a number of diamond mines, some of them generating blood diamonds. He's a moronic troll. Makes me wish that Jews did that Catholic thing of ex-communication. Would like to defrock/ex-communicate this rabbi. He plays into every single stereotype about Jews.

  • matey

    TO Pat Robinson: Thank you for your extremely intelligent opinion. BUT: I think there are more Christians ,Musllms, and Buddists than Jews who polish diamonds. You are so smart that you must have been President of your Class in Kindergarden. I must admit I never heard a more well informed remark that you made about diamonds, My religious friend.

  • Curbs Curb

    Never ever ever reading another article from The Warp.

  • matey

    T0 CNN editor: If a citizen made the same stupid comment as Patricia Robertson in Discuss, CNN would probably delete it as inappropriate language?? Why judge Patricia or Pat, different from any other citizen?

  • CarolynMarisa

    Pat Robertson – he has been a POS for YEARS and YEARS. People who support that old IDIOT need to get a grip.

  • 20pizzapies

    people disagreeing everywhere , makes you wanna stop and read a book …….

  • Rainer

    Pat Robertson is crazy, we can't take him seriously guys, c'mon.