Paul Walker Dead – Hollywood Mourns ‘Fast & Furious’ Star on Twitter (Updated)

Paul Walker Dead – Hollywood Mourns 'Fast & Furious' Star on Twitter (Updated)

James Wan, Jordana Brewster, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and James Van Der Beek share their grief

Hollywood stars and members of the “Fast and Furious” franchise flocked  to Twitter to share their grief over the death of Paul Walker this weekend.  The actor died Saturday in a Santa Clarita car crash at the age of 40.

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Among those expressing shock and dismay were the actor's collaborators and colleagues such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, “Varsity Blues” co-star James Van Der Beek and Walker's “Fast & Furious 7” director James Wan. Here's a look at the outpouring of sympathy that greeted the news.

  • Dave

    Live by the sword…
    How many innocent people have been killed on the roads by wannabe Paul Walkers playing out their juvenile Fast and Furious fantasies? We've all seen it.

    Hopefully his death will be a lasting lesson to those that not only risk their own lives, but innocent others..
    Live those fantasies on your PLay Stations, not public highways.

    • sam

      u realize he wasn't the one driving?

      • Dave

        I do realize he wasn't driving. My point was too hard for you get?
        Let me simplify it for you street racer dimwits: Ain't as cool it looks in the movies, now is it ? (Dead and burnt alive) Not to mention all the innocent drivers around you that you put at risk with your mental midget antics. Grow up.

        • christa

          Last I knew Paul Walker like racing or driving fast. Who cares. He liked it. He wasn't a dimwit. He made millions and had a charity. You're just an uptight asshole who probably has a median wage. Stop judging people. No wonder why there's so much ignorance and judging it's because of dickheads like you.

    • Jeremy

      Your a fucking idiot you know that? People like you should've been killed at birth. Oh well have a good day with your lack of what we humans call a brain.

      • Seth Bob


        • Ricky Taulker

          No, it's your* moron. “You're” is you are, “your” is possessive, which also applies to YOUR lack of a brain. Idiot.

          • FireBlade

            no, Seth is right, it is “you are a f$%ing idiot”, as in “you're”

          • Seth Bob


    • Aaron Mohammed

      oh crap…and here i thought people were street racing before paul walker probably even knew about acting…i had no idea he was the one responsible for people street racing since wayy back in the day…it makes perfect sense that he should die for doing his job as an actor right?…haha…you're such a loser

      • Dave

        Sure there was street racing before Fast and Furious. But that movie popularized it like nothing before. Anyone alive would have noticed the crazy multiple lane changing little white Honda daredevils everywhere, living out their video game f&f fantasies on public roads..mcountless thousands of innocent people
        have lost their lives as a result of this craze.
        Paul's charitable efforts hardly make up for the blood on his and the movie studios hands by continuing to cash in on knowingly and irresponsibly influencing little minds (as evidenced by the street racer tools here)

    • FireBlade

      Here you go again, just can't help but spout off your little two cents of drug store psychology.
      Have some respect, and a little character…

  • stangracer2012

    Sorry to tell you Dave none of us street racers race because of the fatf movies! Yeah we all love the movies and he was my favorite actor but I don't race because of the movies! RIP Paul you was a great person and did a lot of good with your time on earth!

    • Dave

      Street racing is for little boys who want to compensate for their inadequacies. No matter what your reasons to street race, there is no good one. Learn from his death, I'm sure he would agree. He probably only played a dimwit in the movies, but maintaining that image no doubt proved fatal, no matter if he or his friend was at the wheel.

      • Aaron Mohammed

        then you should also die for maintaining the image of the largest loser in the planet

      • FireBlade

        get off your soapbox Dave, nobody wants to hear that crap. Have some respect, you just couldn't help yourself could you. That is the difference between those who have character and class, and those who just can't keep their stupid mouths shut.

      • Raven

        OK Dave the hippy….. ever hear of something called MOTORSPORTS?! street racing is an extention of that, albeit illegal. cars and speed are a legitimate thing people are enthusiastic about. Saying street racing had anything to do with this is like saying the pencil is the reason the word is incorrectly spelled. and it sounds like you are trying to turn this into a stupid political stunt to make people stop doing things they love. again, this has nothing to do with street racing. the man driving was a professional race driver and was having a little fun in the corners and lost it. it was simply an accident. you are a terrible human being for trying to turn this wonderful mans death into a street racing is bad arguement. im not saying its good, but it is something that people are passionate about and will never go away. deal with it chump!

        • Dave

          What caused Paul to “stop doing what he loved” was the thing itself. so, stupid, such a waste of life. But he chose to take that risk. People who just drive on the streets legally
          surely don't deserve to be hurt and killed by the actions of street racers “doing what they love”…get it?

        • Dave

          If it's not good, as you admit, and it's dangerous and kills people…then anyone wih a conscience and not afraid to make a value judgment would conclude that it is, in fact, bad (not to mention illegal) and should be condoned. Equivocators, like you, are the problem, not the solution.
          You want your son out doing this? You want more unnecessarysadnesses and regret and orphaned kids and burnt corpse funerals?

  • ANNM

    he wasn't driving, his friend was …. the movies should end with 7 being the last one and a tribute to Brain

    • Seth Bob

      lol BRAIN

  • tttz

    show some respect idiot. it's not about wanna be racers and he wasn't the driver anyway. can't believe he is dead! and i can't believe that some guys recorded the scene instead of helping. wtf is that? a car doesn't blow up just like this maybe ther was a little chance to rescue on of them.
    cant't believe it!R.I.P

  • Kelly's Reality

    A little reminder for all of us to drive more carefully. So sad.

  • Moviles Baratos

    Peace and love you are the best

  • Call me TC

    Frangibleness? This is no time to be showing off!

  • Rachel

    Notice the other stars all say something along the lines of supporting Paul's family and love. Miley Cyrus manages to talk about herself. So self-centered.

  • Billy Weems

    Well he never won an academy award but he did win a Darwin. Well done!

  • Jessica Ramos

    paul walker was one of my top hottest celeb guys and always will be much luv rip

    • Dave

      He's really hot and crispy now….

      He glorified danger for the millions of moron speed racer boy-men.
      The best tribute to him would be to learn from his bad judgment and lack of real conscience. Sure he was cute and cool. But the product he made millions from was anti social and toxic to everyone. His life nets out to a negative.

      You speed racers are worse than drunk drivers…be ashamed to revel in putting other people in danger so you can get your kiddie kicks. Be REAL men.

      • marine

        dave, you really are a bitter, self riteous, hateful person aren't you? to say that hot and crispy comment , just evil! maybe racing is dangerous for people on the roads, but you better be careful, because of that hot and crispy comment,you know what comes around goes around right? I'm sure by your arrogance that you will live by the sword die by the sword yourself, get a concience!

  • jellybean

    FYI, He was doing a charity event for his organization. it was an organized event. He was not driving nor was he being reckless or arrogant. He was doing something good for the less fortunate.

  • FormerIATSEMember

    This is tragic because it reflects a phenomenon created by the Film Industry Machine. When an actor or celebrity starts to actually believe in his/her immortality created on the big screen to convey an awesome, unrealistic spectacle then there should be some self reflection and re-evaluation. CGI and special effects have reached an echelon where reality and fantasy can be skillfully and seamlessly intertwined to produce a visually stunning but in reality impossible sequence of events where niether man nor machine would ever survive in tact if they were to re-enact those stunt sequences within the natural laws of physics. I sincerely believe that Mr. Walker became a self imposed victim of this phenomenon. Something to occasionally stop and reflect quietly upon.