Paul Walker Death: ‘Fast and Furious 7' Shooting Cancelled, Production Delayed as Universal Determines Next Steps

Paul Walker Death: 'Fast and Furious 7' Shooting Cancelled, Production Delayed as Universal Determines Next Steps

Monday's shoot in Atlanta was called off after producers and studio executives consulted on how to deal with Paul Walker's death

The scheduled shoot of “Fast and Furious 7” has been cancelled for Monday in Atlanta as the movie's producers and studio executives struggle with the sudden death of Paul Walker.

An individual with knowledge of the production schedule told TheWrap that director James Wan, producer Neal Moritz and Universal Pictures executives had been on the phone continually since the tragic news of the actors' fatal car accident hit on Saturday evening. The full implications of Paul Walker‘s death for “Fast & Furious 7” won't be determined until its cast and crew has had a chance to grieve, but plans to restart the shoot Monday in Atlanta after a holiday break have been scrapped.

Production was more than halfway done when Walker and business partner Roger Rodas were killed in a fiery car wreck Saturday, according to two individuals close to the project. Walker and the “Furious” crew were on a Thanksgiving holiday break from production when Rodas’ exotic Porsche slammed into a tree and burst into flames during a charity event their car-tuning company, Always Evolving, was hosting in Santa Clarita.

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Shooting was scheduled for this week in Atlanta, including scenes with Walker, who as Brian O'Conner has been a lead character in every “Fast” movie except “Tokyo Drift.” The production was also slated to move to Abu Dhabi later this month, but it now seems extremely unlikely that the cameras will roll as planned.

Though Wan spoke with Universal brass in a series of back-and-forth phone calls, they did not make any concrete determinations as to how the story or production would be altered — it's too soon for that, sources told TheWrap. They also have not determined if the scheduled release date will need to change, or how many days production will be delayed.  

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Walker had recently shot another film, Relativity Media's action film “Brick Mansions.” An individual with knowledge of the production said that his work was done and the film is in post-production.

“Fast and Furious” is one of the studio's most successful and important franchises, and turned both Walker and Vin Diesel into international movie stars. The seventh was due to come out July 11 of next year, a little more than a year after “Fast & Furious 6.”

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Walker played Brian O'Conner, an undercover cop turned car thief and international criminal. He and Diesel starred in the first movie more than a decade ago, and have since appeared in all but one film – “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.”

  • 35mm_Computer

    They have to keep him in there, but write him out. Even if it means killing off his character, to do otherwise would be to deny his hard work in the franchise.

    • RΛJΞΣV

      Perhaps but idk how they'll justify Brian in the movie as to be “dead” when the movie is about Han

      • fastguy10

        maybe they could just say that brian got killed in a car wreck while he was out doing something.

        • Jason

          Getting rid of someone in a movie is easy. They can just have someone that looks like him from behind walk into his house and it explode and say the bad guy did it and the rest of the crew go out for vengeance. I am betting it will happen something like this anyway. From what I saw already shot one of their own dies already and they go for Jason Statham (new bad guy) they could just add Brian being killed as well and more vengeance, or they could rewrite that the one they shot that died isn't the one that is killed but Brian is.

          Like I said, it's easy and very likely.

      • tenpack1978

        maybe they could just say that he got killed in a car wreck when he was out running an errand or something.

    • Alexson Philip

      I think killing off his character would be of poor taste for many people and make em wanna boycott the movie.

      • Alan

        Universal will do this. Any publicity is good publicity. Boycotting doesn't work. It just makes people want to see what's being boycotted.

  • Paul J Gorzkowski

    The least they can do is show some respect for his family and friends and stop whining about this movie. The movie can proceed later. Now is the time to just stop and mourn the mans death. He was a living human being for gods sake, not a product!! This story just proves how selfish and greedy these production companies are. And just for this…. And just like I did for Heath Ledger during the taping of Batman, I am going to boycott this movie as well. If they want to treat Paul Walker's death as a cash cow and a burden, then they can do it without my investment!! You greedy, selfish bastards!!!

  • Anna Gonzalez

    Paul would want you to do the right thing and that would be to carry on with the movie. We all love Paul and it would be a honor to see him one last time please don't stop filming this movie. Paul Rip Brother we will always miss you and seeing those Angel eyes of yours. Thank you for the wonderful movies you have shared with the world! God Bless you!

  • Kelli

    If this movie follows Tokyo Drift then they don't need him because in the preview for number 7 Jason Statham calls Dominic and says he's coming for him. He didn't say he was coming for Dominic and Brian. At the end of Tokyo Drift Dominic was the one there in Tokyo and Brian wasn't. Dominic wasn't in Florida so it's obvious these two can live without each other. They can say that Brian and Mia took the baby to Hawaii for a vacation which means they would cut Mia out of the movie too. They can also say that Tyrese Gibson's character got in trouble in Florida and Brian went to bail him out. Which means that Tyrese Gibson's character would be written out. I guess.

  • sue1981

    I hope that the powers that be decide to complete F & F 7 in honor of Mr. Walker. His death is tragic but to not complete the film which symbolized his passion would be tragic as well. He would not want his co-stars and crew to leave it unfinished. And, it would be great if some of the profits as with the dvd of F & F 6 could go toward his charity….