Dailies | Vin Diesel Shares 18 Minutes of Paul Walker Behind-the-Scenes Footage on Facebook (Video)

Vin Diesel Shares 18 Minutes of Paul Walker Behind-the-Scenes Footage on Facebook (Video)

The men who play Dom and Brian in the “Fast & Furious” films were just as tight when the rolling cameras turned to home video

Vin Diesel promised his Facebook fans something special and he delivered on Tuesday night. The actor posting an 18-and-a-half-minute behind-the-scenes look at his friendship with “Fast & Furious” co-star Paul Walker.

Along with the video, Diesel wrote: “A glimpse… of Dom and Brian… off screen.”

In the clip, the two “brothers” goofed around promoting the film, hanging out on-set and off, even interviewing each other at one point for Moviefone's “Unscripted.” They talked cars, booze, women, running from the cops and the future of the franchise — which Diesel believed was going to make it to movies number 9 or 10.

At one particularly touching moment towards the end, Diesel leads a birthday cake-surprise serenade outside his beloved co-star's trailer.

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Walker died in November, as a passenger in a single car accident in Valencia, Calif. The driver, Walker's friend and business partner Roger Rodash, was driving a Porshe at speeds in excess of 100 mph, when they hit a curb and struck a tree, then a light post, on the driver's side. The collision caused the car to spin again, striking a tree on the passenger's side before bursting into flames, according to an eyewitness account.

Walker, 40, had been in Valencia for a fundraiser benefiting his charity Reach Out Worldwide. Rodas was 38.

Watch the video:

  • troche565

    Thanks Vin Diesel for sharing this wonderful video with all of us. Nice gesture on your part.

  • ICreatedU

    Quick question: does anybody remember the clash between both actors? I remember not so long ago reading that they had a serious fist fight at a party and that their relationship was not anymore what it use to be… Therefore my question is this: are those sincere condolences because they somehow managed to make peace over time, or is it all a PR campaign in order to promote future movies? Maybe they really liked each other…. or maybe it's just business…. Thoughts?

    • sm

      My thought to you is hush your mouth. A man has died. You will never know their relationship and who are you to question it. Life is too short to hold grudges.

    • veronica kenny

      My thoughts exactly @ICreatedU, even when Paul passed his father said he had recently told someone on film set that he's not special than everyone else they are all equal. Vin's guilt at how he treated paul is eating him up that's why he's trying to make up but it's too late the person to say sorry to is gone. What he's doing is embarrassing now for him and Paul's real friends.

      • Bo

        And when did Vin Diesel say he was special or somehow more important than everyone else? He posted a nice video to honor Paul, someone he knew for 14 years, he said nice things and it was something good to remember Paul by – yet somehow he is being attacked for doing a good thing? And where did you hear Paul's father say anything bad about Vin? If anything, Paul's father was on record as saying that when the cast like Vin, Tyrese, and Michelle said they were like brothers/sisters, they meant it. How is it embarrassing to post a video to honor a good person with whom he got to spend time with – and how do you who is Paul's “real” friend anyways

    • Jessi

      I have a friend that knew Paul and it is true that he and Vin weren't as close as Vin is making it out to be. The one Paul was closest to is Tyrese. He was also like an older brother to Michelle.

      • Bo

        Anyone can say they have a friend that knew someone, who is this friend and how does anyone even know this is the truth

    • Bo

      My question is, where did you hear about a fist fight? Like do you actually have any official records of it or it is just something you simply heard — and friends or not, they have worked and known each other for 14 years, of course the condolences are sincere, how would anyone not be sad in a situation like this – it's not like he was wishing Paul to die – any decent person would say good things and remember the good of the person who died – it's called being a decent human being

      • ICreatedU

        Well their feud was known to everybody and only people who believed the glittering and smiling pictures on the red carpet didn't know about it. I wish the world was the place you described, but for the reality-based community, the ugly truth behind the curtain is blatant. People are interested, selfish, egocentric and hypocrite. It's Hollywood, remember?
        What is an “official record” anyway? A well polished and politically-correct statement from one's PR-manager released to the press? Please. However, I can provide you with links to web-pages if you want, but it wouldn't be more than what you would find by yourself with a quick Google search.
        What's your point anyway? That i should believe the smiling pictures and the “official” tales but not web sites telling me they had a fight or that they didn't really like each other? Hope you see the paradox.
        At last i'd add that the amount of self-righteousness and ingenuousness in your comment is rather high, it almost made me believe all those politicians and public figures throwing their sorrow and indignation at people's faces on TV every time something outrageous happens in the world, as if said indignation was genuine and not a mere obvious PR move.
        And yes, thanks, i know Vin didn't want Paul to die. Nobody wanted him to die, nonetheless it doesn't mean one will not use that unfortunate death in order to promote oneself while pretending to be displaying true feelings. This tactic is as old as the world!

        • Bo

          Their feud was known to everybody? And who is this everybody? Anonymous sources from so called “real” friends? Sources from gossip sites and magazines? Anybody can say anything on google and act like it's the truth, doesn't make it true – if you're not gonna believe “politically correct PR statements” then why believe in anonymous sources that could be from anyone who can pretend to be a friend? If the reality of the world is as you say, then anyone, doesn't matter from hollywood or not, can pretend and say anything and start rumors and lies. So why believe what anyone says unless you saw it with your own eyes then? why believe anything? Why should I believe your words or what I read then when anyone could make lies? If I'm not suppose to believe the polished statements, then why should I believe web links you provide? people lie, you can lie, paul or vin can lie, anyone can lie, so why believe anything anyone says

          • ICreatedU

            Wow! Circular reasoning is strong in you! Funny how you use the very argument i opposed you and present it like it's your own. You tell me i should believe the polished PR statements but not the gossips. I retort that there's no reason to believe the official statements rather than other sources and to prove me wrong you say that no statement can be deemed true because people lie and while doing so you also advocate that the official ones are the genuine ones?! Just wow. What a conceptual mess! Almost sounds like creationism, but i digress.
            Fact is, you are convinced by the idea that everything that shines is gold (appearances are Truth), well critical thinking shows it is not the case. And frankly, if we all were to believe the first glance, we would still be living in caves. Use your head and stop taking for granted everything the media spoon-feeds you.
            Furthermore and at last: If their friendship was as extraordinary that you claim, there's would be NO dissenting voices pretending the opposite, this is just common sense. You don't read Paul hated Tyrese or vice-versa, do you? You don't read that Mel Gibson hated Danny Glover. You don't read that Harrison Ford hated Mark Hamil. Now do you? (If you do find reports like this, then in all likeliness it is the case). And guess what happens when you DO read this kind of reports? Well most of the time, if not always, IT IS THE TRUTH! So enough, just enough with your mambo jambo telling me the world is my little Pony wherein everybody loves each other passionately.and never has a bad thought about anything.
            Now what? You're gonna copy-paste my argumentation and re-send it to me as a proof for your point? It wouldn't surprise me…. Anyway, at any rate this case is closed as far as i'm concerned. Peace

  • Roman

    Paul explained it in an interview before he died. Vin is a New Yorker and Paul was from LA. As they worked together in the varous fast and furious movieset, they became good friends. They clicked from Fast 4 and onwards but they lived their lived differently but when they got together they just clicked.

  • Mark Breaux

    HOW IRONIC IS THIS @ 8:36 – 8:44 ??????