Paula Deen Rides Back Into the Spotlight On a Man's Back (Video)

Paula Deen Rides Back Into the Spotlight On a Man's Back (Video)

Paula Deen rides high, atop fellow famous foodie's back

Paula Deen's back … and Robert Irvine's back is probably a little sore because of it Monday morning.

Deen, who recently received a $75 million infusion to fund her comeback, reveled in it at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival by declaring herself ready to “get back in the saddle” … and playing cowgirl at the expense of her fellow famous foodie, Irvine.

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Deen, who lost millions of dollars’ worth of business partnerships last year after it was revealed that she had used the “N” word and once contemplated a plantation-themed wedding, wowed the crowd at the festival by mounting Irvine and riding him across the stage.

She also referred to him as “boy.”

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Then she dismounted and critiqued his stamina.

“You were huffing!” Deen chastised. “Yes, you're huffing right now!”

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Deen has a history of public physical interactions with Irvine. At an earlier event, Deen licked butter off of Irvine's bare abs, and also doing the horsey routine with him.

Perhaps, next time Deen is considering a wedding ceremony based on the subjugation of others, she should have the wait staff dress as Irvine.

Watch Deen giddy-up in the video below.

  • Alice Grant

    Glad to have Paula back! I've quit viewing and using all companies that dropped her. When she used the N word way back when it was in common use and only idiots should have blamed her. That is not saying that it is proper now but at that time it was in common use. As for the wedding theme I agree it was in bad taste, but at the same time if the wedding was to represent vintage times it would have been correct, again in bad taste. None of this should have ruined her career just a bunch of reverse bigots. Sorry to offend, on second thought no I'm not. I am so tired of all of this reverse
    discrimination why can't we all just agree the world is not perfect and learn to live together if not in peace at least respectively. That goes for everyone not just one race or one religion but all.

    • Dammitall

      The confusion still circulates as to why PD was sued. It was NOT because she used the “N” word! Why does no one get it? She was sued based on 708 counts of

      • Alice Grant

        You must have read or heard something I did not. I read that during her discovery during her deposition she had used the “N” word many years ago. The law suit was dismissed and the lady that filed the suit settled for no money and apologized to Paula saying she was in no way responsible. Again Hate on both sides is unforgivable and needs to stop. The law will not do it only peoples hearts will change the hate.

  • Marina72

    One thing about WHITE AMERICA they think MONEY can buy everything.Oh! but they forget GOD has the last word about any of us on this earth.Paula has to stand before GOD for what ever she does on this earth. As people we forget who is in charge.Trying to open up another restaurant to show people I have made it is not on god's agenda.One thing about our GOD he will punish, and that is what I love about him.He holds the world in his hands. I do forgive Paula < but does God forgive her?

    • Alice Grant

      God forgives everyone if they are truly sorry. I see you are a racist as you
      think only white America can buy everything. I could be real nasty and
      call out others who think they can steal everything instead of buying but I
      won't as that would be racist except I did not specify a race. As you said God has the final word and knows what is in your heart.

    • Dammitall

      Maybe God has the last word in time, but meanwhile the courts, the law of the land, and basic decency to humans is in charge. If God were the one in charge, we could close all courts, eliminate lawyers, police, stop signs, all laws, close the prisons, etc. No, here on earth, as decent citizens and humans, we must obey the law NOW, not after we die.