Paula Deen Compares Her Struggles to ‘That Black’ Openly Gay NFL Prospect Michael Sam

Paula Deen Compares Her Struggles to 'That Black' Openly Gay NFL Prospect Michael Sam

The celebrity chef also expressed a newfound “empathy” for other controversial public figures such as “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson

Paula Deen's $100 million empire crumbled last year after she admitted to using the N-word in her life, and as she continues campaigning to repair her public image with a $75 million investment deal on her side, the celebrity chef has compared her struggles to those of the NFL's first openly gay prospect, Michael Sam.

“I feel like ‘embattled’ or ‘disgraced’ will always follow my name. It's like that black football player who recently came out,” Deen said in a People Magazine cover story, which hits newsstands on Friday. “He said, ‘I just want to be known as a football player. I don't want to be known as a gay football player.’ I know exactly what he's saying.”

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In other words, Deen does not like being labeled a racist for a slur she swore she used a “very long time ago.”

“I'm fighting to get my name back,” the former Food Network personality said.

On top of a $75-$100 million from private equity firm Najafi Cos. for her new company, Paula Deen Ventures, a company representative said earlier this month that it is currently speaking with several “TV networks, retail chains and other possible partners.” Food Network is not one of them.

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Deen also said the public downfall she experienced last summer left her unable to get out of bed in the morning, because it felt like her “world was crashing down again” every passing day.

And since television personalities Phil Robertson (“Duck Dynasty”) and Nigella Lawson (“The Taste”) endured scandals last year without any noticeable damage to their careers, Deen has developed newfound “empathy” for those scrutinized by the media.

“It's amazing that some people are given passes and some people are crucified,” Deen said. ”I have new empathy for these situations, though. My dad always told me, ‘Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.'”

  • adam

    This nasty, prejudiced, unpleasant woman is just as loutish, icy, self-centered and calculating as ever.

    She wants someone to be sympathetic to her cold bigoted self?


    Her stinking racism has caused many people much suffering.

    Her hatred, and her reverence for her murderous ancestors, combined with her ridicule of her black employees and her contempt for blacks in general, as so clearly indicated by her wretched insensitivity, what with her asking black people to participate in her disgusting slavery-plantation pageants, makes the whole world know what a bullying, greedy, harsh phony she is.

    And, of course, she runs around degrading black people and stealing their ideas and using said ideas to make herself rich, and then has the bottomless gall to compare herself to a black athlete who has disgraced, belittled and betrayed no one.

    How shameless and disgusting Paula is! What a horrible bully.

    Paula channels the livid cruelties of her foul, slave owning ancestors with her greedy ugly behavior, and then wants people to feel sorry for her.

    What extraordinary arrogance!

    • Bob101

      You are an idiot.

      • Lex

        No, she's not.

      • Hamlet

        You are a fishmonger.

      • adam

        Not nearly as big a dissembling dunce, ignorant idiot and fumbling fathead as you are, bub.

    • howardj

      yes you are an idiot ! really you want to blame someone for something her ancestors did in the past ? how many humans in our world have said something that they should not ? when someone says they are sorry and they mean it than that should be enough ! yet the star of duck dynasty can and not loose his income ? so its ok to say and do mean things to gays but not blacks ?

      • Drone Henley

        Shut your soup coolers, you.

        • adam

          Grow up sonny.

      • TS

        When you use a space before punctuation, your argument loses all validity. Just a tip for the next time you write a crude, uneducated response to a well crafted opinion.

        • Kaa Serpent

          It's “well-crafted,” with a hyphen.

      • adam

        This is supposed to be a response? “yet the star of duck dynasty can and not loose his income ? ”

        How does someone “loose” his income?

        Don't you mean “lose” his income?

        Do you know the difference? Do you know how to s-p-e-l-l? Do you even know how to r-e-a-d?

        You are calling me an idiot but you cannot spell.

        What sort of nonsense is that?

        If you are a borderline illiterate, as you have just so ably proved, in writing, what business do you have calling someone else an idiot?

        Does that actually make you the idiot? Maybe?

        Interesting about how guys like you right away jump to the name-calling.

        You have refuted not a single one of the points I detailed in my post. Not one.

        But calling me names, in your mind anyway, fixes the whole thing for you.

        Does the name-calling make you hip, somehow? Or cool? Or does it mean that you do not know what you are talking about, but feel like you have to defend this mean woman and cannot come up with a realistic argument, and thus feel compelled to revert to 9-year-old behavior? Which is it? Do you know?

        Now, what does “Duck Dynasty” have to do with me, or with what I said? I mentioned nothing whatsoever about “Duck Dynasty.” Absolutely nothing.

        I said what I said and I stand by it.

        Deen is the living embodiment of so much that is wrong in our great country, our wonderful America.

        An open bigot, Deen is so deeply hypnotized by her own vicious, greedy, grasping view of life and reality that she cannot undertake the simplest of actions without buttressing her many hatreds, which, in her perception [or lack thereof], are as absolutely necessary to her being as oxygen is to sustain human life as we know it.

        I said it before and I am saying it again: Deen is a direct beneficiary of one of the most barbaric and savage institutions known to humankind. The racism, treachery, terror and cruelty that sustained human slavery in the Americas enabled her slave-owning ancestor to live a life of privilege that he had not earned, and did not deserve.

        Deen reaped the rewards of that monstrous system, as his ancestor, by being able to take advantage the American apartheid system, which oppressed, and oppresses, the blacks through:

        1. poisoning the food and water supplies in black neighborhoods
        2. financing and deploying armed, paramilitary death/terror squads in said neighborhoods and giving them carte blanche “above the law” status to torture, intimidate, lynch and kill at will
        3. systematically denying the blacks the right to vote, the right to free assembly, free speech, and the full use of public accommodations/public transportation venues that the blacks pay their taxes for
        4. kidnapping the blacks and incarcerating them in forced labor camps – it is a long hard list which you probably already are familiar with.

        I am not giving you my opinion[s]. These are matters of documented historical [and current] fact.

        Finally, as regards to Duck Dynasty, [which has, in fact, nothing to do with me, since I did not bring it up] the Duck Dynasty guys are phonies.
        Do your research. They were clean-cut preppy types until they figured out that they stood to make 10x the money and more creating fictional personas for TV and laughing all the way to the bank.

        I am neither a TV nor a production executive, and thus have had absolutely nothing to do with Duck Dynasty at any level, including, but not limited to, any and all decisions relating to them being on or off the air at any time.

        So why try to imply that I did?

        Once again, I think my clear statements of fact on the arrogant, greedy, prejudiced nature of Paula Deen have caused you some considerable consternation.

        And since the facts that I shared with you can be clearly verified from numerous accurate and reliable sources, ultimately that is your problem, because it is most undeniably not mine.

        • Dustin M Yattic


        • T.W.


        • howardj

          wow paula has been very busy

        • Dean

          I love how you berate people for name-calling by calling them names.
          Pot, meet kettle.
          And this obsessive need to correct peoples’ grammar and spelling in an informal setting such as this is incredibly lazy and irrelevant. If you cannot understand what a person is saying because they put a punctuation mark in the wrong place, then I question YOUR intelligence, not theirs.

          • ToastyFlake

            It's not nice to refer to people as crockery.

      • Marx Marvelous

        Yeah it is. In case you haven't noticed it is still OK in many states and in many people's minds to discriminate against gays because of jesus freedom or something.

    • lizardkiss

      Being crucified for uttering a racial epithet that happened in the past, NOT on television and only those around her at the time heard it is more a witch hunt of sorts. If those who actually heard it didn't stand up then, why now? Probably because she is alot wealthier now so there”s more to go after. Well something motivated it but I still find the fact it happened a while ago baffling that it's an issue NOW! There was obviously some motive behind it that others could benefit from or they would have done it at the time it was used. If you can say you have NEVER made a mistake that you would regret eventually, EVER, I'd have to say you're lying because everyone is guilty of it. I would also like to mention that racism isn't only white people hating black people. Racism has no boundaries and I have certainly met black racists before so lets just step off the podium of hypocrisy and call a spade a spade (seriously using the term as it is meant to be with no intend to offend). Your words towards her are full of as much “hatred” as you are accusing her of. And rather than make a valid argument without letting your emotions to stir the already stirred pot and admit that you would have made a better case without the names and cruel words, your case was sorta lost with your own form of racism. The media is infamous for blowing news out of proportion for ratings and to just take what you hear and run with it show's your apparent lack of good judgement. Why not take the time you spent writing this and do some personal investigation using objectivity and see if what you heard is actual fact. Our government has proven since the Patriot Act that being innocent until proven guilty (which was the right and fair thing) no longer exists. With all the imaginary terrorists you just never know so rather than err on the side of caution let's just go full tilt gonzo and assume the worst therefore everyone is suspect. Instead we are all now presumed guilty and have to PROVE innocence. Do we have to lower our selves to the same dictatorship standards as they which makes us soulless political sociopaths as well? This is the time to unite and bond as a country and set our petty bickering aside for a much greater cause as a group, together with all our differences invisible. WE are human much more than we are individual entities separated by those differences.

      With that in mind, and being said, just wanted to opine my disgust at your rant of your own type of hatred. You are free to share your thoughts (for now, before they take that away) as well as I or anyone else but you would have made a far better case by using a small dose of objectivity proving you are making an informed argument rather than an emotionally charged rant

      • adam

        You are disgusted because I clearly and factually denounce a racist, and the racist system that has given her this stable platform that she has so cheerfully used to soil the consciousness of millions? What sort of foolishness is that?

        Paula Deen herself boasted about her slave-owning ancestors. I would not have known about that one way or the other, and there is not any way that I could have known, so what are you talking about?

        Slavery was run by death and extreme terror. Period. Read the
        writings of Willie Lynch ["How to make a Ni__er Slave"] and you will
        get a powerful, condensed version of the machinery of slavery and the butchery – physical, mental, psychic, psychological, emotional, economic and intimate] at its core that was so diligently applied, and without which that brutal institution could not exist.

        That terror apparatus continued unchecked [in fact, actively implemented] in the immediate aftermath of slavery, and was so rigorously applied that it caused the Federal government to send in troops, leading to the limited progress that some Freemen made under what has come to be known as the “Reconstruction.”

        White Southerners bribed the then President to withdraw the Federal troops, ca. 1868, abruptly ending Reconstruction and beginning the violent 28-year march to legalized segregation in the South.

        The violence never abated, and was a direct cause of the deep imbalances, chronic injustice and naked racism that we see in America persisting to this day.


        You use the new and relatively common ploy of guilty prejudiced white guys all over the world of calling me racist because I point out to you, in detail, the ongoing effects of five solid centuries of murderous white supremacy, including, but not limited to, wholesale theft, mass-murder on a breathtaking scale, extortion, mass assault, mass torture, broad-based treachery, etc. You have deluded yourselves into believing that if you can just keep warping language into your own craven purposes, [in other words, indulging yourselves in yet more systematic lying and deception,] that you can somehow undo 500 years of global death and deception and slaughter and stealing and runaway cruelty.

        That is not the case, and I suspect that you know that that is not the
        case, which is why you cling to your latest invention of lies, trickery and fraud.

        You call me a racist? What a sorry joke.

        There is no Black man on the planet, most especially including President Obama, that can:

        1. start a lynch mob on the streets of any American city and turn that into a full-blown riot, murdering white people at will.

        2. call his black banker friends and decide they are going to get out a map and draw a line and deny white people mortgages [or charge them triple] anywhere on that map because they feel like it, and they know they can get away with it.

        3. call his black buddies on the police department and tell them that we got to keep these white guys in their place, and, using bogus statistics, start a stop and frisk campaign targeting only white guys, and then, lying about their crime/arrest statistics, get their hands on billions of dollars in Federal “anti-crime” funds, and then, on top of that, make said billions disappear into a budgetless netherworld, where said billions end up doing everything else but “fighting
        crime,” including lining the pockets of him and his friends.

        4. Call his black buddies in the local department of education and arbitrarily shut down a few white schools because he has decided that white children don’t need an education.

        I could easily go on, but I am more than certain that you understand, in the fullest detail, everything that I am saying.

        When white guys call black people racist, all they are doing is trying, and failing, to use language to run from their own deep-seated fear and prejudice, and to simultaneously run from the ongoing emotional effects of their own selfish and brutal history.

        Nothing more, and nothing less.

        I said before, and I am saying again, both on the record and for the
        record, that Paula Deen is not only a vengeful, selfish, greedy racist, but that both she and her hateful family have repeatedly benefitted from the evils done by her slave-owning ancestors, and from the brutality and economic trickery and raw greed of her southern ancestors that they openly perpetrated in the segregation era of American history.

        You say that I bought up the past?

        Paula Deen was the one who shared with the world that her ancestors owned slaves – not me. Paula Deen shared
        with the world that that brute committed suicide because his cushy life of evil was taken from him – not me.

        And Paula Deen was the one who erroneously and selfishly and inaccurately compared her “sufferings” with those of that “Black football player” – she could not even be bothered to learn the man’s name.

        I said before, and I am saying again, that her comparison just underscores how cold, calculating, and self-centered this woman is.

        She wants to have a slavery pageant and have her black employees dress up like slaves? That is racist and disgusting and you know it.

        She steals her black employees’ recipes and makes herself rich in the process, and on top of that, she violates her contract with the woman, who she owes millions of dollars to? That is racist and selfish and greedy and disgusting – and you know it.

        She has one of her black employees stand up at a company function and then ridicules his complexion – in front of a video camera? And you are going to tell me that that is NOT racist? Are you joking? Are you really that arrogant? Do even YOU believe that nonsense?

        By the way, what on earth does the Patriot Act have to do with anything I said?
        The Patriot Act is a 21st century invention. Paula Deen has been
        stealing from black people and getting rich and famous in the rocess for well over 20 years. So what are you talking about?

        Your commentary is deeply rooted in sentence fragments, as opposed to complete sentences.

        This makes me think that perhaps you do not fully understand your own point.

        For example, you wrote: “Being crucified for uttering a racial epithet that happened in the past, NOT on television and only those around her at the time heard it is more a witch hunt of sorts.”

        What does that mean? Seriously.

        If a man threatens to steal $10 million from a bank, and only his
        co-conspirators hear it, does that mean he did not make the threat? Does that mean he will not be in hot water if somehow one of his co-conspirators decides to get careless and repeat the threat? Of course not.

        If you want to talk about mistakes, I can assure you I have never had any sadistic desire to reenact the Holocaust, or the Turkish slaughter of the Armenians, or the mass murders of Josef Stalin.
        So maybe you’d better rethink your point.

        In closing, I defy you to point out any inaccuracies or misstatements of fact in my original post.

        To restate:

        1. I said Paula Deen had an ancestor who was a slaver. That fact was provided by Paula Deen, not by me.

        2. I said that slavery in America introduced gross negative distortions in this country in every regard, most especially in terms of economics and life opportunities, and that said distortions have actively benefitted the Paula Deens of this world with opportunities, including the opportunity to steal from people who do not have the means to defend themselves, thus enabling them to
        live better, albeit often undeserved, lives. I said further that that system is evil and cruel. These, too, are verifiable statements of
        objective and measurable fact, and I stand by them without reservation.

        3. I said that Paula Deen was cold, greedy, calculating and
        prejudiced. I stand by that statement for the following reasons, all of which have either been factually verified by either Paula Deen herself and/or some objective medium, i.e., videotape:

        a. Paula Deen ridiculed one of her own employees, in front of an audience of fellow employees, on videotape, for his black skin. I said that was disgusting, and I meant it, and it is. Deal with it.

        b. Paula Deen wanted to have her Black employees dress up like slaves for some sort of ugly celebration she was having.
        Deen further did not understand what the problem was [or, at least she pretended not to]. I said that was disgusting, and I meant it, and it is. Deal with it.

        c. Paula Deen violated a contract with one of her Black employees. Deen admitted that close to half of her recipes came from this Black woman, and that this Black woman was never paid more than $12.00/hr., over the course of years, and that Paula Deen continuously told the woman to just stick with her and give her time and that she would fulfill her contractual obligations to the woman – all the while Deen was concealing her profits, which ran into the millions of dollars. I said that was disgusting, and I meant it, and it is. Deal with it.

        In closing, many white people don’t like being called racist. The solution is simple. Stop being racist.

        Final Note:

        Paula Deen has had, literally, thousands of opportunities, over the course of the years, to stop being the foul, base, hurtful person that she is.

        She has actively chosen to reject each and every one of those opportunities, and now she wants to fall back on the same shifting smoke screen of lies, doubletalk, deception, thinly disguised race-hate, self-pity, and trickery that got her into this situation in the first place.

        If Paula Deen does not want people to call her a thieving conniving racist, then she should stop being a thieving conniving racist.

        It really is not all that hard. If one is sincere, that is.

        PS: If you are, indeed, disgusted with me because I have shared with you this accurate, verifiable and factual review of these events, this could actually mean that you are wholly unconcerned with
        facts, and rather completely obsessed with denying the existence of racism, even as it burns up, taints and warps so many of the best years of our lives.

        Which, in fact, is not my problem, because I hate no one.
        However, I have nothing but contempt for the evil, murderous machinery of racism, with all of its many poisonous offshoots, outposts, branches, and outlets.

        Have a pleasant day.

        • Blake McK

          As a queer, black man who has fought his way (with, I must add, help from both Black and White educators alike) from the abject poverty of the Delta to the ivory towers of one of the “New Ivy League”, namely Washington U in St. Louis, I must applaud your witty and well-informed rebuttal. We double, and even triple or tetra, minorities have enough to contend with without having to constantly educate the grossly misinformed among our citizenry. Though it is far from being just, I must remain cognoscient if the fact that no matter where I go or do, I am representing an entire group of individuals. This burden is not thrust upon the Caucasian populous in any sense, lest we all come to believe that Ms. Deen is a representative of the white race in general, or even older white women of a certain age. How dare she compare herself to Michael Sam. I am black, gay and VERY proud. Mr. Sam is an exquisite player (I've watched him myself, as his school is a paltry 1.5 hr car ride from my own and boasts and Brother chapter of my fraternity), and no one in Ms. Deen's position could ever know what he has had to overcome in order to accomplish what he has. Even myself,being of the same community, cannot honestly say that even I know. That being said, if Ms. Deen would stop defending herself and simply allow a heartfelt apology to work its wonders, it would go quite a ways toward removing the incessantly-placed foot she seems to always have in her mouth.


          • Marx Marvelous

            But but but, as a middle class, white christian male I personally see no evidence of discrimination so I declare racism over!

          • jerzyjonnie

            “New Ivy League???” WTF is that??? Clueless Blake is your name from now on!

        • TN Native

          I saw the meeting where Paula insisted her employee come out & stand in front of the black background screen to show how dark he was. He was a grown man & just hung his head.
          And the lady & her recipes? When the lawsuit happened & there was such an uproar, Paula & her brother raised the lady's salary to $70,000 yrly.
          And racism wasn't the only problem at the restaurant – sexual intimidation, employees exposed to online porn and threats of violence.

      • Marx Marvelous

        You know all she had to do was admit it and say I'm sorry. Instead of justifying it, making excuses, lying, and now comparing herself to “that black” gay athlete. “That black”? Really? At no point has Paula ever taken responsibility for her own actions. Isn't that something the right is always preaching about? Accountability? Or is this typical right wing hypocrisy (only when it applies to other people or things I personally disagree with)?

      • TN Native

        i read the lawsuit and her deposition. It had nothing to do with what she said 30 years ago.

      • Sharon

        Thank you for saying the words I couldn't put together.

      • Ram in the bush

        Interesting points. But, whoever is in the position of strength/power invariably says let's forget the past and move forward. Mmm, let's reset the clock, all equal, then forget the past. Ohhhh, that's right we can undo what has been done. Those in strength/ power positions do not want to give that up or admit an advantage was gain unjustly. That would mean examining the past and how they arrived there and not forgetting the oast. Just a thought ….

    • GINNI


      • guest

        I guess hearing the truth consitutes “foul words”- if adam is angry -reread his post and maybe you could figure out why. Your total dismissal of the content of his post is exactly why he and many others will remain angry and will continue to tell the truth about our history and its continuing effect on generations following

    • Muckraker

      She is entertaining. Far more entertaining than the totally DREARY ELLEN!

  • Anonymous

    Apparently not only does she like the taste of full sticks of butter in her mouth, she clearly enjoys her own foot. Because saying “that football player” as opposed to putting a label on him before putting another label on him. At the very least if you're going to make a comparision, learn his name. smh.

    • Dustin M Yattic

      That's funny, when the MSM was running hero stories about the guy, they were pretty quick to reiterate the fact that he was black, and nobody seemed to have a problem with it – not until Paula Deen used the term to describe him. These knee-jerk reactions from you folks are hilariously – sadly – Pavlovian.

      • Marx Marvelous

        You know there is a such thing as tone and context that give meaning to statements besides just the base words, correct? What am I talking about, of course you don't. Moron.

  • Missourah

    this White chef seems to only see color. Being a student here at Mizzou, I can tell you his race had ZERO to do with the media coverage surrounding his amazing story. I dont exactly know who still pays any attention to hateful, biggot blowhards, but i have a feeling this is just a shameful attempt to summon the same backwoods support Mr Robertson carries. If we pay no attention to these small minded simpletons, They will die off.

  • Bonique tha sneek

    Aww im happy for her!! Gotta love Paula!!!!

  • mandawg

    After all that backlash, this woman still hasn't learned that not talking is her greatest asset.

    • Mike Mears

      It's close between that and “not cooking.”

  • Paula Deen needs to go away

    Who knew that eating that much butter caused brain damage?

  • Liz

    Does this woman, who is lamenting her woes of being labeled a “racist” after using the “N word”, REALLY think the best course of action in trying to put it all behind her and reclaim her reputation, is to compare her struggles to that of a BLACK man whom just came out as the FIRST GAY NFL player while referring to him as “that black football player”? She REALLY needs to STOP talking about this because she seems to be unable to do so without digging a deeper hole for herself.


      She admitted to using the N-word TWENTY YEARS AGO!

  • Lu

    “Hey y'all, I'm just like that uppity queer nig– I mean that nice, black, gay feller who I most definitely consider an equal.” Paula Dean, the Smartest Woman in the Universe

    • howardj

      you must be insane or uneducated yourself to even print that reply ! she did not or attempt to call that man a uppity queer nig but you did !!

      • murraysons

        Now looky here, you be needing to stop putting a space before your exclamation points. It be grammatically incorrect.

        • howardj

          that's what you get from my comments ? the grammar is all you hear or see? Open your eyes and loose the shit attitude and look at the content of my remark.

      • Chris

        She may as well have called him an uppity queer nig–. In the same breath that she's agreeing with Sam saying “I just want to be known as a football player. I don’t want to be known as a gay football player”, she calls him that BLACK football player. She can't learn his name? She can't call him a football player? How many players in the 2014 NFL draft class are openly gay? Clearly this woman is a bigot, clearly she thinks she's better than him, and somehow she's decided that the trials and tribulations that Michael Sam has gone through being a homosexual black man are akin to her being basically yelled at for being racist. “Oh my goodness, some people don't like me…THIS must be what all them ho-mo-SEXuals been talking 'bout.” She makes me sick.

        And seriously…calling someone uneducated while putting a space before you punctuation?

  • Newzheimer

    What's that adage about it being better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove any doubt. Michael Sam was born black and gay. He was born that way. He can't change or disguise either of those things. Paula Deen is an ignorant racist. She could easily hide those things by keeping her yap shut. She has chosen not to.

    Hey, Paula. When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

  • skippy vandersnoot

    Too bad she doesn't have a rap music contract. She's be making $50 million this year.

  • InvisibleZombie

    It's funny, I DO understand what she meant. But wee-doggies! That did NOT come out right!

  • Ivan

    I'm surprised she didn't call him ‘boy’

    • howardj

      why would she ? she can clearly see he is a grown man ! only you referred to him as a boy !

      • murraysons

        Stop being so paranoid

      • Chris

        She also clearly sees that he's black, which she made very evident when she called him “that black football player” like there were a plethora of openly gay football players in the 2014 NFL draft class. She's making her opinions very well known without even trying. Her bigotry is so deeply ingrained that she doesn't even realize it.

  • Mike Mears

    The only thing she has in common with Michael Sam is that they both weigh over 250 pounds.

    • David


  • jallen

    I'm curious if it was a white football player who came out, she'd feel the need to mention his race in her comparison, as well?

  • Mike Mears

    “I’m fighting to get my name back,” the former Food Network personality said.

    How hard can it be? No one else wants it.

  • Yehudah ben Shlomo

    I was robbed at gunpoint 22 years ago.

    I'm white, and the guy who robbed me was black.

    Somehow, I never thought to refer to him with the “n-word.” Because that's not a word that I used then or now.

    Yet that's how she referred to the man that robbed her, and she claims that's the only time she ever used it.

    Sorry, I'm not buying that.

    “My dad always told me, ‘Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.’”

    Good point, Paula – I won't believe anything you tell us.

  • George Mitchell

    To quote Maxwell Smart: “Missed it… by that much.”

    • Ripley2k


  • Frank Johnson

    Give the bitch a break. Any white person that can't admit using the “N” word at some point in their life is a friggin liar. Any black person that can't admit using racial slurs towards any race whether it be White, Latino, Chinese, or whatever is also a friggin liar. Same goes for every other race out there.

    • will

      Dont project your BS onto everyone else. I am “white” and have never included the N word in my vocabulary. And that is truth.

      • danainnyc

        Same here and I had older southern relatives who used it (and still do) in casual conversation. I sure enjoy how Chris Rock uses the N word along with his frequent use of the word “cracker”. He's talking about my kin (and Ms. Dean's) and he cracks me up every time. Ms. Dean usage is not comedic and her plantation themed parties are really beyond the pale. She should stop talking about black people because she's really bad at it and hurts her business interests every time she tries. Plus, as a food celebrity, she's a nutritional hypocrite on top of that. That is too many strikes for one career. She needs to go away and enjoy her fortune. Give the public a little time to forget who she really is.

      • howardj

        I am happy for you Will and I know your parents have to be proud. I am 51 years old and I don't use that word either but I did grow up in a period of time where it was used and not by any fault of mine. It was how we were raised so I cant say I have never but I don't now. But Frank is right when it comes to the majority of our population. All we can do as humans no matter what our race we must work to become better people and that also includes letting the hate go.

        • JohnJ

          Wait wait wait. You used the N word sometime in your past? Then you're no better that Paula Deen who admitted to saying it during the same time period, and for the exact same reasons you just gave!

      • Frank Johnson

        EAD Will. You're full of $hit.

        • David


      • David

        @Frank Johnson:
        YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN, dude?

    • JohnJ

      I used the n word earlier today. But it's ok because I'm black.

      • Jon Castle

        Really? Now how does that promote mutual respect? I mean we white folks don't go around calling each other “cracka.” I (and a lot of other people) think no one should ever use racial slurs, no matter what their race, because you have no control over your race and it doesn't have to define you as a person.

        If you are gay and proud, it's ok. You are a proud gay man.
        If you are Asian and proud, it's ok. You are a proud Asian.
        If you are Native American and proud… it's ok. You are an Original American and proud… it's OK. You are a proud Native American and have a right to be offended by the Washington Redskins.
        If you are Latin and proud… it's ok. You are a proud Latino.
        If you are black and proud… it's ok. You are black so anything you do at all is cool. Especially if you can rhyme or rap it.

        But if you are white and proud… well you are a racist. Furthermore, if you are white… and not really proud and just mind your own business… you are still a racist just because. And if you vote Republican or don't like Obamacare (or even call it Obamacare), or you want government transparency, or you don't want gun control, or you would like people to show ID to vote, then you are an especially evil racist who should die and burn in hell forever.

        Hell, if you even like white people then you are a racist because they are probably racists too so that makes you one.

        Really? “It's ok because I'm black?”

    • David

      Not ALL whites, Southern ones (and even those older than Paula Deen) included, are racist. In fact, not all Americans–and people in general–are racist, period.

  • danainnyc

    The football player Ms. Dean is referring to was born black and gay. She, however, has a choice of word usage, a choice whether to hide her diabetes in order to sell her unhealthy food to the masses and she has made a fortune in the process. Note to Ms. Dean, best you stay away from references to any and all black people and how their struggles mirror yours. They don't.

    • RealTVCritics

      Could not have been said any better. Too many times certain groups attempt to mirror their struggles to the struggles of African Americans especially when it comes to the civil rights efforts many years ago. Gay rights activists have tried and failed to use their goals of equality by comparing them to those who have lived and died for civil rights for African Americans.

      There is a difference.

      For Paula Deen to even bring up Michael Sams with respect to her stupidity along with the way she phrased it is ridiculous. As you stated, yes Paula stay way from any reference to black people as we already know what in your heart and not what comes out of your mouth.

  • spongeO

    “I feel like a black homo who just came out” – Paula Deen

    • Heather Feather Phillips

      It's ok to say black! She didn't remember his name. She's not a follower of sports, plus she's in her 60s. I'm 30 and wouldn't have remembered his name if I was referencing him. People are seriously just angry with her for being a white Southern single mom who worked her butt off and made a lot of money. Only men are allowed to do that.

      • spongeO

        Or she could have just said “that football player that came out” Because he is literally the only one that has ever done so. That's why it was such big news. It just wasn't a good look for old Paula

  • anilpetra

    This Southern Democrat racist homophobe, who's cooked for Michelle and Barack Obama in the White House, deserves all the opprobrium and shunning her party would bring upon her if she were Republican.

  • Bara Bam

    We are all watching what will be Paula's next racial comment. Leopard never changes her/his skin.

  • Dustin M Yattic

    Oh my, a misleading smear headline about someone who dared to describe a black person as “black.” When will the racial divide heal?

    Probably when the media stops intentionally baiting gullible people.

    • Chuck

      Thank you. Finally a sensible post. I have said the same thing in two other messages. The media was the one who put the quotations around those words making it seem like a racially charged statement. When in fact it wasn't.

  • Branden Donaldson

    Im so not sorry that her carrer crashed she shouldnt of used the N word an she def dont need to be compairing her quote on quote problems wuth other peoples she fucked up on her own

  • Justin Moore

    The racial slur is not what burned her image. I'ts how she handled it! I all almost positive she used the N-word a lot more recently than “a long time ago” but if thats her defense then who am I to judge? I think It's funny people are always ringing the “Freedom of Speech” bell but when companies express their freedoms, what they are doing is “more wrong” than the actions of the public figure hired to endorse their a company brand. Paula can choke on a chicken bone and croke for all I care.

    • JohnJ

      Nice. Sure am glad there's no hate speech going on here.

  • GarthBock

    WHAT ???? Ms P is hoping to hop on the pity train of someone else ??? The “you feel bad for them so feel bad for me because I am just like them” spin is almost the dumbest thing to come out of her mouth. She does not belong anywhere near media…ever.

  • Sevenpenny

    She still hasn't learned. Deen needs to shut her yap….

  • Victoria Secret

    it appears she may benefit from giving up talking altogether. Maybe the fried macaroni and cheese is having a negative affect on her thought process.

  • LO

    Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer.

    Words have power! In the natural world they can hurt or heal one's feelings and attitudes. However, in the spiritual world they are containers of power that can change your life, direct your future, and allow you to get your life in line with God's Will! Words can carry God's Power to literally heal your body, bring financial blessing to your circumstances, and bring the promises of God's Word into this natural realm to bless you and your family

    A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.

  • lbp

    Paula said it best “I am who I am.” Maya Angelo said it even better “If, someone shows you who they are, Believe them”

  • seymoure

    …comparing herself to the Black, Gay, Football Player? My
    Goodness Paula, don't go overboard in trying to ease Relations
    with The Black Viewers………….Gay is Sinful, and Against the LORD.

  • Read Jefferson

    Well, if not black, what should she call him. You folks just seem to be people who hate everyone who you, in your great and unlimited knowledge, believe is not in agreement with your thinking (if you actually can think)

  • Alex

    After all that she still says shit like “that black football player.” It's African American you dumb bitch!

    • Chuck

      Really Alex? If she had used those words “that african-american football player….. you would have still been bitching even though she would have been politically correct in her term usage. In the quote “that black football player” was not stressed. It was a description. The media seperated those words from the original statement and put emphasis on them (even go so far as to put quotation marks around them) making it seem like it was a racially motivated quote. Color, ethnicity, ht., wt., gender, professions are all terms to used to describe someone when their name is not known. If you say you have never used a description like that in your life, you would be lying. Everyone has said something like that not meaning any harm by it. GROW UP.

  • Self Consuming Cannibal

    OMG! The old WHITE lady actually used the term “that BLACK football player” to describe someone who is black and plays footbal?! Well that's definite and scientific proof that she's racist. *sarcasm*

    My god grow up people. So she said “that black” in her statement? He is black and if that's part of how she describes him so what? By you people (and for the record when I say “you people” I'm not talking about black people) making a big deal out of Paula using “that black” as part of a statement to describe someone, you truly are the ones making it seem like being black is an insult, not Paula. I mean really, what is so wrong with being black that if someone uses that in part to describe you, it's suddenly an insult instead of a pronoun?

  • Chuck

    And here yet again the MEDIA is trying to make something out of nothing and stir up the Racial Issue again. If you read the quote from Dean – ‘that black player’ is not stressed it is merely a quote. It takes on a different sound when you take away those 3 words ‘that black player’ from the original statement. Placing the quotations and using only those three words by themselves sounds very racial. Reading the whole quote, it does not sound racial. Sounds more like she didn't know his name. Thats how anybody would have described him if they didn't know his name. If you say you wouldn't have used those words to describe him, you are lying.

  • jerzyjonnie

    She's worried about being known as “that disgraced Paula Deen” or “that embattled Paula Deen? But she is not worried about being known as “that RACIST Paula Deen” because that is what she is!

  • Arlene Weinstein

    I find it very telling that she is not racist but she had to say “that black” gay football player… I can't believe that she had to throw the race card out there again.

  • Dill Bates

    Freedom of speech has died.

  • Muckraker

    I love her. She is great. She is entertaining. She is not some dreary dyke with an afternoon show.

  • JoeDrager

    Life is simple these days if you remember two things; believe the government will take care of your every need, and, never, ever, make fun of a ni99er or a homosexual.