7 People We Mock Now But Will Praise When They're Gone (Photos)

There will always be artists and celebrities we demean when they're breathing – only to praise them when they stop. Instead of waiting, let's give them their due now.

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  • Hmmmmmm

    Six bad choices and Woody Allan. All the others get their due in full. I can't see there stock going up even a little bit when they are gone except maybe Willy who will sell a few more album's. But can it be said that his fans don't love him now. Nope. Jackson's stock went way up because even though he was a huge freak in real life he was a tremendous talent and left a large body of work behind. Now it's just his family that are scary.

    • # MJ25062009

      Pray tell me what made Michael Jackson a Freak???? The MEDIA! You still haven't gotten the message on here yet have you! The only FREAK on here is YOU!

      • tre cool

        child molestation/atrocious plastic surgery

        • Susiesaysitright

          Michael Jackson wasn't a child molestor. He was anything but. You obviously know very little truth about him. As far as cosmetic surgery, who in Hollywood hasn't gone under the knife. To people who really know this man's heart and love him unconditionally, he could never be a freak in their eyes. Sad that so many people in our world are so shallow and unable to see truth. Michael Jackson had his flaws and faults as EVERY one of us does, but his heart was beautiful and he never stopped giving gifts to the world. I pity you.

          • Tomas B Agapay III

            Were you one of his doctors? Did you guys club hop?
            If not, you know as much truth about him as anyone else got from film and media coverage.
            Sorry, but he did fit the freak bill. Baby dangling, wearing veils and not being a nun or a doctor, Neverland Ranch, addiction to plastic surgery, lack of a real nose, and he's got a kid named Blanket. Which of those things is not freakish? And how does the media make dangling a baby out of a window “look” bad?
            Allow me to dangle one of your children from a high building. Tell me how lovely my heart is then.
            I think his music is phenomenal and I like what he did for the music industry and culture, but I reserve my love (and my pity) for those who I know deserve it.

  • Hira

    I fall in Love with Steve Martin and his tremendous work for the industry. he is one and the only.

    • Yankee Mike Bravo

      I like his stand up, but he hasn't made a decent movie…ever. [Admittedly, his singing "Sweet Little Buttercup," in the Mexican dive in 3 Amigos is wondrous!]

      • christopher

        How could you forget his rôle as Neal Page in ‘Planes, Trains & Automobiles'?

      • Cut the Cr*p

        and Roxanne?

  • Nancy1990

    I cant see any of these people coming anywhere close to the vilification Michael Jackson was subjected to , when he was alive.
    Woody Allen married his girlfriends child, had naked pictures of her, underage , and this person , thinks it is time to get over it?Really?
    MJ was brought to court for a show trial , the tabloid press was behind ,and was found not guilty on all charges , including the 4 misdemeanors the judge threw in , at the end of trial , when he saw this case going South.., the jury didnt even hang on a misdemeanor..NOT GUILTY time 14.
    The press ignored the evidence and verdicts and continued to cover him as if he had been found guilty.
    These people on this list got about a weeks worth of bad press,,Jackson made the media so much money , , they slanted their trial coverage to protect a malicious prosecution by a vindictive , obsessive DA., and they know it .
    Even after his death, they continued to demean the man in their coverage..It was the general public , having been fed up with the salacious innuendo , , putting an end to it , when they stopped buying into it.

    • julianterris

      Absolutely :)

  • angelabelljar

    How about Stephen King? I think he deserves tribute as much or even more than those mention here. He's scared the living Jesus out of us, made us cry, laugh, wonder and imagine with his heartfelt stories.

    • angelabelljar


    • tim.molloy

      He's the best! But I don't see too many people mocking him.

    • Warbo

      Yea, you do have a point. If he dies, I'm really gonna miss reading his books.

  • ishiibrad

    Woody (the diddler) allen. I just wondering why he isnt in jail ? Joan rivers, I have no idea what to think or say ?

  • Warbo

    Why is Eddy Murphy's pic also there? Oprah? Who are they?!?!? Now Clint Eastwood's pic deserves to be there.

    • Yankee Mike Bravo

      When Murphy became a dad, he went from making edgy comedies to saccharine family flicks. Thus, the disdain. But he's won one Oscar [and deserved a second for his performance as Prof. Klump].

      Oprah is hated only by the far-right.

      Eastwood, IMHO, as always been terrific. His spaghetti westerns revolutionized the way westerns are made. The motion picture's he directed have been phenomenal. I don't care for his politics, but that doesn't infect his movies.

  • julianterris

    Moan Rivers!? -has made a living out of mocking other people -her own husband killed himself rather than live with her! (Can you feel that Moan?).She is a vindictive parasite witch that no-one dares challenge because they're afraid she'll turn on them -so she holds her minions and “fans” hostage to their own fears. -I won't be praising her when she's gone -I can promise you that. -I might have a “Ding Dong The Bitch Is Dead Party” though. #SorryNotSorry.

  • julianterris

    Seriously -who the fuck is that? :/ -I counted 7/8 geniuses – and I don't know who that first lady is? Why do you expect someone with a gift to be brilliant in ALL areas? -especially when you consider that ANY gift is already highly unusual? Stop expecting your gifts to be “God” and your “God” to be gifts!? :[ #IJS

  • MoiraB

    Why is Clint Eastwood's photo among those we “mock now”? I have never heard anyone mock him. (Seriously, who would dare…?)

    Same with Steve Martin – I thought he was considered quite a comic genius. I've not heard any mocking of Martin.