‘Duck Dynasty’ Clan to Discuss Phil Robertson Controversy on Fox News

'Duck Dynasty' Clan to Discuss Phil Robertson Controversy on Fox News

Family members to appear on Fox's New Year's special

Fox News isn't ducking the controversy over Phil Robertson's recent anti-gay comments.

“Duck Dynasty” stars Willie and Korie Robertson will discuss the firestorm over family patriarch Phil's comments to GQ magazine during a previously scheduled appearance on Fox News Channel's All-American New Year special, the network said Monday.

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The Robertsons will speak with the news network's Bill Hemmer and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, appearing live in their first television appearance since Robertson was reinstated on the A&E reality series, following a very brief suspension.

Robertson, who describes himself as a product of the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle who turned to Christianity after hitting rock bottom, was placed on indefinite suspension after he lumped homosexuals in with drunks and terrorists during the interview, among other comments.

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However, the suspension was quickly lifted following widespread backlash from “Duck Dynasty” fans and social conservatives. New episodes of the series are scheduled to begin filming in the spring, along with public-service announcements that promote “unity, tolerance and acceptance among all people, a message that supports our core values as a company, and the values found in ‘Duck Dynasty,'” according to A&E.

After the suspension was lifted last week, GLAAD, which initially criticized Robertson's comments, cautioned that Robertson would need to meet with those he offended with his remarks.

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“If dialogue with Phil is not part of next steps then A+E has chosen profits over African American and gay people – especially its employees and viewers,” the group said.

  • SoCalGuy

    Faux News…. figures.

  • name

    how 'bout that Phil's “hiatus” is over just in time for the Robertson's already scheduled appearance, not to mention just after Christmas sales are complete. Looks like A&E and Duck Dynasty (oh and the news Media as well) will have a VERY Merry Wealthy New Year…They thank all the blind fans that believed this was a “Scandal” that needed defending. This “scandal” will be known from Hollywood to NYC as the best PR stunt of 2013.

  • useeknfind

    Congrats to The Wrap! Finally a more balanced, objective update on the Phil Robertson controversy without the one-sided, hateful, extremely personal bias of previous articles.

    • david

      Too funny, a more balanced, objective update on fox news. Wow that is funny!!! I do not think fox has ever been objective or balanced. Good one !!!

  • David Perkins

    Once again, big money and unbridled hypocrisy rule! All is back to normal heading into the new year. Whew, that was close!

    • Jesusandme

      Well I am very offended by the advertisements using sex and the sale sex toys on TV “Trojan vibrators” I sure don't see them being removed from the air. ” because they offend people”

      Oh yes they are getting $$$$ from the sex industry. $$$ the root of all evil.

  • Jules

    WHEN? It says that the Robertson's will appear, but does not say WHEN the interview is to be aired live.

  • freespeech

    Wow, I think you people need to leave phil alone he has a right to his opinion.
    Its obvious we don't all agree with mainstreamedia but there you are shoving your pathetic news down our throats. Do everyone a favor and turn phil off like I do mainstream media. Its obvious you can't handle freedom of someone else's speech your own opinion is all you can handle.

  • kikifly

    We the people of the United States. in order to perform a more perform union, establish justice and ensure tranquility to all……..Written a long time ago and we are all supposed to go by it….according to the laws of our land….Doesn't stop all this bickering and hatred though now does it!