Dailies | Stephen Colbert: A&E ‘Just Lost ‘Duck Dynasty's’ Massive Black and Gay Audience’ (Video)

Stephen Colbert: A&E 'Just Lost 'Duck Dynasty's' Massive Black and Gay Audience' (Video)

The conservative Comedy Central character donned a beard and mustache in support of the “backwoods Louisiana bird murderer,” declaring, “Tonight, we are all Phil Robertson”

Stephen Colbert ended his final 2013 show on “a furious note,” as “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson continues to be chastised by the liberal media for anti-gay comments he made in a recent interview.

“This is a terrible day for Americans, though admittedly, a pretty good day for ducks,” Colbert snapped on Thursday.

The “Colbert Report” host sarcastically admitted that Robertson's well-documented homophobic and racially insensitive statements to GQ magazine are not “the eloquent speech you might expect from a backwoods Louisiana bird murderer,” but the conservative comic character is still on the side of our two greatest publications used to defend the man: the Bible and the Constitution.

See video: Jon Stewart on ‘Duck Dynasty': Phil Robertson Has Right to Say Ignorant S–t on TV

And Colbert is not the only one to rally behind the “Duck Dynasty” patriarch. At the time of his show's taping, 55,000 fans had signed a petition to A&E Networks to demand the reality star's reinstatement. At the time of this writing, more than 113,000 signatures have be amassed on IStandWithPhil.com

That support led Colbert to don a beard and mustache and declare, “Tonight, we are all Phil Robertson.”

“I'll tell you who I feel bad for: A&E,” the Comedy Central host concluded. “With this controversy, they may have just lost ‘Duck Dynasty's’ massive black and gay audience.”

Watch the clip:

  • samf1953

    One more comment why are the L's bitching Phil never talked about scissor sex.

    AND it's OK for the President to talk about teabagger?

  • http://www.twitter.com/AhContraire AhContraire

    If you ask these two questions, the argument will be over and many rating will go down as their would one less thing to argue about.

    That is, Doesn't the medical community recommend that you, “Wash your hands after you go to the bathroom.”?

    Yet, now there are some in the medical community that now say it's OK to “Sleep with the waste that gets flushed down in the toilet?” and that it's possible to live a perfectly normal life.

    Twitter Handle: @AhContraire

  • Buggs56

    The sad part is that just by expressing our opinions about your stupidity we are supporting your position in the media economic market.

    • rfmbdm

      @Buggs56::Not to worry, Please. The LOVE of GOD shows through Phil Robertson and the hatred towards GOD shows thru the commenters and commentators and the misinterpreters as to what was said. Phil Robertson only spoke what JESUS said in Matthew 28 to do. He said whom the BIBLE says will not, without stopping their sinning and asking GOD's forgiveness, in the Name of JESUS, get through the gate of HEAVEN. And actually, most of the anti-Phil people are anti BIBLE and anti GOD. But they are really upset because they do not want to hear what is TRUTH. When You hear the Truth, You respond in one of two ways. Humbly or angrily. Think about it…

  • cracker

    phil is a hunter and hunting has been apart of the world for along time but if they want to talk about murder then lets talk about the murder of morals by the perverted ..they want to talk about the murders and mistreatment of blacks lets talk about the murders by blacks of whites now a days and the mistreatment of whites going on ..the so called knock out games ..lets talk about the racism by blacks and the bigotry by gays if you do not agree with them ..how about we talk about that instead and as far as bird murder you remember that when you are eating your steak or fish tonight or shrimp even

  • Phedup

    Yes, you wonderful LibDems…you took It out of context. That kinda means “fictional-facts”, oh, fellow four-eyes, Claudette. :) A & E: Assholes & Elitists.

  • Phyllis Sim

    I do not think ratings will go down as Phil works his magic. I think they should get someone else to produce the show as long as Phil Robertson's free speech is being taken away. This one controvery may split America, however we are told it'd been a long time coming. Our children have the lowest test scores in schools than ever before. Our physicians are being educated in foreign lands to get a cutting else that American Medical Schools cannot provide. We have a muslin President who has spent more on luxury vacations than any other in history and expectes the small working group of people to pay for all the waste of welfare recipiants. I have to admit I do not watch Duck Dynasty however I have listened to all the comments from GQ magazine and as far as I can tell Phil Robertson is quoting he Bible. As least he has a moral code and something to stand for. What do you stand for?

  • Wilber Claiborne

    Although he is not affiliated with them, what Phil now needs to do is publicly condemn the Westboro Baptist Church which in reality is not a church but is instead a hate group that is anything but Christian. They have stated that they plan to pickett A&E but their motives are far from good. Their actions have proven their ill will, such as the picketting of soldiers funerals and harassing family members of the deceased, wishing for more dead soldiers, and their hatred for homosexuals. They blasphemously claim that there is no hope for gays but scripture says otherwise. When mentioning sins including homosexuality, the apostle Paul notes that some in the church were homosexuals before they became Christians. Unlike the unChristian Westboro Baptist Church, Phil Robertson loves homosexuals. That's why he speaks out against the sin of homosexuality and invites homosexuals to come to Christ to repent and be saved in the Lord Jesus. Statistics show that there is much grief associated with living the unnatural homosexual lifestyle but there is hope. A joyous renewed life in Christ and everlasting life. This is the loving message of Phil Robertson. As for his comments about African Americans, it is clear that Phil was referring to a time when many African Americans had faith in Christ. Although sadly,they were under oppression by man's law, they were living Godly lives. If you look at footage of civil rights leaders of years ago, you will see that not just they, but African Americans as a whole were courteous, well mannered and well dressed. Why? Because they had a strong belief in God and representing Him as believers, they showed this in their actions and appearance. Merry Christmas ,Happy New Year and Peace and Love to All

    • Donnie

      Wilber EVERYONE in the south condemn Westboro. If they picketed at a soldiers funeral in the south they would wake up in the hospital. We love of country and our soldiers and i wouldnt advise disrespecting one in the south.Yes we are religious down here , but the media is portraying us in a unfair light. Do i think being gay is a sin? Yes , but i also know Jesus died on the cross for our sins and if a gay person accepts god as there savior then they are going to heaven as well. I sin DAILY ….. i dont understand why the gays got so upset about what phil said …….. The only thing i can think of is they got so mad because they dont KNOW the religion. I know a few gay people down here and they are not gay bashed or drug behind cars like the media would love for you to think. They are treated like everyone else. The Liberal PC crowd need to get a grip and work on some of the hate they are filled with.

  • Fran

    This was a very stupid move on A&E's part. Phil is and was only quoting what the bible says. Shame on this country, gay or otherwise for degrading a man for his belief in Jesus our Savior. God bless Phil and his family.