Police Question Four In Philip Seymour Hoffman Death After Search Warrant

Police Question Four In Philip Seymour Hoffman Death After Search Warrant

Police searched an apartment in Manhattan believed to be tied to Hoffman's drug habit

New York police have taken in for questioning four people who are believed to be connected to the drugs found in late actor Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s apartment, a New York City police spokesman told TheWrap on Tuesday.

“A search warrant was conducted earlier today at 302 Mott Street in Manhattan,” the spokesman told TheWrap.

Four people were detained at that address, he said. The house is in the NoHo section of Manhattan. Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 8.42.33 PM

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The spokesman said that the four people detained for questioning, whose identities were not revealed, were suspected of selling heroin to the actor, who was found dead in his apartment on Sunday morning with a needle in his arm.

“I can't say they sold him the drugs,” said the spokesman. “But they were taken into custody in regards to that. The investigation is ongoing.”

Other media reports said preliminary tests showed the heroin recovered from Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s apartment does not contain fentanyl, a potentially lethal additive.

The Academy Award-winning actor, one of the leading talents of his generation, was found dead in his apartment on Sunday morning. He had previously struggled with addiction, and had checked himself into rehab recently.

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Investigators discovered close to 50 envelopes of what they believe is heroin in the apartment where Hoffman was found, including used syringes, prescription drugs and empty bags used to hold heroin.

CNN reported that Hoffman withdrew $1,200 from an ATM in six transactions near his West Village home, citing police sources. “A witness told investigators that he saw Hoffman withdrawing money around 8 p.m. at the supermarket while talking to two men who were wearing messenger bags, the officials said,” the network wrote.

Hoffman's funeral is set for Friday.


  • Jake P Hall

    The NYPD doesn't do that in every drug related fatal overdose. Yet, they are in this case because it's PSH? Abusive waste of tax dollars.

    • frankspeakloud

      The police absolutely arrest dealers who sell drugs, particularly the ones that kill. The police arrested a dealer for selling drugs that killed two high school students and was sent to prison for manslaughter. We're only reading about this incident because of PSH's notoriety. Not a waste of tax dollars.

  • Burphelson AFB

    lock the death-dealers up and toss the key in the East River. Hope they're happy now.

  • lompico

    Legalizing drugs would prevent such tragedies. Let doctors prescribe and monitor drug use. How many thousands has the War on Drugs killed?

  • Jim

    CNN stated later (yesterday) four suspects were arrested in regarding the drugs for PSH.