Piers Morgan on Bill O'Reilly: ‘What a Dick!’ (Video)

Piers Morgan on Bill O'Reilly: 'What a Dick!' (Video)

O'Reilly didn't want to be on Morgan's then-new CNN show but did want a photo for his “America's Got Talent” fan daughter

Bill O'Reilly may have a good million more viewers than Piers Morgan, but Morgan beats the Fox News star when it comes to politeness, according to Morgan.

In fact, arbiter of courtesy Morgan said, O'Reilly is “a dick.”

The CNN host was on “The Howard Stern Show” on Wednesday when he and Stern got around to talking about O'Reilly, who was in the audience of “America's Got Talent” when Morgan was a judge, around the time when he was prepping for his then-new CNN show.

Morgan decided to ask O'Reilly to appear on “Piers Morgan Tonight.”

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“Of course he's going to know who I am!” the modest Morgan said. “There's billboards in Times Square!”

But when Morgan introduced himself to O'Reilly, he got the brush-off: a series of “uh huhs” and an eventual “no, I don't think so” when Morgan asked him to appear on his show.

“What a dick!” Morgan said of the encounter. “I was seething.”

Morgan and Stern agreed that O'Reilly was “quite rude” not to appear on a rival network's flagship show. Stern ended up being one of Morgan's very first guests. O'Reilly has yet to appear.

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Later during the taping, Morgan said, O'Reilly came over with his daughter and her friend and asked for a photo with the judge for the girls, who were fans. Morgan made O'Reilly take the photo.

Stern asked if perhaps O'Reilly's initial cold shoulder was because Morgan was on another channel.

“No, I think he is a dick,” Morgan said.

Watch the video:

  • Paul

    I don't really like piers morgan but if he says oreilly is a dick then I like him

    • BusyBee

      And I don't like you – this way the circle is close.

      • scotsphil

        You are a dick too

  • Greg

    I don't like O'Reilly, but I don't care for Morgan either. Both can dish it out, but neither can take it when someone slams them.

    • felice

      How true,,except…O'reilly has a superior intelligence,and better qualified to discus issues in the US..at least he is an American ….Not a Brit know it all who doesn't know his job description…ask questions,get answers be neutral..we don't need his take and argumentative opinions.

      • scotsphil

        Oreilly is not intelligent. He is a bullying blusterer

  • Chaz

    I remember OReilly having a young man on whom he expected would agree with everything he said… but the guest didn't. OReilly then said the young man's father, who had won several military medals, would agree with him and be ashamed of his son. The guest responded that his father actually thought Bush had stolen the 2000 election in Florida and OReilly started yelling, “turn off his mike” and spent the next several months trashing this kid at every opportunity because he knew the kid would not have enough money to convict him of liable. A really brave Culture Warrior who lacks culture, aka…a monumental D I C K.

    • Jim Evers

      I agree. Bill O'Reilly is a “oral masturbator”……loves to (self- please) himself with his own, non-stop, blabber-mouthed voice.

  • tire iron

    Imagine that! the (guy?) Piers Morgan who presents as a TWAT … has a problem with DlCK … I'm thinking “Piers” is synonomous with (un+ … que sera sera …

    • scotsphil

      Is that Yankee humour? Oh dear!

  • Phoflex

    Propagandist extraordinaire. Who? Billo O'reilly.

    • BusyBee

      I wish many would have the guts to face the facts just as O'Reilly does… His knowledge, logics, and status drive people, who have struggled in grammar school how to respect others, crazy. I noticed, people usually are happy and satisfied with empty promises…

      • Phoflex

        Your propagandist-in-chief has done nothing to further my children's future. Your flip flopper has been on both sides of so many issues that he is nothing more than a profiteer of the gullible and ignorant. Nite-nite.

      • scotsphil

        You as stupid as you seem?

      • Billy Whitehorn

        bill wouldn't know facts if they bit him in the ass

  • BusyBee

    Mister Piers, you are so boring as the English man can be… There is no comparison nor competition with Bill O'Reilly – your intellect, intelligent and manners are not enough developed to face him. Wish, you would pack your English luggage and accent and go to your home country.

    • Jim Evers

      Amen !!! Why did CNN ever select Piers to do a “talk” show, of all things. The squirel-headed bastard talks like he's got a mouth full of double-edged razor blades in his mouth, and nobody I know can understand a damn word he say's. CNN dropped the ball big time by hiring this marble-mouthed Englishman to replace Larry King, who was very well spoken. I'm glad O'Reilly dissed him. (Bill probably dissed Piers because he wouldn't have understood a word he was saying.) Send the Dork back to Merry-O-England on a one-way tuna boat.

    • scotsphil

      O'reilly is a cowardly bully who doesn't allow any opponent a fair debate.


    all 3 are dicks. stern, morgan and oreilly. dicklicks.

  • Paul

    this busy bee guy is obviously a moron

  • http://att.net/ patty

    Piers Morgan is BORRRRRRRRRRRRING. Gave him a few chances when he started the show, BUT?????????

  • gene clark

    Words, empty words…everyone, let your guns do the talking.

  • Donald Graham

    If anyone has proven to be a d**k it is Morgan. His stated hatred of America's constitution specifically the first 4 Amendments is despicable. All the time he is staying here to avoid prosecution in his native country. Hypocrite is best word I can come up with for this piece of excrement

    • James

      I find Piers very entertaining, with great guests, and not afraid to ask the difficult questions. Just because you have a difference of opinion shouldn't mean you're rude like O'Reilly.

      • Donald Graham

        Not an O'Reilly fan, but definately against Morgan – He is hiding out here in America because if he goes back to Britain he faces criminal charges and jail in his hacking phones there. And letting him avoid jail, and work here results in his constant anti American tirades

        • wphart123

          Some one should as morgan how well its worked in England taking everyone's guns, look at their issues, he has no place telling us how it should be done. Turn back time if it was not for Americans having their own guns would we be a free country today? We have a lot of other issues in our society that are causing our problems and owning a gun is not one of them, no one wants to fix the real issues. If we could stop being politically correct for one day we could really talk about our true issues. But we all know they use political correctness to control us so it will never happen. People are just idiots!!!!!

          • scotsphil

            Of course. How many people have been killed with Political Correctness.?

          • Donald Graham

            A Lot

    • scotsphil

      Utter bollocks


    no one is surprised to read Bill o-Riley is a Dick, with Millions in any one's bank we tend to become Dicks. Bill is there now, Rich beyonds his wildest dreams..wake up Fox…….

  • Billy Whitehorn

    talk about the kettle calling the pot black… piers isn't much better

  • Guest

    and trust me I'm not a Bill O'Rielly fan

  • Billy Whitehorn


    Flag as inappropriate

    and trust me I'm not a Bill O'Reilly fan