Dailies | Piers Morgan Gets Battered During Fierce Face-off With Aussie Cricket Bowler (Video)

The CNN personality tried to bat against cricket bowler Brett Lee during a break at an England vs. Australia match

Most Americans probably don't understand the sport of cricket, but we all know pain, and Piers Morgan is still feeling it after getting battered by former Australian cricketer Brett Lee on live television on Friday (our Thursday).

Lee, who was considered one of the fastest bowlers in the sport during his career, pummeled the CNN host throughout a six-ball blast (above) — four of which connected with the 48-year-old Englishman's body, while one knocked him flat on his back —  during a break in England's fourth match against Australia in the Ashes series in Melbourne.

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Morgan, an amateur cricketer himself, was challenged to face the bowler after criticizing England's three previous losses to Australia in the series over Twitter.

As expected, he didn't do too well, either.

Still, he managed to hang tough, and did not stop trying to swing while doing his best to hide the pain he shared with his Twitter followers afterwards.


Watch the video here:


  • http://jasonogle.com/ Jason Ogle

    Time to ban cricket balls.

  • UnoRissen

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