Piers Morgan Announces Last Show on CNN Is Tonight

Piers Morgan Announces Last Show on CNN Is Tonight

The British anchor teases an important message at the end of the broadcast, and wishes America well with its “insane gun laws”

Piers Morgan has announced that tonight will be his last show on CNN.

“My last ‘Piers Morgan Live' show airs live at 9 p.m. ET tonight,” Morgan tweeted on Friday.  ”And I will have something important to say at the end.”

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Morgan revealed in February that he would be leaving the network after a three-year run in primetime. His admission came a month after TheWrap exclusively reported British host's show was in trouble.

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Morgan appears to be optimistic about his future, although it's not clear where he'll end up, and thanked his staff for “Three years, two months, 11 days” of hard work.




  • Madly

    He fought the NRA bravely. For that I wish him well.

    • Gerard Kennelly

      he stood on dead kids graves
      he printed fake photos in a major newspaper
      he has yet to face the phone hacking charges
      his big sponsor is Prozac and he said
      smoking pot twice a week was ”normal” while discussing
      the george zimmerman trial

    • Gerard Kennelly

      when speaking to ben shapiro
      piers called the constitution ”a piece of paper”

      • hornacek

        Isn't it written on paper?

    • Gerard Kennelly

      brave enough to stand on dead kids graves ? ?

  • ratbag

    I hope the chyron tonight as Piers departs is “The Death of Smarm.”

  • dso1

    Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  • Wyatt

    Just leave, the U. S. I hope.

  • Bobby

    You have distain for my great country which saved the Queen's country from total destruction during WWII. You're lucky we gave you a chance here… Go back to Britain's got talent and have a great life. I mean that sincerely!

  • Jeannette

    I've enjoyed Piers Morgan on CNN and I will miss his show. I wish him well and I will miss him.

  • Skyler

    Sad to see him go. He stood up to the psychotic morons in this country.

  • WP


  • James

    Good on you. It a sad your leaving as I loved your show and so did many Americans. And the world. Peace Pierce

  • Chubsy Brown

    Nothing worse than a non american telling americans not to be american. Get lost. You have no clue what american culture is, all you saw was $$$$$. Piss off

  • ObamaIsAlQaeda

    Who in the world wrote this article? Ever done any research? The date of Morgan's last show has been set for some time now. This wasn't some last minute announcement in the tweet.
    Journalism is dying rapidly.

  • Mark


  • Terry

    Morgan ended his program with a well thought out goodbye. His was the
    last show I watched daily on CNN. By pointing out what was obvious to
    88% of Americans. 70 people shot in a movie theater, followed by 26
    children and teachers killed in an elementary school. Those 88% along
    with Mr. Morgan were in favor of enhanced background checks; he's right
    nothing was done about it. Every show that was specific to guns a
    banner stated the 2nd Amendment and he excluded guns for protection,
    hunting and sport. He, like many Americans are apposed to semi
    automatic weapons with magazines with extended clips. It was simply one
    programs point of view; he did not waiver under pressure, for this I
    respect him. It would have been easy after blow back to stop mentioning
    it. He did not. He stood to his opinion. I appreciated how he would
    directly take politicians on where American reporters did their usual
    coy ring around the rosie with their questions. Great celebrity
    interviews too.

  • Merlin

    Glad he's gone
    CNN take note – I will now start watching your channel again. If he comes back on your channel with a similar show or has a producing role that allows him to push his personal agenda, I will take my viewing elsewhere.