Ted Nugent Takes Credit For Piers Morgan's Cancelation: I Got His ‘A– Thrown Out’ (Video)

While appearing on “Erin Burnett OutFront,” the boisterous rocker suggested Wolf Blitzer and Don Lemon are next

CNN confirmed earlier this week that “Piers Morgan Tonight” would be ending its three-year run shortly, and Ted Nugent took all the credit during an interview on the very same network Monday.

“I got Piers Morgan's ass thrown out, and I'll do the same with Don Lemon and Wolf Blitzer when I can,” Nugent told anchor Erin Burnett over a satellite feed (above) on “OutFront.”

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The rock star, former reality star, and outspoken conservative appeared on the cable news network after canceling last Wednesday. He was brought on to discuss his most recent criticism against President Barack Obama, who he called “a subhuman mongrel.”

“Do me a favor, don't talk about my colleagues that way. I respect them both greatly,” Burnett shot back at Nugent before segueing back into his conversation centered on Obama.

“They don't deserve respect,” Nugent added.

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Nugent's claim about his influence on CNN's decision to cancel Morgan's show came while denying that he is a racist for using the term “subhuman mongrel,” which Nazi propaganda used to describe the Jewish population.

“We call bad people who are destroying our neighborhoods ‘mongrels.’ I knew of no racial reference … whites blacks, hispanics, yellow, red, we're all mongrel basically, because we're all mixed breeds,” Nugent, who noted he has been a cop in Lake County Michigan since the early 1980s, said. “For anyone to claim that I'm a racist or it had racist overtones is the typical crap that the propaganda ministry and the media — particularly most of your co-workers there.”

Watch Nugent's full interview above. His comments about Morgan start at the 6:56 mark.

  • Noel E. PARMENTEL Jr

    Tsk, tsk. But jest 1 thang: No-Body 2 root fer.

  • Chris Wyman

    haha I know what he meant. He meant that they are all Liberals.

  • Christopher Odumosu

    Why don't this idiot Ted Nugent run for the office of the president. He obviously think he is a better person than anybody. Thank you Erin Burnett for for bringing out the idiot in him

  • mangojay

    Ted who?

  • sonjalillie

    Never liked Ted Nugent as a ‘rock star'. Now I even like him less. It's idiots like him spewing their hate constantly that cause the problems in this country. I hope he ends up on the wrong end of an assault rifle

    • http://www.ugandamissions.com John

      You must be joking, People like him, remember he has the right to speak, and someone like you hope for his death, you want to take away the rights that so many men have died for. You must have been seeing you own reflection when you used the word idiot

      • WillB2

        He also has the right to be a pedophile, a poacher, a serial adulterer, and a deadbeat father. He has the right and he exercised it.

  • BmanJP

    GO TED!!!!

  • DC007

    Ted Nugent is a glib misguided asshole, period.

  • DC007

    Here's the thing with Ted N. he's an insecure rock musician trying to act tough, really Ted, right side of history by promoting more guns that America already has? your a joke…Pies Morgan got it right, unfortunately too many insecure uninformed jerks have fallen in love with their gun toys to boost their manhood, just like Ted and it's really a shame in America, as a population you are falling behind the world in common sense and get close to the Middle east shoot first talk later mindset. Review the murder rate in your country in comparisons to other civilized countries like Canada, Britain, Australia and see the sad disparity in deaths per capita. Get educated America and find your balls guys….the prevalence of guns is your undoing right now. First amendment my ass. Whatever the fore fathers concocted centuries ago, wasn't meant to be an assortment of assault weapons, maybe one long gun to protect the family but this argument is ridiculous. Besides, we're in an advance age now where hanging on to outdated norms have long since past, wake up and get into the present, get a good strong coffee and start making sense. Finally hypocritical Ted asshole Nugent, your reference of Chimpanzee was directed at the president, you just don't have the courage to admit it, maybe it wasn't racist but it was still aim there, find your balls Ted and own up to your dumb statements, I'd like to go one on one with you no weapons, in the ring, in the streets anywhere and give you the good old ass whipping you deserve…punk!

  • skitstovel

    Ted Nugent: Pedophile, racist, misogynist, idiot.

  • maravoice

    Ted speaks his mind. He is not a “yes man'. He says what others are actually thinking. Although I do not always agree with his characterizations, the substance is usually right on. The “lame street media” will eventually silence those who disagree with them. When this happens, heaven help us all.

  • The Moogly

    The headline read, “Ted Nugent Takes Credit For Piers Morgan's Cancelation: I Got His ‘A– Thrown Out’” then the video is 17 minutes of Ted having to justify everything he has ever said in his life. He summed it up best by saying, why don't I have politicians I can back?

  • WillB2

    Nugent got Morgan cancelled and Morgan got Nugent cancelled. We all benefit from both.

  • GitRDunn

    He pissed her off that's for sure – ‘OWNED!’