President Obama Shuns TV Reporters During Shutdown Press Conference

President Obama Shuns TV Reporters During Shutdown Press Conference

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Press conference ran over an hour, but MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, NBC and ABC were shut out of the Q&A

President Barack Obama blamed Republicans in Congress for putting the country on the brink of financial disaster in a Tuesday press conference about the government shutdown that clocked more than an hour — but that wasn't enough time for the president to take questions from TV reporters.

Speaker of the House John Boehner's subsequent press conference, by contrast, ran fewer than 10 minutes.

Obama answered questions from reporters with the AP, Bloomberg, the Huffington Post, Reuters, NPR, New York Times, Financial Times, Roll Call, Agence France-Presse, CBS News (though that was MarK Knoller, who is primarily a CBS Radio reporter) and Real Clear Politics.

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Though MSNBC's Chuck Todd could clearly be seen in the front row, neither he nor any other cable news reporters were able to ask Obama any questions.

Sensing some frustration in the room, Obama remarked at one point that the choice of which reporters to call on was not his, but his press secretary, Jay Carney.

“I'm just going through my list, guys,” he said. “Talk to Jay.”

  • Donna Halper

    I actually thought it was a good thing to hear from some new voices, rather than “the usual suspects.” Of course, I enjoy seeing the big-name reporters, but they get to ask questions all the time, or we can see them regularly on their networks. It was a nice change to have the print & wire service journalists and members of the blogosphere get some attention from the White House. I hope the TV reporters won't take it personally or make the story about them.

  • useeknfind

    Perhaps Jay picked the list so that the President wouldn't have to field any hard-ball questions, such as “Why are you talking with us but not your opposition?”

  • spike

    What a copout! He isn't even man enough to take questions from ANY reporter in the room and passes off the challenging ones to his press secretary with a wimpy comment “I'm just going through my, Guys” ????! What a wimp!!!. This is our PRESIDENT????

    Fellow Americans, we should be ashamed of ourselves for stupidly electing this non-President!!! He doesn't believe in democracy. He believes in a socialist State where the “President,” as he has redesigned the position, can fire off executive memoranda bypassing the Constitution and Bill of Rights whenever he wants to and where he doesn't feel he has to personally face challenging questions from any reporter.

    What are you hiding, Hussein? What can't you confront being asked. Finish out your term and go back to the land of your REAL birthplace. You don't deserve America.

    I'm incensed at his behavior. He's a joke, except it's not funny. It's tragic.

    • Bluebird

      America doesn't deserve people like you. Sadly, Obama is one in a million. You are a dime a dozen, thanks to Faux News and outlets like it.

    • Michael

      Right, we should elect more people like Busch who took us into a war in Iraq causing us to lose thousands of soldiers, cost us trillions of dollars, cost us the respect of much of the world, and nearly ran our economy over the cliff of bankruptcy. Yes, we need more Presidents like George W.

  • robengle

    Uh… the “story” is that President Obama spoke to and answered questions from at least 10 reporters for more than an hour but just not from TV reporters? Big deal. The TV reporters can listen to and video tape the responses to other journalists’ questions too. Certainly the TV reporters don't have some kind of unique insight into our government. This sounds like The Wrap is trying to make news out of nothing and the commentators trying to turn this into some rebuke of the President should read the article more carefully before posting.

  • Sad

    He probably only took the rehearsed questions.

  • chingiss

    The better question would be why Boehner's reply was all of 9 minutes? Must have been running late to his tanning salon.