President Obama ‘Sings’ Justin Bieber in Apparent Bid for Tweener Vote (Video)

Justin Bieber and President Obama come together in a musical mash-up of "Boyfriend"

First President Obama busts out the Al Green, and now he's taking on the Justin Bieber catalog? Not exactly, but the following video is pretty amusing anyway.

The YouTube wags who gave the world a mash-up of Obama belting out Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" have followed up with a mock video of the nation's chief executive delivering his rendition of Justin Bieber's recent hit "Boyfriend," for your listening and viewing pleasure.

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It's just a shame that tween girls are prohibited from voting, because this little snippet could go a long way in helping Obama shore up his re-election efforts.

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Does Obama do Bieber justice — and what contemporary pop hit should he take on next? Share your thoughts on both burning topics in the comments section after watching the clip.