Producers Guild in New York State of Mind

PGA East hosts Jonathan Demme, Denis Leary in “Night of the Producer” event

The Producers Guild of America, East saluted Jonathan Demme and Denis Leary on Wednesday night in Manhattan, after announcing the results of the PGA East election.

Director Demme (“The Silence of the Lambs,” “Rachel Getting Married”) and actor Leary headlined the PGA East’s fifth “Night of the Producer” at the Scholastic Auditorium. The annual event pays tribute to New York-based filmmakers.

Past guests include Spike Lee, Lorne Michaels, Scott Rudin and Linda Ellerbee.

Demme and Leary sat for a discussion moderated by producer Kit Golden, during which Demme called Leary’s current show “Rescue Me” “really an ongoing memoir of New York City since 9/11.” (Photo, left to right: Leary, Demme, Golden.)

“The city is a character in the show and I couldn’t do it without filming here,” said Leary, who is also a creator and producer of the FX series.

The PGA East press release about the event also announced the results of its election, in which chair John Hadity and vice-chairs Dana Kuznetzkoff and Mark Marabella ran unopposed and were re-elected. The full list of officers:

John Hadity

Dana Kuznetzkoff
Mark Marabella

David Fox

Kit Golden
Jeff Gomez
Nelle Nugent
Amy Robinson
Peter Saraf