26 Daytime Talk Show Personalities Ranked by Popularity (Photos)

From Ellen DeGeneres to Kelly Ripa to The Ladies of “The Talk” and “The View” — here's how they rank by likability, according to Q Score as of Sept. 2013

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Ellen DeGeneres, "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Q Score: 30
  • Beth Stehlik

    So happy Michael Symon is in 2nd I love him.

    • trista niap

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      • Penny Ann DeFelippo

        So, what does that have to do with the topic of discussion?!

  • Puddin'tane

    OK. So on looking at them all together like this I AM SHOCKED. I didn't realize that I didn't like so many of them…..Who do I like, even a little bit? Rachel Ray. Most them are only selling something…books, etc…..I think the public is stupid.

  • Penny Ann DeFelippo

    If Michael and Ellen both got 30, why is she 1 and Michael 2? He is much better then she is. She comes across as a big phoney!

    • MJR

      I totally disagree with you. I think she is the real deal and enjoy her positive upbeat show.

    • Amanda Holliday


      • Amanda Holliday

        Michael Symon kicks ass!!!!!!!

        • Penny Ann DeFelippo

          I think he makes the Chew! They should get rid of Mario.

      • Penny Ann DeFelippo

        Michael has won more Iron Chef America battles than any other!

    • Kathy Case

      Ellen is fantastic humanitarian

      • Penny Ann DeFelippo

        I'm not denying that Kathy. My main question is; with the same score of 30, they should be tied for first.

        • Kathy Case

          I agree.. I love watching them both ..but Ellen is a true giver to both humans and animals.Ellen gives away cars..cash..gifts etc.I've never heard of Michael Symons doing this.I'm just saying. I love watching them equally

          • Penny Ann DeFelippo

            Maybe I need to start watching Ellen again! Thanks Kathy.

          • Kathy Case

            Your very welcome.I agree ..if your ready to laugh.. Then sit and watch..she's a hoot!

        • Draper

          They talk about 2 scoring systems and Ellen scored higher on the other system so she is ranked 1.

          • Penny Ann DeFelippo

            Thank you for the info Draper. Now it makes sense.

    • Sarah

      I believe it had to do with recognizability (one of the criteria), hers is 82 and his is 23. I also think the fact that her show is syndicated and seen in other countries, while his show is only on ABC, makes her #1 and him #2.

      • Penny Ann DeFelippo

        Thank you Sarah. Now I completely understand the ratings.

    • demonopie

      In that she uses the phone a lot or did you mean she was a phony?

  • MJR

    I personally love Steve Harvey and would have thought he would have gotten a higher score. I think he is authentic and shows a great deal of knowledge and respect towards women and helps women understand men. He is funny and sensitive. I am happy to see his career is doing so well.

  • Daniel Sterling Sample

    It really doesn't matter who you like or recognize or prefer or identify with or dislike or don't recognize on network TV. The game is rigged, the “fix” is in and the idea that your opinion matters is an illusion. There is a reason why network TV is becoming more and more “African-American oriented”. If you are white or otherwise financially secure, you have “CABLE TV”. If you are African-American or just scrapping by to pay the rent, you still rely on “FREE TV” to entertain or inform your family. The American TV audience is rapidly becoming divided, just like the “ONE PERCENT HAVES” and the “NINETY-NINE PERCENT HAVE NOTS”. This separation suits the network TV bosses just fine because they want to put an end to “FREE TV”. Programming on “FREE TV” will continue to degrade and drive most of America to “CABLE TV” where everyone must pay to watch TV. The day will come, and soon, when “FREE TV” will be dead and lots of talented, hard working African-American entertainers and TV workers will be out of a job. Daniel Sterling Sample in beautiful downtown Hollywood. sample.daniel@gmail.com P.S. STOP THE COMCAST/TWC MERGER!

    • Johnnie

      Not sure where you got your information but
      let me assure you that African Americans have Cable TV by the masses. Free TV is just another way to imply that blacks only deal with free things, another 41%. I am very offended by your stupid statement

  • Daniel Sterling Sample

    I genuinely believe that America is being divided by greedy, sexist, racist Hollywood Studios. Money is destroying my beautiful country, from Washington and Hollywood. Stop these fat cat monsters. STOP THE COMCAST/TWC MERGER! Daniel Sterling Sample in beautiful downtown Hollywood. sample.daniel@gmail.com

  • Jack Ballenger

    Wendy last? No, no, no, no, no, no. No one contacted me for this story and asked “How you doin'?”.

  • Amanda Holliday

    Ok Clinton Kelly, and Daphne Oz needs to be up there with MIchael Symon and Whoopi Goldberg, the other bitches from the View dont even need to be on there Oprah and her holier than thou self dont need to be on there and neither does that skanky How u doin chick Just saying if you dont like it KISS MY LILY WHITE ASS

  • Susan James

    Wendy is nothing but a gossip monger. She tries to tell everyone how to run their life. Just who the **** is Wendy Williams?

  • Liz Feeser-Regan

    I love Wendy Williams, she is so funny say's it like it is and is entertaining.

  • Liz Feeser-Regan

    Wow this will really hurt peoples feelings. And I think this is really your own personal choice, I like Kelly and Wendy, and Clinton.

  • Charlotte

    Kelly Ripa should be on the bottom of the list. She is really a terrible host.

  • mackeyall

    Who did they pool?

  • mackeyall

    Poll sorry

  • Dave

    Is Wendy Williams a man or woman? That's a legit question.

  • Morrison Thompson

    Kelly Ripa and Bethenny should share last place

  • Doug Walshe

    Personally, I like Wendy Williams out of all these listed. The View is the worse.

  • cindell

    I still miss Regis :(