The Most and Least Liked Daytime TV Hosts – From Ellen to Wendy Williams

The Most and Least Liked Daytime TV Hosts – From Ellen to Wendy Williams

“The View” recently brought aboard the second least-beloved (tied) daytime personality — but the show also has the third most-liked

Everybody wants to dance with Ellen. So says her Q Score, at least.

The talk show host is tied for the highest Positive Q Score — the industry standard measurement for gauging a celebrity's likability – among daytime TV personalities. She shares top honors with Michael Symon of “The Chew.” Both score a 30 in likability, according to Sept. 2013 data, the most recent available at the time of this writing, though DeGeneres has an advantage in terms of awareness: She scores an 85 to Symon's 23.

DeGeneres and Symon's 30s in likeability are especially notable because the average celebrity scores a 15. Tom Hanks, the Q Score champion, consistently ranks in the 50s.

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Q Scores executive vice president Henry Schafer believes that his numbers can make or break a career — and his clients agree. They include agents, studios, and networks.

On Thursday, TheWrap reported the Q Scores of network television morning show personalities. This time around, we look at the men and women of daytime TV.

To create the scores, Schafer's team provides a personality's name and a brief description to about 1,800 people. They don't offer photos because those can skew judgements. Respondents are asked if they know a celebrity, and if the star is among their favorites.

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After DeGeneres and Symon, Whoopi Goldberg has the highest Q Score with 24. She also scores an 86 score in awareness, second only to Oprah Winfrey, who has a 93. In terms of likeability, Winfrey has an 18.

Besides DeGeneres, Symon and Goldberg, the top 5 for likeability includes “Dr. Oz” star Dr. Mehmet Oz, who has a 23, and “”Live with Kelly and Michael” co-host Michael Strahan, who has a 22.

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Next up, in descending order, are Steve Harvey with a 21, Queen Latifiah with a 19, (though the measurement predates her talk show's premiere), Winfrey, Rachel Ray with 17, and “The Chew” host Clinton Kelly, who also has a 17.

At the bottom is Wendy Williams, who despite a solid 51 Awareness measurement, has just a 5 Positive Q Score.

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Just above her is Aisha Tyler of CBS’ “The Talk,” who has a 7. Goldberg's new “The View” co-host,  Jenny McCarthy, has a 7. She is as known for her widely disputed claim that vaccines are linked to autism.

“Generally the people at the bottom tend to be the more polarizing,” Schafer told TheWrap. “They're more controversial in the way they market themselves.”

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“The View” vet Sherri Shepard barely wins the popularity content with McCarthy, scoring an 8. Bethenny Frankel — whose syndicated show was recently canceled – rounds out the bottom 5, with a 10.

Here is the complete chart of daytime personalities’ Recognizability and Positive Q Scores. Again, data is as of last September.


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  • TB

    Where is Maury?

    • Mcflyer54

      Or Jerry Springer … looks like they left both of these two off their list … maybe their number fell into minus digits.

      • Trish Chasity

        Jerry can't be still on . I thought that bald headed guy had his show and I am looking for rapper MC Serch for his show too.

        • CMarks

          Both Jerry and “the bald headed guy” (Steve Wilkos”) are still on the are.

      • GardensButterfly

        They both are so low on ratings that they did not even rate…rightly so!

    • didi

      He was too disgraceful to even make the bottom of the list.
      God, how I hate his stupid show and all the stupid people who make a public spectacle of their sordid lives.

  • TwiggyB

    Looks like The Wrap did to Maury what NBC newscaster Brian Williams did to Arsenio Hall. He too was left off the list of Talk Show Hosts! LOL!!!

    . . . and it looks like Arsenio was left off the list . . . again! LOL!!!

    • Kaykay

      Read it says “daytime talk show” so Arsenio would not be listed. LOL

      • didi

        The first part of the article clearly lists Nightime shows, and Arsenio was rated as one of the lowest!

    • GardensButterfly

      Arsenio comes on at NIGHT!

    • didi

      Arsenio should never have a talk show at all!
      OMG! He still running out onstage doing the fist roll….wtf! lol

  • Barbara

    So happy to see Jenny,Sherri,Daphne,Barbara W are all on the bottom.Some stupid channel needs to give big mouth Sherri her own show off the grid so where.So The View has a chance.Whoopi you go girl,Ellen your the bomb.

  • Bobmonroe3

    Sherri loves homosexuals but still thinks they're going to hell.

    • didi

      Sherri is a disturbed hot mess!

  • Katie

    Kelly Ripa should be at the bottom, worst host ever. Everyone knows Michael is bringing the ratings up. They should get rid of Ripa .

  • Sarah

    WENDY WILLIAMS should have scored a 0. I guess the 5 is for being able to breathe. She is the most hateful person around. I watched a portion of her show when it was first on and could not tolerate it after the first 15 minutes. She was speaking ill about so many people it was horrible. KELLY RIPA should have gotten a 2. I cannot stomach her at all. Now that the novelty has worn off of Michael Strahan, I can't look at that show either.
    AISHA TAYLOR – 1.75
    JULIE CHEN – 1.1
    SARA GILBERT – REMOVE FROM LIST (no personality)

    STEVE HARVEY should have been number 2, just after ELLEN.

    • anthonyNtx

      You dislike everyone. I bet you hate looking at a mirror.

      • Sarah

        Careful you don't hurt yourself jumping to conclusions dude. That broom you used to make sweeping statements about me may trip you up.

    • timm

      wendy williams looks and talks like herman munster. but unlike wendy, at least herman was a nice guy … yikes…

      • astroguy54

        For the longest time, I thought that Wendy Williams was a guy in drag.

        • dpm

          me to. She is so over the top.

        • Jackie730

          She looks like one.

    • Jackie730

      I agree about Wendy Williams. I can't stand to hear or look at her (him).

  • denver41

    i like wendy shes cool. CANT STAND dr Phil!

  • GardensButterfly

    Yay for Ellen being #1!!!!! Shes awesome!

    • PeterBelles

      You must be a lesbo

  • TXMel

    Where's Wayne Brady?

    • didi


  • jimbo

    Dr. Phil should be at the bottom. He's a charlatan. He has a Ph.D in clinical psychology in 1979 at the University of North Texas[5], where his dissertation was titled “Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Psychological Intervention.” He is not an M.D.!

    • astroguy54

      He wants people to think he is, just like he wants them to think he's from Texas when he's an okie born and raised. He intentionally misleads people and has no qualms about it. He happened to be in the area when Oprah was in north Texas for her ridiculous beef trial (Texas cattlemen had passed a law making it illegal to disparage beef, if you can believe that–that's how screwed up the state of Texas really is) and he was hired to be Oprah's psych coach; her state of mind was so malleable during the trial that anyone could have coached her, and that's how the world got the distinct unpleasure of meeting “Dr.” Phil.

  • jimbo

    Do you know that Sherri Shepard thinks the world is flat? It's true.

    • didi

      Flat just like her ass! lol

  • InvisibleZombie

    The problem with the “likeability” factor is that when people “don't like” some of these hosts they absolutely HATE them! Whoopi seems to be love or hate. (I love her.) Or if it's not hate per se they're extremely irritable to people. (Kelly Ripa, Steve Harvey)

  • didi

    I can't stand Wendy Williams or her show! Not surprised that she received low ratings.
    Also, Kathie Lee…..ugggghhhh, I stopped watching the Today Show when she was hired and Hoda sat still like a puppet and let her take over. I've never liked Kathie Lee, she makes me literally sick to the stomach. Maybe if they can her, their ratings might increase…
    Steve Harvey…yikes! Just another big mouth who has no right to try to give anyone advice on relationships, when he's a disaster himself. He needs the “boot” too.

    Lastly, Dr Oz….why is he still on scaring the hell out of everyone and promoting bogus products that don't work? Why, why, why isn't he out the door? He's a spawn of the devil.

  • astroguy54

    Who the hell is Michael Symon???

  • Gapless

    Michael Strahan is #5? Who voted in this poll, brain damaged canines?

  • Jackie730

    I can't bear Wendy Williams. She is such a phoney in all aspects.

  • Louise

    I am tired of all of them. The only thing they are is a advertisement for whatever movie, or so called star activity or homosexual Hollywood is promoting. I would rather watch Lassie, then all their so called entertainment. What happened to the good programs we used to have? I have even quite watching many of the soaps because of their need to put the homosexual activity on their shows. PBS is becoming my program of choice. It is so sad to see those who make these choices can't come up with some programing that improves our society instead of the stupidity it plays out. The rampage of cops and robbers, or the hospital or lawyers or a bunch of idiots sitting around discussing sex or acting stupid. Is that all the intelligence that is in Hollywood these days. Where is the” Little House on the Prairie”, ” I Dream of Jeannie”. Just some good programing I would much rather watch than those stupid talk shows that do nothing but run people down, or try to convince us they are worth watching. I do enjoy the occasional down to earth people that comes on, but that is rarity. The home improvement shows are great as well as history and just a good old movie. “Sound of Music”, “Pollyanna”. I know it sounds as if I am living in the past, but at least it was worth watching. I dread knowing what my children and grandchildren are being influenced by, and then the country wonders why there are so many bad things happening. We are bringing it upon ourselves. The sad part is they think that these is the way the world should be I would just like to see more positive and less negative on our programing .

  • whitewaterlake

    Ellen Degeneres and Steve Harvey are the only two I can stomach. They are entertaining and natural, the others are too forced.