The Most and Least Liked Morning TV Hosts — From Robin Roberts to Kathie Lee Gifford

The Most and Least Liked Morning TV Hosts — From Robin Roberts to Kathie Lee Gifford

No morning host can match the beloved Tom Hanks when it comes to Q Scores

It takes love to want to wake up to the same face every morning — and TV executives know that better than anyone. Which is why they do so much research into choosing morning talk show hosts.

If you've ever watched morning television and wondered, “Who picked this guy?,” well, in some ways, you did. Networks rely heavily on a company called Q Scores that uses an industry standard for gauging a celebrity's likability.

By surveying groups of 1,800 viewers, they are able to tell if a given personality is a Tom Hanks — the guy who consistently tops Q Score rankings. Q Scores executive vice president Henry Schafer told TheWrap that his numbers can sometimes make or break a career.

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When it comes to morning shows, it may not be surprising that “Good Morning America” — the top a.m. news broadcast — has the most high-scoring morning personalities, led by Robin Roberts.

To create the scores, Schafer's team provides a personality's name and a brief description. They don't offer photos because those can skew judgements. Then respondents are asked how they feel about a person. Hanks scores in the 50s. The average Positive Q Score for a celebrity is 15, and the average for a host of any kind of news show is a 13.

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Robin Roberts, whose heroic cancer fight last year was a major focus of “GMA,” has a Positive Q Score of 29 as of Sept. 2013, the latest available numbers at the time — the best in the morning. No. 2 is her former colleague Sam Champion, who recently left “GMA” for The Weather Channel. He has a 25 positivity score. Third on the list is another “GMA”er, Josh Elliot.

The highest-rated non-”GMA” personality is “CBS This Morning” journalist Norah O'Donnell, who earned a 19.

“Right now, if I were CBS, I'd focus a lot on her,” said Schafer.

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In fifth is Al Roker, who has a 14 and is the first “Today Show” personality to make the list. He's tied with colleague Willie Geist, whose been mentioned as a possible, eventual replacement for Matt Lauer — who has a lowly 7.

Years ago, Lauer's Positive Q Score was in the mid-20s — well above average — before he took a hit over Ann Curry's exit.

“He had the image, whether he was responsible, of moving around the female anchors,” Schafer said.

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“Today” 9 a.m. host Kathie Lee Gifford is one of the most recognized names on the list. But to know her isn't necessarily to love her. She scores a 5.

Read the full list for network morning show personalities; again, data is as of Sept. 2013, which was the most recent data available at the time of this writing. Who do you like? Who do you hate?


  • Hatesmatt

    Matt is looking soooo old

    • Shiloh

      And still a shill for O

  • Fred

    I don't watch these shows anymore because they are trying to be more entertainment oriented rather than what people really want which is the news…just the news without the biased slant.

    • Mo Green

      That's why I usually watch the CBS morning show with Norah O'Donnell. The ratio of news to fluff is much larger than the other two (even if I have to put up with Oprah's friend).

      • News Maven

        Gayle King was a news anchor before she ever met the big O. Gayle is intelligent and well-informed with a contagious sense of humor. Nora O'Donnell's attempt at humor falls short and she often interrupts Gayle.

        • Sarah

          Not quite accurate. Gayle King was a Production Assistant and Oprah was an anchor at a news station in Baltimore when they met almost 40 years ago.

          • NYC girl

            Gayle King WAS a news anchor at more than one television station. RIF – Reading Is Fundamental.

          • Sarah

            Not sure what you are insinuating regarding reading, so I will leave that alone. It's too ridiculous to even respond to that preposterous comment. Research is usually key when dealing with ‘heavier’ topics. This is not a heavy topic. I agree that Ms. King was an anchor at a Kansas City station and also in CT. However, these were after her meeting with Oprah. (Not saying Oprah was instrumental in any of these appointments.) She never anchored before that time even though she worked in media while in college. At the end of the day, all of this is really unimportant and not worthy of an online back and forth.

          • Worker

            Hey do either of you two know who the Vice president is? Or what he was doing before he was vice president?

          • Susan Wydra

            Gayle King(Fisher) was an anchor for years in Hartford
            CT…and she also was given her own TV show on that
            same station. She indeed had a career before Oprah.

          • I don't.

            Who cares?

          • Scarlett

            I met Oprah when she worked in Baltimore. Who would have thought.

          • Guest

            Did you like her????

      • trista niap

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        Charger SRT8 from only workin part time on a home pc… hop over to here F­i­s­c­a­l­P­o­s­t­.­ℂ­o­m

      • James B

        I watched CBS This Morning for about a year and then got tired of it. They were mostly ‘News’ based when I started watching. Now it seems like all 3 major morning shows are a people sitting around a table, or at a desk giggling at each others lame attempts at humor. I was impressed with Gail King even though I started with a negative opinion of her.

    • Trish Chasity

      That statement has been repeated over an over again. Dumbs down society

      • Worker

        Politics are for dumb societies, dumb societies like to wear socks and talk about their finger nails n stuff.

        • Trish Chasity

          How so?

    • Adam Golsby

      People who want news in the morning can easily get it from CBS, a cable news channel, a paper, or any of a a wide variety of online sources. The reason Today and GMA are mostly entertainment is that people mostly want entertainment in the morning and news in the evening. I don't think that dumbs them down, as long as they are still getting serious news at some point during the day. (Needless to say, I have no desire to defend people who only watch the entertainment and never serious news.)

    • RTW91569

      Fred, I hate to break this to you, but while you may want the news, that's not what most people want. The reason that these shows lean more toward features and entertainment is that people read the news on the Internet hours before the shows aired. The news is old by the time 7:00 a.m. rolls around unless it is TRULY breaking news. If you notice, on those morning, they really focus on that story.

  • Tee

    All I see when I watch Savannah Guthrie is her TEETH and you can tell she knows it because she tries to purse her lips so they are not that noticeable. I just turn the channel. You can tell men choose what they liked to look at it!

  • putorium

    Like to know where they find the people who vote in these polls? I love Hoda and Kathys show. Rather watch the Today or CBS and Gayle is a very smart interviewer. George is very good for the news area of ABC love his Sunday show. Liked Sam, but Josh is so so for me. Willie on NBC and Morning Joe is going to grow he is very relaxed and what you see is what you get. Kathy Gifford is way better then this poll has shown. Robin is so very nice and what comes across who would not like Robin. Tell me where you found your polls and are they across this country or in NY.?


      Thank you for putting a positive spin on things! You're about the only one so far….

    • CathyWood

      So if the people posting don't agree with your opinion you state “like to know where they find the people who vote in these polls?” Where did they find you????!!!!

  • Marilyn

    Time to get rid of KLG–I can't stand her and can't get to the remote fast enough to change it when she comes on. Hoda and Carson Daly or Jenna Hager would be a better match.

    • Guest

      Love Hoda – she is so genuine and never thinks she is better than anyone. Kathy Lee is abrasive (on a good day!!. Always name-dropping and every discussion she tries to twist toward her. Must be very needy to have the spotlight focused on her! The good news is that KL is going to retire in another year or so. I remember not too long ago she said that on the show. Thank goodness! Hoda's a saint to put up with her …

  • Josephine

    Why anyone would watch GMA is beyond me. Five people talking at the same time about Hollywood. CBS has 20 minutes of commercial-free news every single morning, and Gayle doesn't show up until the second hour, which is good. She starts every sentence with “I…”

    • GMAsucks

      Thank you! The way GMA kisses up to celebs is sickening in the morning. It is like watching a live version of the National Enquirer and Japanese game show in one. Flashing lights, sound effects, gossip, fake comments. Its all so ridiculous.


        Ha! But GMA comes in first! Guess all you GMA haters are the minority!

  • Anna Z

    the people who voted do not watch Kathie Lee because she is the most special person and I would like her as a real best friend– I would pick her as #1 in my book!

  • Will

    I can't believe Natalie and Al are that low. I can see why Matt and Katie Lee is low. I like Natalie on Today and if isn't on I usually change the channel and watch old sitcoms like Saved By the Bell. I remember Josh Elliot from Sportscenter. He does great on GMA as he did on ESPN.

    • astor meade

      bless your heart… saved by the bell! lmao!

  • momsandpops

    I am a fan of GMA. I miss SAM. But there is one person I would not miss at all and that is Josh Elliot. If it was not for Robin and George I would not watch GMC. I find Josh loud , rude(talk over others) He acts like George does not exist. He appears to be a selfish, self centered man. Josh is a pest who gives himself to much credit. He acts like he is the co-anchor instead of George. ABC has given Josh to much power . If George leaves the show and Josh become co-anchor I will not watch GMA ever again. Lara is a insensitive person.

    • Steve Shaw

      Amy Robach!!!

  • highmj

    what's the newscasters name that just had the baby on channel 5?. There is something about her that I just can not stand, she seems to have a cocky attitude, when I see her on the weekends, I switch and come back when she is gone

  • Viator16

    If I'm up that early, I'll watch Fox News.

    • astor meade


    • bb

      So do I, Fox and Friends is the best been watching it for years.

    • sanity-rules

      Never use “Fox” and “News” in the same sentence.

      • Guest

        By all means, stick with the state run networks like ABC, NBC, and CBS. Your dear leader expects this of you. Idiots…

      • scarlett

        Love Fox news and Fox business. Bet you cannot identify the VP, have zero idea how congress works or how DC operates, and love Obama. Another Obama one brain celled liberal nut.

      • CathyWood

        So funny-HaHa! Must be a Democrat!


      Me too. She is so graceful and positive. The world needs more pleasant people like her. I also liked Sam. I sure do miss him in the morning now!!

  • Dunleavy

    Jenna Bush Hager scores a zero.

    • News Maven

      I totally agree.

    • scarlett

      I love Jenna. She was my daughter's neighbor. Very nice woman.

  • astor meade

    cbs seems to be the most mature of the offerings. less hysteria. i tell ya… kathie lee needs to get locked in the trunk of a car and get pushed of a cliff! kristen wiig does a great impersonation of her. klg is dreadful!

    • Jose DelMadre

      I don't think you are going far enough to make certain we are rid of her. Burn it with fire seems the best way. Reduce her to ash and divide the ash into 7 piles and bury each pile on a separate continent to be sure they don't come together and reform.

  • Andrea

    I have totally dumped the Today show. Savannah Guthrie is the most annoying thing to have in your face at 7am, or any time for that matter. ABC's GMA is class all the way….my apologies to you for not converting YEARS ago!

    • Bug

      I left when Ann and Matt kissed Obamas hands.

    • Karen

      I agree!!! Savannah Guthrie is like fingernails on a chalkboard!!!

    • Guest

      I agree—I HATE SAVANNAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I think how she acted at her
      wedding Is Horrendous!!!!!!!! Announcing that she was Pregnant!!! Plus, she
      broke up Him and His Wife—-4 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HATE HER!!!!!!! Plus she


      NO COMMON SENSE WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!! SICKENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ZigZagZoey

    I think someone should start a petition to get Matt Lauer off the air. Cannot stand him.

    • Mary

      How childish. Just don't watch.

      If you enjoy GMA exploiting everything about Robyn Roberts personal life just to get ratings then go for it.

      • TimTomTl

        GMA hasn't mentioned Robin's cancer scare much since her February 2013 return. In fact it was Robin's decision to keep the show and viewers with her every step of the way. Her reasoning was to avoid another repeat of Peter Jennings absence and then death when viewers were only told that he had cancer one day and then didn't hear any updates until the day he died months later. Isn't it possible that GMA is doing great in the ratings because people are realizing that they're the better show?

        • Scarlett

          Nope…we have a dumbing down of America. Most cannot even tell you who the VP is or how Government work. Most are as dumb as a bag of hammers.

      • ZigZagZoey

        I don't watch any morning shows. But I cannot stand Matt Lauer.
        I guess you are one of the few that do like him.
        How childish!

      • Scarlett

        You are right on the money. I am so tired of the cancer thing, now her lover thing, coming out. Really who cares. Enough already. I am a cancer survivor, but so what?

    • ajgb

      I will definitely Second that motion. He should have been gone long ago. Good Riddance !!!! And take Kathie Lee while he is at it.

  • Simone

    the news can tend to be depressing and over whelming at times….i luv their breaks of humor and seeing true friends working together at GMA. All of them are tops in my book…..i don't like the matt (dog-eat-dog) vibe at Today…they are soooo Yesterday !

  • ytirgetni

    Overall the list looks pretty correct but I would put Roker and Laurer down the list further.

    • Massachusetts Native

      I totally agree with regards to Roker. I no longer watch the Today Show because of some of his disparaging remarks!

      • ajgb

        I just love Al Roker. At least when he opens his mouth, you can take it to the bank. He is not afraid to stand behind anything he says and I for one stand behind him 100%. There should be more people just like him. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Al would never steer you wrong. He tells it like it is and that is very refreshing. Keep up the good work Al.

  • Congenial

    I would love to know where Kelly Ripa and Wendy Williams rank! Where are their scores? :)

    • Guest

      At the BOTTOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • steve

    I might start watching the today show again when laur is gone I cant stand the little worm.

  • Eliz

    Love Hoda, can't stand self centered Kathie Lee

    • Lydia


    • McKay

      Can't stand either one of these show offs. Can't change stations fast enough when them or that ugly ole hag Wendy comes on.

    • Guest

      I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OXOXOXOXO <3 <3 <3

  • sharon

    I love the today show..they all seem to get along real well…I really love the 9 o'clock hour with willy, Natalie and al…they are great…

    • rosemary

      I can barely watch the GMA girls with their bare arms. what's up with that?? Looks like they are going to a summer soiree. Record low temps and they are in tank top dresses. Thigh high boots looking like they belong at the mall. The producers need to invest in a stylist and need to look at Kelly Rippa and Diane Sawyer who are always flawless and appropriate. You would think that these anchor persons would set an example for young career women who think that their attire is work and interview worthy. It isn't.

      • Cheryle

        You are absolutely right. What's with the summer dress code when it is 10 degrees outside. It looks so silly.

        • Fred's Mom

          I'd like to know where Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan come in. I stopped watching them almost from the beginning. Their ridiculous dancing, his constant agreeing with her and repeating what she says, her anorexic body when she says she's fat and his constant pandering to Gellman are so obnoxious, I turn them off faster than you can say “Kelly, eat something – you have a dauighter that needs a rold model and not a poster child for starvation.

    • Phibzy

      And show a lot of skin! Even if it is 15 degrees outside, they are wearing sleeveless and showing their legs, nobody ever wears pants!

  • Ana Sofía

    Kathie Lee should have place way better than this poll, I like her. Oh and how come some of them are not recognizable but still get good scores?? Is it people just hating on the others? Matt Lauer should be last. And Gayle should have placed a little bit better.

  • c

    I bet Ann Curry doesn't mind this….. I like Kathie and Hoda….

  • News Maven

    FOX is to news what democracy is to China!!!

    • shiloh

      They were afraid to rate FOX!

      • Scarlett

        Fox and C-Span are the best in my opinion. This was regular TV stations, not the cable ones. NO CNN or FOX of MSNBC was rated here. If you want to hear who is dating who and who is coming out…regular CBS or ABC or NBC will tell you that. Never news about anything. I wish Fox would do away with the liberal nuts who bow at Obama's feet, however.

    • Scarlett

      Do you watch? They why would you make a stupid statement with your one celled brain?

  • Sarah

    If I did the list, I would give Kathie Lee Gifford a 1 and Hoda a 2. Too absolutely horrible women who should not be on the air. Matt Lauer would get a 0. He needs to go.

  • blksassy1

    I love Robin Roberts so that one is correct.

  • LC

    I don't (and won't) watch any of these shows. What happened to FOX's people? Do they not get rated? FOX and Friends is a great show and I really like their people. I don't have time to watch morning shows most of the time, but when I do – that's the one I watch.

  • Cathy

    I can't believe Kelly Ripa's name is not even here – I watch her everyday and I would rate her at the top of the list.

    • Guest

      HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Richard Clark

    …….Where's Scarborough?………..I hate to think……..

  • Anne

    My favorite talk show is Katie Couric it is so informative and entertaining she is the perfect host

  • McKay

    I don't know how that obnoxious Kathy Lee and Hoda ever got a show. They are beyond stupid. I do watch Family Feud with Randy (just because he is a little better host than the other two) but his stupid remarks and actions are just retarded. When he dances around and makes his stupid faces and thinks he is so funny.. it ruins the show for me. Most of the time he comes off as just ignorant , not funny. And, he has a talk show??? Well, I won't waste my time with that one either…Ugly Wendy is another one who just takes up air time.

  • Diane Webster

    Bar non, despite Robin Roberts illness, she is the best bar none and Matt Lauer, IMO, is the worst.

  • Mountain Man

    NBC needs to dump Kathie Lee Gifford. Drinking wine at 9AM. Nice role model!!!! Dump the producers too, if they think this is acceptable for a morning Mom TV show. She is an obnoxious loud mouth drunk. If I wanted to hear that I would go to the local VFW Hall. No wonder Frank Gifford wanted to bone that slut up the A$$ in her motel room. Has KLG forgotten that video?

  • lynne paris

    I wish Laura Spencer would quit with the “Valley Girl” speak. Can't stand her.!

    • Trish Chasity

      Too skinny yet very pretty even though she was an athlete.

    • jrogo

      OMG!!! I so agree! I cannot stand Lara Spencer! she thinks she is the anchor and when she is with George, I change the channel. She really does think she is all that and I get so sick of watching her with her goo goo eyes and flirting with Josh! love GMA, but she needs to go!

  • Bjorn

    The only one that does not make me gag and she is not even on the list is Diane Sawyer! The rest of that gang is just awful: Savannah G. first off is so difficult to even look at and then her totally annoying comments are superfluous, Hoda Kotb is a complete dingbat…enough said…Norah O'Donnell needs to shut her gob because she has the most idiotic and annoying laugh.

    I digress…Charlie Rose is the only one on that list that I have respect for but mainly because of his solo show and not due to the CBS morning show.

    It appears that the production staff of these shows are to be credited with the worst morning shows ever! The people on these lists whilst totally annoying may have a running chance if they had a crew of professionals that made them look decent but at the end of the day…what comes out of their mouths is their responsibility.

    • Trish Chasity

      Had the pleasure of working with Diane Sawyer in the past and you are so right on point. Hoda Kotb despite her silly behavior is a great reporter. KLG is another matter. I don't see Charlie Rose but yeah he is good at his job

  • lynne paris

    Is there a dress code that says the women must be super skinny and wear the highest most pointy heels and the tightest spandex dresses/skirts? My age is showing, but I do not find this classy.

  • deeney

    Don't like Josh Elliot at all. I like Lara Spencer.

  • Runner14

    Savannah Guthrie sounds like the AFLAC duck….can't stand to hear her voice!

  • Tricia Youngblood

    Gawd, I hate morning talk shows, but NBC's show is the worst. Can't stand Matt Lauer. He's a jerk. He's too arrogant for his own good.

  • Susan Wydra

    Go figure…yet Kathy Lee will never be removed. She is the number
    one reason (bringing her back in the moring) I no longer bother to
    be my TV in the morning…After the View..the noon local news comes on.
    That's it! The local news now..thanks Kathy..I actually get alot more done
    this way!

  • Name

    Kathie Lee and Hoda are just a couple of disgusting drunkards that all they promote is drinking. Their show is lousy and should be taken off the air for the damage is causing.

    • InvisibleZombie

      I'll drink to that!

    • Guest

      They only take a sip—that is all. That is their SHTICK!!!

    • Lulu

      My favorite is Katie Couric and Tom Brokaw.

  • John

    Television shows today are strictly focused on making as much money as possible .
    They can only achieve that goal by satisfying the average man , woman and child's desire to view a lower level of entertainment . The majority of people / groups who write and produce are creators on some form of entertainment that appeases the social environment . We are what we watch ! Many people are comforted by either viewing people like themselves or feeling better about themselves because the are in a better position in their lives . Look around ! Much of what we view is a reflection of reality .

  • Rumplestiltskin

    The fact of the matter is he flat out lied! His whole administration has been nothing but a lie, cover up or the blame someone else. We wouldn't be in this situation with Russia if he had a set of balls but no this pussy has no respect any where in the world.
    Impeach his ass!!!!!!!

  • Susan

    I find Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb sooooo offensive. I have a family member that has fought the battle of alcoholism and you have no idea how difficult it is to watch the two of them drinking their wine every day on the show and alluding to how wonderful it is to drink! For an alcoholic that is sober… they can so easily make them fall off the wagon again. Kathie Lee talks about being a Christian. Think she needs to go back to scripture that talks about not doing anything that can make your brother/sister stumble. It's people like her, that claim to be a Christian, that make Christianity so unappealing to others. Maybe her ratings would be better if she wasn't drinking.

    • daring sally

      Everyone must carry his or her own load. It is not for us to judge anyone. No one is responsible for others who tend not to control their drinking habits or whatver the problem may be. We all can control anything if we believe strongly in ourselves and get the appropriate help, because it is out there for us to get. We can only live for ourselves and we are our own worst enemies. But some of us choose to blame others for the failures we have in life. If you feel this way about the show why not write the producers and complain to them but do so in a professional way.

    • Guest

      They drink no more than one sip…..

  • Scamuel

    Note that 6 of the 7 lowest ranked ones are from NBC! This is the network run by idiots and moron scum who would NOT recognize a likeable person if that person kicked them in their azzs! These are the same ones that fire their No. 1 night show talk host for a loser who is an idiot! I've totally quit watching NBC!
    NBC = No Body Cares!

  • scarlett

    I like Willie Geist and Laura, and the rest I would not even turn on the TV to watch. I cannot stand the majority of them. Actually, Kathy Lee is tolerable. she has been around so long. Robin Roberts, truthfully, I click the remote and change the channel, Gayle King as well.

  • scarlett

    I honestly do not watch these channels. I watch C-Span, Fox, Fox Business, and BBC and local DC and Baltimore news.

  • pk

    I love Kathie Lee Gifford. She is bluntly honest and very funny for the well needed 4th hour of the Today Show!

  • Guest

    LOVE AL ROKER and WILLIE!!!!!! :-)

    • Wishsong

      ahaha. I've always called Guthrie “The Joker” because that's what her hideous mouth reminds me of.

  • Charlene Lopez

    cant stand that Greg Kelly hes like a 10 year old, very condescending individual, always chewing or eating on air, thinks hes funny HES NOT, and he got the job only cuz of who his father is….!!!

  • Guest


  • Proud Marine

    Fox & Friends is the best morning show by far !

  • Scamuel

    I thought Matt Lauer (aka azzhole) was rated a –10! Please recheck your figures for accuracy!

  • Andrew

    What do you expect from this bastion of liberalism? They don't even include Fox and Friends in their rankings. I don't know these other liberal shows cover anything other than celebrity relationship or dress or anything of importance. if there is something they have to cover they switch to celebrity gossip in no time.

  • Janice

    I am glad I am not the only person that does not care for Gayle King on CBS morning show. She never know when to be quite.

    • joejohnson291

      She's still better than Norah,who still has that lost look of deer in the headlights every day she is on that show.Money doesn't make her have good body language,you can see she is lost and should be standing out in the cold reporting on Obama where she belonged.Shes a network bimbo.

  • norsky44

    Doesn't surprise me one bit on the low score for Matt Lauer. His only love, besides for himself, is to tear people down, thereby getting his rocks off. Nothing but a pure piece of crap.

  • jp

    cathy me gifford–you see me –i this i that

  • Asdfghjk

    Matt Lauer should be much lower. At least Hoda and Kathi don't pretend to be serious journalists and know they are silly. Lauer's ego and the fact that he likely had a hand in getting rid of Curry should lower his rating.

  • leej

    I like Robin – Meade, that is

    • Wishsong

      I'd like her better if she shut her mouth and took off her top.

  • julia


  • B. Mac

    I new gayle king was a loser. She's only there, because she wanted a job and her fat pig fellow negro oprah got her the job.
    She's a loudmouth, clown, always speaks out of turn, and kisses Charlie Roses a*s*s all the time, in hoping that she'll remain on the job.
    I hope this nimrod gets the AXE!
    Norah is an absolute DOLL and comes across as a true professional.

  • Sick of Television People

    ‘Least hated’ might be a better. I doubt any of these personalities are liked very much.

  • carre

    I know she's weekend, but I can't watch Erica Hill.

  • *pinaR

    that kathy bi**h is such a bitter person. she is a pain to see and listen to. old hag. oh and she can't sing.

  • Howard White

    Switched over to watching Charlie Rose and GK as they are always on the TV at our favorite breakfast spot. Stephanopolis is also top shelf bright! Charlie Rose reminds me of Huntley AND Brinkley when news anchors actually knew a lot and didn't depend on teleprompters !

  • kk

    I really didn't like Josh Elliott because he just didn't seem to know when to NOT say something. Remember when your parents always asked “why do you always have to have the last word?” Lara Spencer isn't a lot different, though it seems she's backed off a bit. Neither seemed to want to accept that Robin and George are the anchors of GMA


    Love George, but can't stand Robin. She's the one who should fly away. It took a while to like Josh, but now I miss him. However, I don't miss him nearly as much as Sam. There is just too much estrogen sitting at the desk now. Keep Laura, she's a scream. Move Amy into Robin's seat, and put Dan Harris in the news chair.

  • LeRoyW

    I have tried to like Kathie Lee but I just can't do it.
    I do love Hoda she is so nice and very smart and funny.
    I haven't been able to watch them going on a yr. now.

  • Summer

    I never watch these morning shows anymore. They talk about celebrities and such topics that are totally uninteresting. I watch local news, then 700 Club which has more accurate news reporting than any of these other shows. They aren't afraid of stating their real views and possible solutions with what is going on in the world. Even Fox news is guilty of not committing their true opinions on these events or issues. But Fox is better than these morning shows and their distorted views.

  • Brett Delong

    CNN is cratering with their leftist propaganda yet still they persist. Why do you think this is? You are a national show in a nation of 300 million and you have lower viewership than the population of Cheyenne, Wyoming and yet you lumber along. The truth is propaganda doesn't rely upon high viewership and the news media is nothing more than politically-correct mouth piece for the left. And now the same leftist media developing something called a Q-Score where some nebulous process is supposed to tell you so you can tell us how much we adore the people who deliver your propaganda….? Are you kidding us? if it didn't involve some sort of distortion of the truth why wouldn't you use something called a poll?

  • billybatson

    Only Cable TV is TV, All the rest are has-beens…even if they're new, they're yesterdays black hole of boredom.