Dailies | TheWrap Reminds Los Angeles Reporters What Cold Weather Actually Looks Like (Video)

50 degrees was just too ‘cold’ for Los Angeles-area journalists reporting on the weather a month ago, but those reporting on the “Polar Vortex” sweeping the nation are standing in temperatures below zero

Jimmy Kimmel reminded his viewers in December just how sensitive Los Angeles reporters are to “cold” weather dropping below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and in wake of the “Polar Vortex” of freezing temperatures affecting much of the country, TheWrap wanted to remind those reporters what cold weather actually looks like.

See video: Jimmy Kimmel Reminds Viewers Just How Sensitive Los Angeles Reporters Are To ‘Cold’ Weather (Video)

And according to any reporter stuck standing outside in temperatures dropping below zero degrees, it doesn't feel good.

In fact, it is so cold in some parts of the country that each reporter didn't think words or their shivering bodies was enough to convince viewers what they probably were already feeling. So they took advantage of a few creative (or not so creative) visual aids to demonstrate what happens to things when temperatures drop below freezing cold.

Here's a hint: they freeze.

  • jgdp

    A puckered asshole isn't the same thing

  • Michael Difani

    I'll bet some elderly German army vets who were in Russia in WWII can relate to these conditions…one record several years ago was set in Maine and Vermont…50 below zero, still. Not windchill. One can make vodka ice cubes for drinks. Note: do not drink alcohol thinking it warms one. Those St. Bernard rescue dogs with a tiny barrel of booze on a collar is a classic myth.