Dailies | NFL Star Richard Sherman Says Postgame Rant Was ‘Immature,’ Calls Online Reaction ‘Mind-Boggling’ (Video)

NFL Star Richard Sherman Says Postgame Rant Was 'Immature,' Calls Online Reaction 'Mind-Boggling' (Video)

“I thought society had moved past that,” Sherman tells CNN's Rachel Nichols. “I learned we haven't come as far as I thought we had”

Richard Sherman admitted that his NFC Championship epic postgame rant was “immature” during a CNN “Unguarded” interview with Rachel Nichols on Tuesday.

“I probably shouldn't have attacked another person,” the Seattle Seahawks cornerback told Nichols. ”That was immature and I probably shouldn't have done that. I regret doing that.”

Sherman shared some background on the rivalry between himself and the San Francisco 49ers Michael Crabtree, saying that the wide receiver was rude to him at a charity event last summer.

“That's the short version … we're gonna keep it clean,” Sherman said.

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What Sherman mostly “regrets” is the media storm and fan reactions that followed, things that he doesn't really have any control over. But nonetheless, he feels badly for taking the spotlight away from the accomplishments of his teammates.

“It was really mind-boggling — it was kind of sad — the way the world reacted,” Sherman told Nichols. “I can't say the world, I don't want to generalize people like that because there are a lot of great people who didn't react that way. But for the people who did react that way and throw the racial slurs and things like that out there, it was really sad. Especially that close to Martin Luther King Day.”

“I thought society had moved past that,” Sherman added. “I learned we haven't come as far as I thought we had.”

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Following Seattle's Sunday victory over San Francisco — in which Sherman made a key play to close out the contest while covering Crabtree — the defensive back went off during a postgame interview with Fox Sports sideline reporter Erin Andrews. She asked him to breakdown the game‘s final play. Instead, Sherman offered this: ”Well I'm the best corner in the game,” he told Andrews. “When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that's the result you gonna get. Don't you ever talk about me!”

A perplexed Andrews asked Sherman, “Who was talking about you?”

“Crabtree!” Sherman yelled. “Don't you open your mouth about the best. Or I'ma shut it for you real quick. L.O.B.”

The Seattle Seahawks will take on the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday, Feb. 2.

Watch the interview:

  • Chris Wyman's Sport Page

    Richard Sherman loses his mind! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7g4PlU06LY

  • Chris Wyman's Sport Page

    Watch Richard Sherman Loses His Flippn’ Mind! on YouTube! Hilarious!!

  • Michael Difani

    He is a Stanford grad? One of his sweatshirts should read, “Stanford Reformatory for Wayward Boys”. Retired Oakland Raiders coach Madden blasted trash talking…I guess he forgot the team's image for many years as the dirtiest team in the NFL.

    • Adrienne

      Yes he was DEFINITELY a “Stanford Wayward Boy”, with the 3.9 GPA he graduated with…

  • BlackPegasus

    So are we done with this story?

  • Pepperoni92

    If anyone out there thinks that he was out of line – does not understand that you have to be a tough SOB to play the game & go to extreme mind psyche to win.

    There should be more people/athletes that want to win the way he does than the average feminine lazy couch ass.

    Give him a break. What would anyone out in TV land understand that you do not immediately interview someone who still has his game face on & expect him to be “politically correct” posing in a pink TuTu.

    Every single little event does not have to have the race card played.

  • EllieV

    Mr. Sherman made a complete ass of himself after the win on Sunday. Maybe he was all pumped up for the game and had adopted a persona that helped him play effectively. We have seen this kind of posturing from both white and black professional athletes. As far as I am concerned, these antics are ridiculous, but they usually precede games rather than follow them. Either way, they serve no purpose. Don't tell me about the need to get psyched for a game. Of course they
    do, they just don't have to do it in such an asinine way.

    I hope Mr. Sherman, and others, have learned something from this. Let us hope that we will witness more appropriate behavior in the future.

  • firrea

    What an asz. Now he is better than society?