Dailies | Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman Goes on Epic Rant During Erin Andrews Interview (Video)

Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman Goes on Epic Rant During Erin Andrews Interview (Video)

Fox's NFL sideline reporter has no idea she's bagging the season's best post-game

Fox NFL sideline reporter Erin Andrews tried doing her job following Sunday's Seattle Seahawks victory over the San Francisco 49ers — but that is easier said than done when your post-game interview subject is fired-up cornerback Richard Sherman.

When Andrews asked Sherman to walk her through the final play of the game — in which his Seahawks defense came up with a game-ending interception of a Colin Kaepernick pass intended for wide receiver Michael Crabtree — the defensive back played a role more suitable for a WWE wrestler.

“Well I'm the best corner in the game,” Sherman, who defended the throw, started. “When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that's the result you gonna get. Don't you ever talk about me!”

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Andrews earnestly asked Sherman, “Who was talking about you?”

“Crabtree,” Sherman replied. “Don't you open your mouth about the best. Or I'ma shut it for you real quick. L.O.B.”

Watch the interview:

  • Teammm

    hurry, somebody fill his sippy cup with some apple juice.

  • Ronald Johnson

    After that all I can say is, “Go Denver!”

  • BlackPegasus

    Nothing wrong with a little trash talk. This type of harmless competitiveness is what we're missing in sports.

    Go Seahawks! :-)

  • The Exorcist

    Biggest jerk in the NFL. He won't have the '12th man’ in New York when Manning shuts him up. The She-attle She-hawks will never make it this far again.

    • Mike

      The Super Bowl is in New Jersey… not New York. Your comment has lost validity.

      • The Exorcist

        There's nothing about the comment that's invalid. Sherman is a useless piece of feces and a demonstration of the worst of the worst in professional sports. That was the obvious point.

        Besides, Old York, Old Jersey, Old Hampshire? Who cares? It's all just a bunch of old northeast states with crap weather and it's where the Old York Jets and Old York Giants play.

        Sherman sucks as a human being and now the whole world gets to see what a complete dick he really is.

        • Mark D Taylor

          You sound stupid as fuck!!! Because he talked clean football trash after a huge victory!!!! He said Crabtreee talked down on him before the game!!! So Sherman got the last laugh, and a GOOD 1!!!! His team going to the Super Bowl!! Quit haten get Over it!!!!

      • johnmartin

        He doesn't know the difference in New York and New Jersey and he doesn't know what validity is so he doesn't think he has lost it.

  • Nikademus


    Read her interview about this, SHE LOVED IT! She said quite explicitly that she was NEVER Scared, and that she expected him to be amped up after that play.

  • Raymond Cism

    Go Negroes!

    • No name

      Your comment was uncalled for whitey….somebody needs to put a big negro foot up your butt.

  • Trufan

    So what! Get over it . You want nice? Go to church.

  • sk

    I would rather listen to Sherman than Kapernick. Sherman is funny. He backed it up so shut up!

  • Michael Difani

    He came across like the alcohol-fueled rant by Dennis Rodman last week. I doubt Sherman will report to some booze recovery program though.

  • Mark Salter

    And they wonder why fans f*** the other fans up. That 12th man shit is just gonna trigger fans next year when seattle comes to town. Just watch…im just sayin. Then you can send the dr bill to seattle owners for the bad sportsmanship. Next year is operation fuck up seattle fan year. And richard sherman A.K.A dick seamen should be in the wwe. You fake faggot

    • Mark D Taylor

      You sound like a mad 49er's fan get over it and quit haten!!! He's going to the Super Bowl!!! Ha Ha Ha!!

  • jamesbondone

    All of these very negative, racial comments makes us no better than the guy we are talking about. As a matter of fact, it makes us worse than him. No one said these vile things about Bobby Knight when he threw chairs and cursed at players, officials and anyone who crossed his path. Is Bobby Knight a “Thug”?

  • Mark D Taylor

    If you've played the game of football. You would already understand, That Sherman was highly motivated, and full of adrenalin. He was excited that he just beat a team that was favored to win, and go to the Super Bowl. But they didn't he got the victory and was pumped up. Professional football is like “Boxing”. You have to be tuff, and believe in yourself. Even if it's talking a little trash. You've never seen Ali, Tyson, or Mayweather go into a fight showing fear, or not talking trash. Sherman did have a good game, his team won, and now he's headed to the Super Bowl. By the way I really like “Crabtree”. If everyone is mad, or bitter at Sherman for what he said, Then they should be upset with every athlete in sports because every athlete has talked some trash, I don't care what sport it is. You take a young black guy from the city of Compton, LA which majority of the black guys his age where he's from are either gang banging, selling drugs, in prison, or dead. Here he is coming out of an extreme Highly academic college Stanford Univ. So he is far from an “idiot” or should I say “Dummy”. Goes to The NFL. Now he's considered a “THUG”. For talking trash in football. To me that's just a new way for people who are not black to use the “N Word”. Because he talked a little football trash. He kept it in the lines of the game. I'm a Steelers fan by the way, and I would like to see the Seahawks win . Plus my buddy son play for the Seahawks #35 Deshawn Shead. That would be the only reason I would like to see Seattle Win. If Denver win I would be happy for “Peyton”. All I have to say is, At lease he talked trash and won instead of talking it before the game then loosing. Sherman send me 2 Super Bowl side line Passes I've never been. lol lol!!!!