‘Road House’ Remake Lands ‘Fast and Furious’ Director Rob Cohen (Exclusive)

'Road House' Remake Lands 'Fast and Furious' Director Rob Cohen (Exclusive)

MGM is remaking the 1989 movie that starred Patrick Swayze and Kelly Lynch

MGM has tapped Rob Cohen to direct its upcoming remake of the 1989 Patrick Swayze movie “Road House,” TheWrap has learned.

Rowdy Herrington directed the original film, which was produced by Joel Silver. Kelly Lynch co-starred alongside Sam Elliott and Ben Gazzara.

The original “Road House” followed a tough bouncer with a mysterious past who is hired to tame a dirty bar in Missouri.

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Michael Stokes wrote the script for the “Road House” remake. He also wrote Millennium Films’ action movie “Crash Bandits,” which is another project that Cohen has been developing as a director.

Matt Dines is expected oversee the “Road House” remake for MGM, which has been keen to exploit its library titles in recent years.

“Road House” grossed over $30 million at the domestic box office and earned a cult following thanks to home video and cable.

Cohen is a veteran action director who is responsible for launching the “Fast and the Furious” franchise. His other genre credits include “Daylight,” “xXx” and “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.”

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Cohen most recently directed the Tyler Perry vehicle “Alex Cross” and he's currently working on Blumhouse's thriller “The Boy Next Door,” which finds Jennifer Lopez having an affair with her teenage neighbor.

Cohen is represented by WME and attorney Michael Schenkman.

  • hupto

    Apparently MGM has learned nothing from their DOA remakes of CARRIE, FAME and RED DAWN, among others.

  • Realjonsnow

    Remakes should strive to improve on the originals. With Rob Cohen, it's clear that MGM wants to do the opposite.

  • Steven Leitner

    Peter Griffin should kick the people who are responsible for doing this remake, and when he's done, he'll say, “Road House”.

  • nashty62

    I hope they're not seriously considering Vin Diesel for the Roadhouse remake. Dalton is someone cool and classy that can kick ass, not someone who looks like a thug and couldn't be suave or cool if his life depended on it. Diesel is suited for a certain genre…this isn't it.