Michelle Obama Tweets ‘Proud’ Support for Robin Roberts Coming Out

Michelle Obama Tweets 'Proud' Support for Robin Roberts Coming Out

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Ellen DeGeneres gave the “Good Morning America” host a happy shout out on Twitter, too

Robin Roberts came out as a gay woman through a year-end Facebook post on Sunday, and she has some pretty powerful supporters, including Michelle Obama.

The First Lady took to Twitter on Monday to give Roberts and her long time girlfriend, Amber, an approving shout out for their decision to go public.

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This isn't the first time the FLOTUS has had nice words for Roberts. She, along with husband Barack Obama, welcomed Roberts back on the air in February after the “Good Morning America” host spent several months in treatment for rare blood disorder myelodysplastic syndrome.

Roberts was also the first journalist to interview President Obama when his administration expressed support for same-sex marriages in 2012.

Ellen DeGeneres, who famously came out of the closet in 1997 during an appearance on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” also tweeted support at the “Good Morning America” anchor.

  • eldron911

    Take one look at Robin Roberts and you can see she is gay. How is this a surprise to people who actually have met or know her? I will wait for my nod from Michelle Obama for being a straight men. Hope it gets here soon…

    • Equality101

      Dear Eldron911, The nod was for courage so don't hold your breath.

      • Starboybilly

        We'll said, Equality. We'll said.

        • Starboybilly

          Darn that autocorrect! “WELL said!”

          • Equality101

            Wouldn't it be nice if we could autocorrect homophobia.

      • rubart

        Funny, isn't it? The gay-bashers can't see anything in openly gay people but the fact that they're gay. Things like courage and any other human traits are invisible to them.

        And yet these are the same folks who say they're sick of reading about “gay” people.

        Well then, maybe they should see gay people as three-dimensional for a change: gay, and so much more. Just like straights.

        • Equality101

          I'm always amused when I hear “take one look ….” I have to wonder if all tall fit women with short hair know they are gay? Preposterous! If only that kind of ignorance were painful. It's that one dimensional view that keeps so many gays from being able to live openly.

  • William Moran

    Well now we know one thing Michelle can do when she gets out of bed