Roger Ailes Biography: 5 Explosive Allegations From Gabe Sherman's Tell-All

Roger Ailes Biography: 5 Explosive Allegations From Gabe Sherman's Tell-All

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The book claims Ailes called Bill O'Reilly “a book salesman with a TV show,” and tried to pay a female producer for sex

Roger Ailes, Fox News Channel president and chairman of Fox Television Stations Group, will most likely not be pleased when Gabriel Sherman's 560-page book, “The Loudest Voice in the Room,” hits shelves on Jan. 21, because it appears to be packed with explosive allegations.

According to a New York Times’ early review of the biography by the New York magazine contributing editor, Ailes’ rise to the top of one of the biggest names in cable news was filled with drama, as well as a few abuses of his power. The author conducted over 614 interviews for the book, which Fox News said was not fact-checked with its network.

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Here are the five biggest bombshells about the powerful 73-year-old Fox executive that have been revealed in Sherman's book (so far, at least):

1. Ailes tried to pay a female television producer for sex while negotiating her salary at NBC in the 1980s
Sherman includes an accusation from television producer Randi Harrison, who says Ailes offered her an additional $100 a week, on one condition: “If you agree to have sex with me whenever I want.”

2. Ailes doesn't think very highly of Fox News personalities Bill O'Reilly or Brian Kilmeade
Sherman writes that Ailes called the “O'Reilly Factor” host “a book salesman with a TV show,” and “Fox & Friends” co-host Kilmeade “a soccer coach from Long Island.”

3. Despite Fox News’ claims that Ailes had nothing to do with a four-minute video criticizing President Barack Obama's policies that was aired on “Fox & Friends” at the start of the last presidential election, of course he did
In fact, Sherman writes the video that outraged Obama's supporters “was Ailes’ brainchild.”

4. Anyone who doesn't think Fox News is trying to broadcast propaganda in favor of the Republican party is, well, wrong
“I want to elect the next president,” Sherman quotes Ailes as telling fellow Fox News executives.

5. During his time as a high-ranking executive at NBC, Ailes was locked in a power struggle with fellow NBC executive David Zaslav, and even hurled anti-Semetic remarks at his rival in a meeting after telling friends at a dinner, “Let's kill this S.O.B.” 

Zaslav has denied these allegations to both the Times and Sherman. “We fought with each other and we fought with a lot of other people,” he said Tuesday in a phone interview. “But this allegation is false.” He added that he and Mr. Ailes were now friends.

But an investigation for the network, carried out from a partner from the firm Proskauer Rose and cited by Sherman, concluded Ailes did drop an obscene phrase with the words “little” and “Jew,” while  Bob Wright — the former chairman and chief executive of NBC who was Mr. Ailes’ boss at the time — is quoted in the book as saying, “My conclusion was that he probably said it.” The Daily Beast notes, however, that Wright is “a longtime Ailes detractor.”

For the record, a spokeswoman from Fox News told the Times: ”These charges are false. While we have not read the book, the only reality here is that Gabe was not provided any direct access to Roger Ailes and the book was never fact-checked with Fox News.”

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman from publisher Random House told the Times that the book is ”an objective and rigorously reported account of Roger Ailes's life and his running of Fox News. We fully stand by the book. If anyone has issues with it, we will respond with the facts as Gabe Sherman has reported them.”

  • hupto

    “fact-checked with Fox News”


    • Maureen

      Agree. Their fact-checking is about as real as a unicorn

      • friskyness

        “fact-checking” doesn't even exist in CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, or ABC, they just lie and lie…………….

        • O. Locke

          the article is about fox.

          you can always tell who the fox-party adherents are. they defend a political party that has issued a fatwa against the US and its citizenry.


      FUX wouldn't know a fact if it jumped up and bit them on their collective arses.

  • Stuart W

    No reality present folks.! See item #5 where the alleged recipient of the slur denied the event ever happened. Ailie's alleged a Jew hater! Don't think so Mr. Gilman, Ailes a long-time contributor and supporter of Israel. If protesters won't embrace “cable news” as audience, get out there and create a liberal news-show capable of competing with the Fox product. Wrap's “appropriation” of yesterday's “Business Insider” report this “story” noted. Also fact that Sherman's bio represents an “unauthorized” work and that an authorized Ailes bio published last-year is of no apparent interest to your readers. Illuminating to observe how the Murdoch/Ailes team fares in the book-sales wars that “Random House” praying for. Given the
    sparse response here, that illustrious publisher may be in for a disappointment.

    • PolarisCounty

      That's the typical Fox Opinion-backed statement: if you can't compete with our bogus, non-verifiable opinion reporting, commit to a similar strategy on the Left and drum up your own ratings. The news shouldn't be based in opinion, its should be based in facts, which is obviously something a journalistically-bereft outfit like Fox wouldn't be able to fathom. The whole network is founded on the idea of preying on the worst fears and bigotry of the oldest segment of our society. They may rule the ratings, but so do terrible CBS sitcoms; it doesn't mean it's quality.

  • brucey

    Let's not forget the Fox slogan. “We report, You Verify”!!

  • Stuart W

    Fox News labeled their product “Fair & Balanced”. Fox News employs 5-times more liberal commentators than MSNBC and CNN combined. Prominent among them are Alan Colmes (once having show “Hannity & Colmes” Bob Beckel (long-time liberal operative) , Juan Williams (fired by PBS) and Lanny Davis (Clinton Administration) The list goes-on.. Fox News has more viewers than cable carriers MSNBC & CNN combined. No question that Fox has a “conservative” bias and its viewers chronologically older than its two major competitors. They are also engaged in a running dispute with the Obama Administration which has long-boycotted the network despite efforts from both-sides to “cool-down” the argument. No question Fox News a conservative voice which for many-years neglected by the “mainstream media”. Ailes has doubtless made the difference in building a major player in cable news. Fox News continues to grow and prosper. Evidently doing something right!

    • Paw1

      Chronologically older? That's an understatement. The channel's median age is so old, Nielsen doesn't measure it regularly. They only track to 65+. Fox News in much closer to 75+ than 65+.

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          Sorry the truth troubles you so, Doc. As of October 2013, Fox News and Fox Business are #2 and #3 in highest median age in all of cable, bested only by the Rural Free Delivery channel, which is in about 40 million homes. Ailes plays upon the fears of white senior citizens in America to make a profit. Now THAT'S ageist!

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            CNN, MSNBC, NBC,ABC,CBS are all “ageists, racists, and sexists and they think they are “credible”, which they are not…………………….

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      Of course Fox News gets higher ratings than MSNBC or CNN. While MSNBC and CNN try to objectively report the news, Fox skewers every story they do to anger, rile and instigate their viewers. In other words, scandal and outrage ALWAYS trump a more moderate-toned story in ratings. A huge explosion ALWAYS gets people more excited than a small pop. And I'm not talking about the nets’ “opinion shows”, they all attempt to rile their bases with their opinion shows, but even on Fox's supposed “straight news report” shows, I always feel like I'm being asked to suspect some higher “conspiracy” behind a particular news story. Every word Fox utters is designed to create suspicion of “others” in the minds of their viewers. Fox News is simply not a credible news source or network, and the more we find out about Roger Ailes, the reason why Fox is not credible becomes more and more evident.

      • friskyness

        There is nothing “moderate” about CNN or MSNBC!

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      It's easy to become bored when someone else does your thinking for you. Welcome to Faux News; we decide, you believe.

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    Re FNC: It needs to add another lefty to THE FIVE. It needs to stop hiring so many libertarians and use more Christian conservatives. It needs to be even more critical of the Liar in Chief in the White House. He's a punk and a jerk and a baby killer. He supports abortion murder of babies every chance he gets.

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      First of all, a cross with the American flag does not represent this country! Obviously the separation of church and state means nothing to you. You and FIXED NEWS and Roger Ailes make a perfect match. Your way or no way! Your opinion of the POTUS is psychopathic. How many children have you adopted? And the truth stares you in the face and you say, “yawn”. FIXED NEWS is nothing more than a propaganda machine, much like MSNBC and the rest of the politco pundits who need to instill fear in it's followers to keep their ratings. They are a dangerous bunch. I would suggest you go to talk to your pastor about your angry rant before you either hurt someone our burst a blood vessel. GOD BLESS OUR DIVERSIFIED, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

    • Stuart W

      Doctor, heal thyself! You don't “listen” to Fox News at all. Sounds like you get your “stuff” from The Christian Science Monitor. Talk about inauthentic!

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    Even WWE beats CNN & MSNBC on ratings .

    • Georgio

      That's is faulty logic. That's like saying that a Chevy is better than a Mercedes because more people have Chevys…

  • lebijuti

    I don't watch Fox News much but when I tune they are probably knocking President Obama and other democrats, maybe talking Benghazi or FBI scandals etc. etc. Now I do watch MSNBC a lot and yes they favor the left political view. The namesake of the morning show “Morning Joe” is an ex republican congressman. Rachael and Ed often complain about President Obama often, a current example, is Obama's effort to fast track the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership). I believe if MSNBC operated like Fox News they would be praising the TPP.

    • friskyness

      MSNBC is a disgrace………I don't understand anyone who watches the channel and believes what they broadcast………..idiots?

      • O. Locke

        article is about fox.

    • O. Locke

      free trade destroys jobs in the U.S.. there are no positives to free trade other than sending jobs to countries that employ slave labor.

      fox likes free trade because it has issued a fatwa against the US, its citizenry, and its government.

      fox is on a jihad against all US citizens.

  • friskyness

    But it's ok for every other channel to broadcast propaganda for the liberals……..what hypocrites!

    • Guitartrooper

      Fox News invented the practice; the other network news channels are mere imitations.

  • Guitartrooper

    Fox News was not only complicit in the decision to invade Iraq, it was THE propaganda machine for the Bush Administration for drumming up support for the invasion.

  • Guitartrooper

    It's actually quite disgusting to watch Fox & Friends, as well as most other “fair and balanced” propaganda-based shows that attempt to pass themselves off as news on the Fox News channel. Quite sickening in deed what has happened to journalism here in the U.S.