Dailies | CNN's Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer and Chris Cuomo Trash Ron Burgundy (Video)

All in good Funny or Die fun, of course

Ron Burgundy is a legend in his own right, but according to CNN's Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer and Chris Cuomo, he's also kind of a jerk.

“On camera he's one of the best,” Cuomo says in the Funny or Die video (above). “But off camera, he's a bit of an asshole.”

“A major prick,” Blitzer adds.

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All three actual newsman are, of course, in awe of his signature mustache, among other characteristics of the fake anchor who Will Ferrell first brought to life in 2004's “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.”

“The truth is when I first graduated from college and I started reporting, I was just doing my best Ron Burgundy impression,” Cooper says. “I mean everyone was back then. The mustache — the whole persona.”

Paramount is releasing “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” in theaters on Dec. 18.

  • Dean McCabe

    Well isn't that calling the kettle black. Aren't these windbags, “jerks” as well? Maybe it's a competition? Maybe they are upset that Burgandy is getting all the ink because of his overt “jerkness?” Maybe these “other” anchors should come out of the jerk closet and embrace their “assholeness” as well. You stay classy CNN.

    • coldfear

      They said they have been trying to emulate him,I think they have him down perfect, on and off camera. “asshole pricks”

    • Leon

      I guess the sarcasm was lost on you huh?

  • Michael Difani

    This take is right off an Onion satire blog….Anchorman 2 is one I won't miss…Ron Burgundy has the mid 70s newsman down–the hair, the motorcycle cop ‘staches, the polyester, sideburns the size of Delaware, etc. But I don't get the guy in a cowboy hat.


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