Sundance Video: Rose McGowan on the ‘Softness’ of American Male Actors – ‘That's Why We Import Them’

“I want somebody who looks like, in another time, they could swing a pickaxe”

As a director, Rose McGowan understands perfectly well why Batman is Welsh, Superman is British and Thor is Australian.

“There's not a lot of men anymore,” she said. “A lot of the male actors in America, they're not overly masculine. That's why we import them from Australia, England, Ireland and other places, whereas the ones here, they grew up as child actors. They have a softness to them.”

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McGowan stopped by TheWrap studio in Park City to talk with film reporter Jeff Sneider, who asked about the casting of her male lead for the short film “Dawn.”

“I want somebody who looks like in another time they would look like they could swing a pick-axe,” she said.

Check out the videos, above and below:

  • HorseWithNoName

    Clearly, “America” has a serious problem — or 12.

  • Matt Clayton

    Either casting directors aren't looking in the right places for masculine U.S. actors, because I think McGowan makes a good point.

  • rayce

    This from someone who was engaged to that model of macho Marilyn Manson.

  • Michael Difani

    Yep, she would like leading men such as Redford in “Jeremiah Johnson”, Sterling Hayden as Gen. Jack D. Ripper in “Dr. Strangelove”, former Calif. guv Ahnold S. and many others. Ahnold plays some German, “Rottmayer” who tells some enemy, “You hit like a vegetarian….” As for actresses can pale, sullen Kristen Stewart match the looks, body and skills of Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams? See “American Hustle”.

  • SkipB

    Yes, when you need a cartoon caricature of a man– you have to look overseas.