Roseanne Barr Blasts Chuck Lorre: You're a Joke Thief!

Roseanne Barr Blasts Chuck Lorre: You're a Joke Thief!

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Joke about being wet has Roseanne Barr breathing fire at “Two and a Half Men” boss

Roseanne Barr has reignited her feud with Chuck Lorre — if it ever really cooled off in the first place.

Barr — whose acrimonious relationship with Lorre extends back to the “Big Bang Theory” boss's days as a writer on “Roseanne” — has once again directed her wrath at Lorre, accusing him of stealing jokes.

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In a virtual Twit-abuster that raged full bore for a solid 10 hours, Barr continually hurled vitriol at Lorre for allegedly pilfering punch lines. At issue was a joke apparently used on Thursday night's “Two and a Half Men.”

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Brace yourself for the F bombs that follow.

“HOLLYWOOD TV ‘WRITERS’ r actually just soulless thieves of comics’ intellectual property. #fuckashtonKuchner #fuckChuck #fuckthieves,” Barr wrote early on in her digital jeremiad. “asshole kuchner is stealing my ‘wet where i'm supposed to be dry’ joke @JohnnyArgent motherfucking thief.”

It didn't take Barr long to focus her anger exclusively on Lorre with laser-like intensity — categorizing fans of Lorre's shows as “moronic droolers” while she was at it.

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“Chuck Lorre has made MILLIONS-hundreds of millions-YET-he STEALS COMEDIAN'S WRITING-helps himself 2 STEAL other ppl's work w no guilt,” Barr fumed. “Chuck Lorre will do anything2 make a $-lie, steal, cheat, rip off comics ideas, re use already overused premises2 entertain moronic droolers.”

Barr went on to suggest possible legal action, soliciting advice from any attorneys who might be subscribing to her twitter feed.

“any show biz lawyers lurking here? If something is copyrighted, then usurped 4broadcast, that is a slam dunk win in court, right?” Barr asked. “If i'm unable2 sue billionaire chuck lorre4 theft, then I will force myself 2 watch his shows-& steal his jokes 2-altho NOT many R FUNNY.”

One thing nobody can ever steal from Barr — her thunder.

Read on for a weighty collection of choice moments from Barr's twitter rant:

  • JCJ Bike

    How can he steal jokes from someone who is A. not funny B. Hasn't performed regularly for a decade?

    • AJ2449

      The point is that he's stealing her Old material,
      “wet where I'm supposed to be dry” is brilliant line. Classic Roseanne.
      Too bad an imbe-tard like Kuchner got laughs from it.

      • JCJ Bike

        Assuming that's right… one joke??? She is getting her huggies bunched up over one joke used at least a decade earlier.

        Clearly SHE wasn't using that joke anymore. The only comedy work she is doing these days are kitschy shows like portlandia where she is needed to play herself.

        I would say she needs to go on the road and do comedy as she sees it today but it would freak people out.

        • Grey Hammond

          Poe isn't, clearly, using His work anymore. Perhaps I should reinvent the whole thing, and claim the originality as my own?

      • zoomzoomer

        Maybe Roseanne should consider it thievery that you called him “Kuchner” like she did? His name is Kucher FYI.

        • AJ2449

          Trust me, he's a Kuchner..
          And that's another example of what makes Barr so funny. (She knows very well what his name is).

  • Randall Toomey

    Roseanne is a washed up cu^t. The only thing we're all waiting for is for her to commit suicide,be murdered,come down with disease,anything. Just hurry up and die.

    • omegaman22

      No sh*t. How has “she” lasted so long being alive anyways

    • Andrew

      You're a horrible person.

    • AJ2449

      Pleez! Save that rage for the Kardashians.

  • jacksonm


    On HER show, when they replaced Becky, they made a joke out of it comparing it to the two Darrens on Bewitched. Not very original.

    The final season wasn't real….not very original.

    One of the Halloween episodes did the Christmas Carol “visit from 3 ghosts” bit…not very original.

    She called one of her comedy specials “Blonde N Bitchin”….co-opting Madonna's “Blonde Ambition”…..not very original.

    I guess stealing jokes is fine when YOU do it, right?

    Hypocritical bitch.

    • Lacking Brain Goo

      Yours aren't examples of thievery, the comparison is weak.

    • Michael Schmidt

      Hahaha dude you are an idiot. Go back to school.

  • Von

    Anyone who watches Two and a half Men is an idiot to begin with, that includes Roseanne.

  • Will Lonkausky

    everyone steels from everybody in tv land and movies and this forgotten has been is just pissed that she no longer in the lime light, hey rosanne why dont you just sit back with your millions and chill out, who gives a shit if a joke that you probably took from someone else is being used, jesus talk about being on the rag

  • Forrest Dump

    Roseanne is an idiot if she thinks that was her original joke (although not the only reason she's an idiot). It was around at least as far back as the late seventies / early eighties that I know of, just not used in television or movies yet.

    • Michael Schmidt

      So basically you have no idea how these things work but felt the need to shit out of your mouth all over the screen

      • Grey Hammond

        At 6 in the morning, 5 months later, this comment STILL cracks me up…

  • savagewolf

    What do Two & A Half Men and Roseanne have in common? irrelevant.

  • Demi Moore

    who the f is ashton kuchner?

  • James Shelton

    When I see Roseanne Barr's name on a door, I take as to mean “Do Not Enter”. The best talent she has is leaving the room. Her biggest fan is her ego. She doesn't need Christmas to be a scrooge. Her comedy skits bomb more than a B-52.
    As you can tell, I will never be a fan of Roseanne. She literally has no personality outside of her self worship.

  • samiam

    really??!! does anyone really care what a washed up lunatic like Roseanne says? Get over it and move on, you disps*$t

  • SuckitupLifegoeson

    When Roseanne and was married to tom arnold (as if that marriage wasn't an epic fail enough) they converted to Judaism and to celebrate they got tattoos.There is a commandment prohibiting Jewish people from getting tattoos. In chapter 19 of Leviticus it reads:”You shall not etch a tattoo on yourselves.” Also more currently speaking its not permitted and just completely without compassion to be tattooed because of the forced tattooing of the Jewish people in the nazi death camps. Aren't there more things to complain about then lame joke stealing honestly like converting to a religion out of pure ignorance? Too bad you cant sue for ignorance the whole world would be as rich as she is! Does she not have enough money already or was it just another case of tweeting while intoxicated. They need to put breathalyzers on Twitter.

    • Getitright

      You might want to check your facts since you are so into quotes and historical accuracy. Roseanne was born a Jew, and so there was no need for her “converting to a religion out of pure ignorance” .

      • SuckitupLifegoeson

        actually she herself said her mother raised them in a mormon church so yeah i guess she did have to convert back but thanks for the snarkiness… i made ONE quote that means i am so into quoting things??

  • Frieda

    Love you Roseanne! I told my brother I caught your show, “Roseanne's Nuts”. I really enjoyed it! My brother said, “Yes, I like Roseanne too!”:)

  • Robert Cotton

    Both ! Chuck Lorre and Ashton are SCUM and will steal from anyone to make a buck $$$ The show sucks now

  • B S

    Roseanne was my favorite show growing up, and I still watch the DVD's frequently (sorry Hubby). But I have to admit, she sounds like she's all juiced up blowing up her twitter page. Are her and Charlie BFF's now?

  • jay,jay

    how come somebody has,nt shot that fat bitch?

  • no1special

    RB 15 minutes of fame has passed long ago. This fat c**t is a trailer trash has been. I can't stand her.

  • fat pig roseass

    I really thought this fat cow ate her self to death after her horribly bad comedic sitcom pooped out could never stand her voice it was like Fran dresser nails on a chaulk board…and her comedy is veeerrry dry and boring almost lifeless and how dare she even consider herself funny or even a “comic” leave that right to Chevy chase bill Murray, andy kaufman Etc..those are real comedians not some fat 300 pound sweat hog


    how can Kucher be the thief…. Isn't he just reading his lines from a script? Maybe Barr is an idiot…