Rosie O'Donnell Returns to ‘The View': I Totally Believe Dylan Farrow, Justin Bieber Is Just a Kid

Rosie O'Donnell Returns to 'The View': I Totally Believe Dylan Farrow, Justin Bieber Is Just a Kid

O'Donnell also offers her thoughts on Philip Seymour Hoffman's death

Rosie O'Donnell returned to her old stomping grounds at “The View” on Friday's episode, reuniting with her old cohort Barbara Walters.

To welcome O'Donnell back, the ladies — co-host Whoopi Goldberg replaced O'Donnell when she left the talk show in 2007 and Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy also came aboard after her departure – joined her on the couch and weighed in on the pressing topics of the day.

Such as the accusations hurled at filmmaker Woody Allen by his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow, who claimed in a recent New York Times open letter that Allen had sexually assaulted her when she was a child.

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“I totally believe her,” O'Donnell asserted, adding that she's  “very good friends” with Dylan's mother Mia.

“She's the best mother I've ever seen… I firmly believe Mia, and I firmly believe Dylan.”

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O'Donnell also weighed in on troubled pop singer Justin Bieber, who's found himself saddled with a host of legal troubles lately, including a possible felony charge stemming from an alleged egging attack on his neighbor's home.

O'Donnell rushed to Bieber's defense, opining that he's only “a kid.”

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“He's a kid, right? How old is he?” O'Donnell asked.

Informed that the singer will turn 20 next month, O'Donnell replied, “Oh, 20? I thought he was 18. Alright, he's 20. But here's the thing. Fame is a tidal wave; it sweeps you away. I think until you've experienced it, you have no concept of what it is. And to be 15 years old, and to be the most famous kid in the world, there's hardly any way to keep your head above water.”

Asked about the alleged egging episode, O'Donnell brushed it off.

“Oh come on, I throw eggs at houses every Halloween of my life!” O'Donnell snapped.

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Also addressed during O'Donnell's appearance was the recent death of “Capote” actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, who was found dead Sunday of a suspected drug overdose.

“It is a disease,” O'Donnell offered. “It's about time we stopped shaming addicts and we understand that it's a disease. In the same way that we would never yell at anyone, ‘Oh my god, you have cancer! I can't believe you, you are so morally corrupt!'”

Watch the video of O'Donnell below.

  • Jacking It for the Biebs

    So this irrelevant '90's throwback is trying to claw her way back into the public eye by publicly defending a special snowflake pop singer?

    He might be “just a kid,” but he's also an asshole.

  • David Mclaughlin

    Beiber is not a victim, even if he is a kid, he should no right from wrong, his money will keep him out of any real trouble.

    • DCGirl

      And what's his father's excuse?

  • Lauren

    Bieber is a brat but really… a felony charge for throwing eggs? Community service cleaning graffiti and sweeping streets is the appropriate sentence here.

  • Jimmy

    It is so lame to excuse Bieber's actions by saying “he's just a kid.” Sure, the majortiy of us don't have cameras to capture our every mistake, but that doesn't mean you get a pass for doing the wrong thing. Perhaps if people would stop making excuse for Bieber he might be able to turn his life around. Unfortunately, he's heading down a dark road and no one seems willing to jump in the way to stop him.

  • refriedbean

    She and Farrow are birds of a feather. Vultures.

  • Cybercraig

    Good. Another reason not to watch that show, The butch is back.

  • Call me Unsympathetic

    Drug addiction compared to cancer! Sorry, but in no way are they comparable! No one picks up a needle and decides to inject themselves with cancer cells! Addiction may be considered by many to be a mental disease and it gets treated as such, but it is a “chosen” disease. When someone picks up a needle and starts using, rolls a 20 and starts snorting or using any kind of illicit drug because they want to feel good or fit in, it's a choice. This doesn't apply to just hardcore illegal narcotics, either. It applies to everything that is addictive, from caffeine, to nicotine, to alcohol. It's a choice, for better or worse. Granted, caffeine and nicotine are less harmful and more socially acceptable, alcohol perhaps only slightly less so, but they all have their negative effects related to addiction (and please, I'm not saying a coffee drinker, tea drinker or Mountain Dew addict are bad people making bad choices. They could be doing far, far worse and they generally don't steal to support their habit, or crash cars while under the influence of said addictive substance.) The only time an addict deserves sympathy, in my opinion, is when they become addicts against their wills (such as the case of evil people abducting young women and teenagers, forcing them into an unwanted lifestyle and forcing them to get addicted as a means of control,) or in situations where the choice is either extreme, intolerable pain versus legally prescribed painkillers (this is my situation, and I still stand apart from many because I hate the painkillers. I hate them with a passion. Except for the pain relief, I hate the effect they have. Occasionally I will detox myself, without the need for a carefully regulated detox program/regimen.) Even when you hear about people overdosing on prescription medications, it's a choice to use above and beyond what is required and their doctors should be aware of the signs. I ask my doctor to rotate my meds when the effectiveness reduces due to a tolerance build up, instead increasing dosages to extremely high levels. Some people only ask for increasingly high dosages. No thanks. I'll detox and reset first. And yes, the detox is painful on it's own, but add in the nerve damage related, chronic pain and it really hurts. I choose non-lethal over becoming an addict by choice. In my situation, terminology become used a little different. There is a physical addiction (called being “hooked,”) and there is a psychological addiction ( called being “addicted.”) With prescription meds to manage pain, one can be hooked, without being addicted. The day I start to like the feel of the meds, I'm not longer just hooked, I'm addicted. There are some pain meds I refuse to use, because I find myself liking the effect. Methadone is a prime example and it's effects are so very much like heroin. So, even in the situation of pain management, addiction is a choice. And if your doctor doesn't listen to you when you feel like you're becoming addicted, get a different doctor. Experienced pain management specialist are the best doctors for long term painkiller usage, not a general/family practitioner.