Roy Garber, A&E's ‘Shipping Wars’ Star, Dead at 49

Roy Garber, A&E's 'Shipping Wars' Star, Dead at 49


Individuals close to the reality star's family say he died of a heart attack in Texas

“Shipping Wars” star Roy Garber has died, according to a post on the show's official Facebook page. He was 49 years old.

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of a member of the A&E family. Our thoughts are with Roy's loved ones during this difficult time. He will be missed,” the network said.

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His longtime girlfriend told TMZ that he was rushed to a Texas hospital after suffering from a heart attack and died shortly after. Individuals close to the family told the site that he had suffered from a heart condition for some time.

He had starred on “Shipping Wars” since it debuted in Jan. 2012. The series returned for its fifth season in December. It followed independent truckers who moved large, unusual items that traditional movers refused to ship.

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Garber and his son, Travis, owned and operated Arbie's Team Transport out of New Hampshire.

  • Andrea King-Hall

    RIP “Silver Jesus”


    good – he always wished ill on everybody. karma kicked him in the nuts…

    • Joe

      It was an act on tv. That was not his real self. You should never be happy about someone dieing.


        I never sad I was happy…

      • Dave B

        You should spell dying correctly when posting a comment but I think Roy's attitude had something do to with the show and the producers focusing in on that, regardless if he was that big of an bastard I would still claim R.I.P and prayers go out to his family…..far too young

    • The Great and Powerful Turtle

      you sick ass


        That's me..

    • KaptnKen

      You're quite the FUCK Mr. “Walkabout!”


        Yes I am .. Ask your imaginary girlfriend…

    • bad moon rising

      walkabout jackass has some bad mojo coming…a heart attack not karma killed this man. Karma however is what will get you , for your comment.


        Original.. Bad Moon Riding.. I can say what I want. Karma plays on actions not statements Dumb Ass…

    • Kenneth

      You a real pile of Sh&t


        Well at least I'm not a fake pile of Sh&t !!!


      He was self serving… Even his charitable acts were.. Did anyone know him personally. I did .. His real self is a womanizing classless act.. Ask the people who really knew him. The 4 investigations of sexual assault against him should be enough (4) . But you all can buy into this t.v. crap personality. My Karma is good… Knowledge is power. All you armchair haters are just as bad as the comments I've stated. Maybe I was a little brash but you all wished ill on me. Without stating anything .. If Karma gets me so be it.. But all you haters will get yours too.. And by the way he did know he had heart problems so he should not have been doing that work anyway. But he wanted to get his 15 minutes…

      • Candycorn

        Yes, knowledge is power, but many other traits are powerful as well. I hope you have at least one good memory or thought of Roy, so as not to only focus on anything he may have done that didn't sit well with you. While some of our opinions may differ depending on the level we knew Roy, whether it be personally or as a so called “armchair hater”, there is a respect that should be considered when a life is lost. I do know that despite Roy's abrasive character at times, he did what he did for the sake of Travis, who was far more important than his own heart condition…… Even if some of his other life decisions may not seem to support that. Forgive me for my “ego” comment above, no one is perfect, but I'm sure you can relate to having an opinion on something you disagree with on a personal level. I wish no ill on anyone, I was simply stating to be careful bc Karma goes both ways.


          Understood .. I hope to be more graceful in the future. So maybe we can chit-chat on something else in the future… Thanks for your reply…

  • Spooke

    He was my favorite from the show, always got the job done.

  • Candycorn

    Careful Walkabout, karma will come back on you as well for wishing “good” upon someone's passing. You should consider the feelings of his surviving loved ones rather than being disrespectful. Or maybe you are so inconsiderate and selfish that you must have attention focused upon you, shame on us for feeding into Walkabout's starved ego! Roy seemed to be a unique character who helped many do a challenging task that most ppl lack the skill and/or patience to do…..shipping! He always spoke well of those close to him and cared for his pets, in my opinion that honors Roy Garber the title of being a “Wonderful Person!”


      I speak well of people with integrity and those that are close to me too.. Don't get it twisted he always talked about people behind their backs. He was childlike and always thought of himself as the only expert and criticized most of the clients who hired him to ship what was important and sentimental to them. As for the attention part of your statement. I don't need any …I Don't have an ego … I have an opinion nothing more -nothing less…

      • closet outer

        Your right. He was jerkoff. And you have to give him credit though. He was the only expert at swallowing huge loads.

  • Patty

    His PR skills weren't the best but if I was shipping something I'd have him do it!! RIP Roy! You will be missed on the show!!

  • Milliken Steeler

    How does one Debut in 2012 and be going on its fifth season?

    RIP Roy.

    • unclevito

      I agree. 3 season at best.

      • B

        Most reality shows have two ‘seasons’ per calendar year.

  • M.J.Port

    Loved his attitude. R.I.P., my friend. You'll sadly be missed.

  • radiogal

    I liked him. He was crusty on the outside but anyone that drove his rig with his cat “Muffy” on his lap is ok with me.

  • Gabriel Villegas

    RIP Roy. Respected your work ethic.

  • KayKay

    So sad!!!! He was my favorite on the show. He was the only one on there that knew what he was doing and hardly ever made any mistakes shipping. He lacked in his people skills, but anyone that loves cats is ok in my book. Will miss seeing him on the show.

  • trowgo

    I enjoyed watching him, even with his attitude, he made the show entertaining while the type of work takes people like Roy to do the job right. I know muffin will be cared for by his son or girlfriend

  • Kanni Bassativa

    WOW! Filming five seasons of a TV show in under two years would give anyone a heart attack!!

  • Larry Dickman

    Weird, as I caught the recent episodes on Demand last night and couldn't help but be reminded what an a-hole this guy was. Condolences to the cat.

    • StockStalker1

      He gets the job done. I'd take that any day of the week over someone who is nice but a complete fuck up.

  • Hugh Jassoul

    So being a mean person, will send you to an early grave. This guy was a jerk to his customers and fellow shippers. Good bye Jerk

  • Raymond Kelly

    I guess then shows on a&e is a bad place to work Roy was all right I drove for 48 years and you cant let them people walk all over you

  • not justin thank god


  • aJen Coakley

    Rest in peace Roy. The cast and crew of shipping wars are in my prayers.

  • Roy garber

    Have to agree with Walkabout, dont like to hear about anybody dying, but Roy was a Jack ass!

  • OLA

    So sad about Roy .he was the best on the show.R I P,no job is too big for him.may his soul rest in peace.

  • Dena Kuhn

    The last episode I watched was the one where he shipped a buzz lightyear ride for a sick child for NO FEE. He was gruff but was a good man. RIP Roy.

  • closet outer!

    He prolly died because he hauled so many loads. Friggn close f@g!!! Her loved his loads.. What an annoying turd!!!!!

  • closet outer!

    He probably died because he hauled so many loads! ! Friggn closet F@G!! He was an annoying bitter a$$ hole and swallowed the wrong load!! Queer! Ah. That's better.

  • DUbangee Urmomma