Sam Champion's Weather Channel Show Drops Further on Day 2

Sam Champion's Weather Channel Show Drops Further on Day 2

Forecast for ‘AMHQ’ offering grows progressively gloomy

The forecast is looking increasingly gloomy for Sam Champion's new Weather Channel show “AMHQ.”

The ratings for former “Good Morning America” personality Champion's new offering dropped even further from its Tuesday premiere, falling behind offerings such as “The Golden Girls” on the Hallmark Channel.

For the Tuesday episode, airing from 7 to 10 a.m., “AMHQ” averaged just 186,000 total viewers — a 10 percent drop from Monday's already modest premiere, and a 21 percent decline from the previous four-week average in the timeslot.

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In the key 25-54 news demo, “AMHQ” was similarly down for Day 2, averaging 59,000 viewers — an 8 percent drop from Monday's premiere and  20 percent slide from the previous four-week average.

Overall, Tuesday's episode ranked 81st among all cable programs — behind Hallmarks’ “Golden Girls” HLN's “Morning Express With Robin Meade” and Nick Cartoons.

  • IJS

    Huge mistake leaving GMA in my opinion.

  • skeeter

    Just found out today the show even existed — thought good, I had another option and reason to turn off Katie Couric. Guess it's back to Fox News for me.

  • rizzo51

    Unfortunately we don't watch THE WEATHER CHANNEL for a “chat show.” We have enough of them as it is… I watch TWC every single morning, and have done so for many years — but I am dismayed by this new format. Very nice that Sam got this cushy gig but if he wants to be Matt Lauer he on the wrong network. I watch TWC so I know what the weather is; they used to add the occasional news item, which was fine, but that was enough. I think they need to abandon this whole idea and go back to what they do best: forecasting the weather.

    • Rick Bell

      Well said. What was Sam thinking leaving GMA? Was he forced out? Maybe

      • TimTomTl

        Not at all. This was really supposed to be a great opportunity for him. He even said himself he would never leave GMA if this wasn't something he had dreamed all his life of doing: weather. The move was also convenient for his husband and him, who works in Miami.

  • Honey Badger Don't Care

    So people like Spongebob, and The Golden Girls. What's the big deal? I would rather watch Spongebob than a whether talkshow.

  • Jim


  • dannyjude63

    I don't think many people want to watch an entire show about weather. Why can't TV executives see what the public sees as failures?

  • wxmissing

    TWC sinks to an all time low

  • PolishBear

    Why should anyone be surprised? I can hardly stomach The Weather Channel anymore … which bugs me because I've always been fascinated by meteorology. I used to watch TWC a LOT. I appreciated the fact that they would focus on the weather … and ONLY the weather … in a clearheaded, dignified way.

    But then TWC was purchased by NBC-Universal, and suddenly the channel went into a tailspin. First came “Wake Up With Al” featuring Al Roker's relentless clowning and self-glorification. Then came the cheesy reality shows about rock hounds and people doing ridiculous stunts. The last straw was when TWC, in what can only be described as some kind of shameless publicity stunt, started NAMING snow events!

    A couple weeks ago, on TWC's website, was this headline: “Asteroid Headed Toward Earth Today!” The accompanying video started with a photograph of Vesta, which is over 300 miles wide. The average person, who knows next to nothing about astronomy, would look at that headline and assume that THE END OF THE WORLD was at hand! But in fact, not only was the rock in question less than 100 feet wide, but it was nearly as far away as the Moon when it zipped by.

    I don't need Hollywood gossip, stock market reports, musical guests, and lurid headlines about things that have NOTHING to do with the weather. And yet TWC has become less about the weather, and more about personalities and sensationalism. On one commercial, Sam Champion gushes, “Morning television can be the most FUN television of the day!” Well for heaven's sake, Sam, if I want FUN I'll watch a sitcom or a comedy special. Why can't TWC be about the WEATHER? The next time a hurricane blows up the East Coast and kills hundreds of people, I don't want Al Roker saying, “Hey gang, let's have some FUN!”

  • Q Continuum

    Sam Champion is laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Elaine Fritz


  • jackiemae

    I love the weather channel. Don't know what I would do without it. But it seems like it's giving up its credibility and now kowtowing to something like the “Sam Champion Show”. PLEASE go back to the format we're accustomed to: Mike Bettes, Maria LaRosa, Jen Carfagno, Stephanie Abrams and all the wonderful others who do a fabulous job with the parts they're assigned to. The new format with the four standing around while Champion has all the dialogue looks awkward at best and extremely uncomfortable at worst!! Sam should go back to a show where he was as the solo weather guy–please, not the Weather Channel. This format does not look like it should be taken seriously, and we all know how serious changing weather can be. Don't jeopardize the integrity of the show by turning it into a circus with a master of ceremonies.

  • CZK

    I miss you Sam on GMA… He needed to follow is dream and that was the weather channel… we all should follow suit, follow our dreams. Some work and some don't, but you never know if you don't go for it.

  • Larry

    Champion wants a magazine show. The TWC is not the place. Get back to the basics of weather that created your success. Going to Acuweather for the real story.

  • Bill M

    All I want is Jen and Maria to tell me the weather in the morning

  • Interested viewer

    First time reviewer…

    I mostly have questions as to why…
    Did Mr champion approach NBC? Or the reverse? Is this a deeper ploy by NBC (at the short term risk of TWC) to unravel whatever thread they can from GMA?

    Is Mr. Champion eventually heading back to New York for Al's post? Is Abrams not pulling her weight any longer with network execs? Is Abrams not enough for the network after experimenting with her New York/ by-Al's-side stint? Is Al throwing in the towel? Bettes?

    Are Mr. Champion's qualifications better than the previous/current personalities? Did an exec think that TWC is too serious, and that it needed to be fluffed? Does an exec, like so many of us do/did each morning, simply leave the channel on, in the background of morning life? We all see the weather as a growing, condensing, morphing live thing that either inches toward us or away from us. Yet, some execs must ponder that their not getting the dose of sports and entertainment and other typical items you'd find on nearly 20 other morning ‘shows.’ Did an exec or Mr. Champion consider reinventing the wheel? Isn't that what Al was there to help do but, perhaps, isn't/doesn't. Did Mr Roker's presence push an exec to think bigger? Like 8-12 morning people? Jen, Al (which early on seemed suspect for TWC, but reasonable enough given his already employment with NBC), Steph, Mike, Maria, Reynolds (wasn't he a biggish, more serious type guy from CNN with tons of street cred?), Seidel, Jim (occasionally) and many others.

    And now Sam? Aren't you confused, too? Are we looking at another NBC/Today Show type blunder in the making? It's not personal, and Mr. Campion is a fine person. Just not the right fit for this network. How many morning show headquarters are there now? TWC never felt the need to be one, and had some balance. The entire network over the years seemed to present its programming with education in mind. (Some of the reality-type programming is a bit much, too…by the way.) We have a better understanding of how all of this planet stuff operates, thanks to TWC and local forecasters. (Did an exec miss the fact that even at the local level, nearly each station's set and its weather operations has grown, and that there is greater importance for each meteorologist to have personality AND detailed teaching/ classroom-like skills?)

    I'm a loyal fan to NBC. A separate loyal fan to TWC. GMA with Sam was also decent. They are different. The exec and/or his/her team didn't do their due diligence. You can't blame Sam all that much.

    I'm patient. I tried it. But I'm out.

  • marty

    AMHQ is a mess from start to finish. I feel especially bad for Mike and Maria – two of the weather channel's best. They had/have such good chemistry and now look so uncomfortable. What a waste of money, time, and some talent. Rest assured, however, that TV Executive never acknowledge their poor judgement, so AMHQ will continue to carry on, dying a slow and painful death. As for Sam – and his peculiar hair color – well, he should have stayed in NYC.

  • S. t. Herndon

    I go to the weather channel for weather updates, not chatty news and short skirts.