Dailies | Samuel L. Jackson Introduces First Trailer for ‘Kite,’ Plus 9 Minutes of Footage (Video)

Samuel L. Jackson Introduces First Trailer for 'Kite,' Plus 9 Minutes of Footage (Video)

The upcoming action flick centers around a young, female assassin that looks a lot like Hit-Girl from “Kick-Ass” (except her wig is pink, instead of purple)

Editor's note: The video embedded in a previous version of this post was an unauthorized trailer and has been removed at the request of the filmmakers.

Samuel L. Jackson introduced the first trailer and nine minutes of footage from his next film, “Kite,” which is an adaptation of a Japanese anime about a young, female assassin on the hunt for her parents’ murderer.

“I've always been a huge fan of this particular material,” Jackson says in his introduction (above). “I watched the film, I read the graphic novel, I've been all over this for a lot of years, and I really hope that all of you — any of you that are familiar with it — will be pleased with what we did.”

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India Eisley (“The Secret Life of the American Teenager”) plays the teenage killer, while Jackson plays the cop who looks out for her while she blasts her way through the criminal underworld. Callan McAuliffe (“The Great Gatsby”) co-stars.

The action movie, directed by South African filmmaker Ralph Ziman, does not have a release date yet.

  • Duckie

    Yes. Yesyesyesyes. I am SO INCREDIBLY GLAD that Sam Jackson is a fan of the original and is doing this right. I've been a huge fan of KITE since it came out and it's always in my top 10 movies.

    It looks like it is not using the director's cut as source material (in the director's cut, there are sex/rape scenes between Sawa and the Detective), but I feel those scenes take away from the movie. It looks like the rape scene has been replaced with some sort of a drug to exert power over Sawa's character.

    • SnapIntoASlimJim

      The sex/rape scenes did not take away from it. It was actually very important to the story it because it showed how much of a bastard Akai was and how defenseless Sawa was. Without it much of the story is lost.

      Perhaps they were too explicit but that was because the director was getting money from producers that wanted a hentai. He could do whatever story he wanted as long as he delivered hentai material. So he crafted a story that had sex scenes that were important to the story.

      I find it silly that they are hiring white people to play Sawa and Obari but they still decide to keep the Japanese names of the characters. Also, while I appreciate Jackson being a fan of the original anime he should think before he speaks. He says that he “read the graphic novel” even though no graphic novel of Kite has been made. Kite was an original anime.