Dailies | Samuel L. Jackson Is Still Not Laurence Fishburne – And He Has a T-Shirt To Prove It (Photo)

Samuel L. Jackson Is Still Not Laurence Fishburne – And He Has a T-Shirt To Prove It (Photo)


The “Captain America: Winter Soldier” star wears a tongue-in-cheek shirt in reference to an interview with KTLA's Sam Rubin in which he was mistaken for Fishburne

In case you were wondering, Samuel L. Jackson is not now, nor was he ever, Laurence Fishburne. And now he has a T-shirt to make sure we all know it.

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IGN UK tweeted a photo of the shirt Jackson wore during a junket for “Captain America: Winter Soldier” that read “I'M NOT LAURENCE FISHBURNE.”

It was a tongue-in-cheek reference to an incident last month in which Los Angeles’ KTLA entertainment reporter Sam Rubin asked about the reaction from his Super Bowl commercial — only it was Fishburne, not Jackson, in the commercial.

“You're as crazy as the people on Twitter!” Jackson shot back at Rubin. “I'm not Laurence Fishburne! We don't all look alike!”

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Watch that awkward clip below.

So remember everyone: Samuel L. Jackson is still not Laurence Fishburne. He's a #BAMF, and he will probably kill you if you don't sign up for a Capital One credit card.

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Watch Samuel L. Jackson and Sam Rubin interview on KTLA:

  • Josh

    Nice t-shirt, Mr Freeman.

    • Jeff

      Well played Josh…. well played.

  • Farty Fartsalot

    If I met Samuel, I'd say;
    “I loved your performancei in “Boyz N the Hood” as Cuba Gooding Jr's dad.”

    • mrbrockpeters

      Better yet, as I enjoyed your performance in Boyz N the Hood. Especially that part where you did the driveby on those jerks who killed your brother.

  • cppthis

    “Hey man, loved you in that Super Bowl commercial with those British dudes and..oh damn, you're not Ben Kingsley! My bad, all y'all look alike…”

  • dubium

    Silly to make it into a “racist” thing though. I have mixed up white people with each other several times, shit happens. It has nothing to do with race. Just silly mistakes.

    • kwijino

      Yeah, the pic above explains the mistake… Nick Fury's coat is not that far from Morpheus’ duster, and they both did the roles with their heads shaved.

    • Dale Latimer

      It's called boredom. It's called wanting to “Watch ESPN,” or any other channel that can now be watched on your really-____ing-pricey new phone. It's called wanting to try the hot new restaurant in your neighborhood… and lunch was an hour ago, and 5:00 is still four hours away. It's called the inability of your body to deal with stress. I have a word for you people… no, two words: Classical homeopathy.
      You're welcome.

  • I'm a Black Dude

    Y'all are silly. I get folks mixed up all the time. My students get me (a 5'7” black guy who just hit 40) with the teacher in the room next door (a 6'2” white guy in his 20s with a hint of a southern drawl). Now if that aint funny, I don't know what is.