Sarah Palin Cancels ‘Today’ Show Interview Over Martin Bashir's Inflammatory Comments (Updated)

Sarah Palin Cancels 'Today' Show Interview Over Martin Bashir's Inflammatory Comments (Updated)

Sarah Palin appears on "Today" Nov. 11, 2013.

The former Alaskan governor was set to sit down with Matt Lauer

Sarah Palin has canceled an upcoming interview with NBC's “Today Show” on Wednesday, just two days after MNSBC host Martin Bashir apologized for “offensive” comments about the former vice-presidential nominee.

“Today” host Matt Lauer was scheduled to visit Palin's home in Wasilla, Alaska for a Christmas-themed interview promoting her new book about the holiday.

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UPDATE: An NBC News source on Thursday confirmed the cancellation but said the team hopes to reschedule. The interview was slated to run around Christmas. The source stressed that MSNBC and NBC are distinct, separate networks.

According to Fox News, Palin is livid over Bashir's remarks made Friday suggesting she deserved to be urinated and defecated on.

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Treasurer of Palin's political action committee, Tim Crawford, sent a letter to NBC News President Deborah Turness and MSNBC President Phil Griffin on Monday questioning why no disciplinary action had been taken against Bashir, when fellow MSNBC host Alec Baldwin had been suspended days earlier for inflammatory remarks that, unlike Bashir's, were not made on the network.

Crawford wrote, “Are we to assume then, that disciplinary procedures at your network take place based on the target of the remarks rather than the remarks themselves?”

“Americans deserve to know that your network doesn't condone violent and hateful rhetoric directed at anyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or political persuasion.”

Bashir issued an apology on his MSNBC show Monday, saying his words were “wholly unacceptable,” “neither accurate nor fair,” and “brought shame upon [his] friends and colleagues at this network, none of whom were responsible for the things that I said.”

  • Burphelson AFB

    so she can ridicule and dump on anyone she wants, but when it's done to her, THAT'S not fair. Waaaah. She should have a smoke and a cry with Boehner.

    • Don Miller

      Palin making fun of someone's political stances is the same as Bashir suggesting that someone should urinate and defecate in her mouth? Wow, spoken like a true moron.

    • Stuart W

      Burphelson AFB-you are a disgrace to a classic film on all counts. You represent a perfect stand-in for Col. Bat Guano, whom your turgid (not Buck)
      text best represents. Suggest you re-stock your meds!

  • Rex Rexmano

    Bashir is nothing but scum with that stupid accent of his. It is a shame the idiot still has a job.

  • gharcourt

    please please please do not give this pathetic excuse for a human being any more coverage. Who cares about her Christmas book — she probably can't even get THAT story right despite her so-called Christian bona fides. And as for her 2nd Amendment right to kill a moose for baby Jesus — gack!

  • Rex Rexmano

    Can he make that vile comment about his wife, mother or daughter? MSNBC just packs losers in.

  • notesfromachair

    M Bashir made the comment metaphorically in reference to Palin making the analogy that Obama's policies will put Americans in slavery – something akin to what Blacks endured in, un, REAL slavery. Bashir then quoted from a slave memoir re torture treatments REAL slaves endured e.g. someone defecating/urinating on them and suggested that if Palin wants to accurately use the metaphor perhaps this is what she needs to experience. It was TOTALLY appropriate given the vicious, inaccurate and often barely coded racist remarks she makes from the pigpen of ignorance she consistently plays in. She's a playground bully who is totally full of bull. I would've said worse – and certainly would not apologize.

  • hupto

    The words pot, kettle and black come to mind…

  • Simone

    Sarah can dish it out….she needs to learn how it feels.
    Why is she still relevant ? TODAY SHOW is hopeless.

  • Joe Clancy

    Darby's Dose. Bashir's Dose is worse.

  • Leslie

    Typical liberal dumbas*! Hey burphelson, who does she dump on in such a crude manner? Huh? Does she go around stating that certain people deserve to be pissed and crapped on? Does she say that certain women should be raped by a few of black brothers like a liberal gay comedian who was on Roseanne for a few years stated? Does Sarah go around telling parents who have sick children they should have aborted their baby? Yeah, I didn't think so? Liberalism truly is a mental disorder and you just proved it!

  • Don Miller

    Come on now. This is how Liberal talking heads operate. How can anyone be shocked or even surprised by this? And look at Alec Baldwin. He lost his show at MSNBC for using a gay slur while not on the air, but for the last several years I've heard countless idiots on the same network use another anti-gay slur, teabagger, while on the air. I guess when you're a liberal, it's okay to use anti-gay slurs when you're targeting conservatives.

    • RepackRider

      If Bashir is a liberal, I must be a communist. He is so far to my right that I can't detect him with the Hubble. Bashir is a conservative's idea of what a liberal is, because he's stupid, but a stopped clock was on time WRT Palin.

      • Don Miller

        Bashir, who constantly bashes conservatives and Republicans, really isn't liberal? Oh really? Sorry but he's one of you — hook, line, and Stalin.

  • Stuart W

    Let's not dismiss The Wraps's participation in this one with a headshot selection of Palin making her look nearly as cockeyed as (the revered) left-wing Queen Bee,
    Nancy Pelosi. (“We'll know what's in the {Obamacare} Bill when we've passed it!) And these are the folks “in power” not future candidates.

  • Thomas Jefferson

    Look, I know politics is a contact sport and all of that and that we all have our likes and dislikes, but I think we should all be able to agree that Mr. Bashir's remarks directed at Sarah Palin (a grandmother, mother, sister and aunt) were disgusting and totally uncalled for. For some context, if you were to substitute your mother's name for Palin's, I bet Mr. Bashir's comments would not strike you as appropriate political commentary well within the proverbial 40 yard lines of mainstream thought.

  • Castaway50

    Damn, look at all the haters out there!! You liberal pukes have got to be the most hateful and sarcastic people out there. I can smell and see liberal bull shit from my front porch.

    • adf

      I thought that was Russia she could see from her front porch!!!

      • Castaway50

        Actually, she never said that, it was that woman on Saturday Night live that said that when she was imitating her.

  • Don Waldal

    I will sorely miss Martin. He always told it exactly like it is. As far as Sarah Palin is concerned, she wouldn't even know if someone shit in her mouth because so much shit comes out of her mouth al the time. I know…I live in Alaska!!

  • Joe Lewand

    give Sarah the 4 pm spot that he had

  • alandersen

    Bashir broke the cardinal rule of the right wingnuts; never apologize or explain no matter how outrageous or false your verbal fantasies are.

  • Joe

    Why do the national TV stations continue to coward to Palin? The woman craves for publicity and the TV stations continue to follow her stupid publicity craving/seeking. While I do take exception to the alleged comments by Bashir, I urge the TV stations to stop giving Palin attention. The woman who seems to know all about Russia from her home town window, needs to be ignored.

  • sisterbaby

    if you get rid of martin for telling the truth about that b…h. I will never watch msnbc again.