‘SNL': CNN Pregnancy Test Gives Breaking News Updates (Video)

Sketch parodies news network's relentless coverage of missing Malaysia plane

“Saturday Night Live” this week envisioned what it would be like if CNN's relentless coverage of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 were applied to a pregnancy test, and the results were… inconclusive.

“As CNN slowly analyzes my urine, it updates me on its breaking news screen,” “SNL” regular Vanessa Bayer says in the video.

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The pregnancy test alerts included such non-updates as “Pregnancy search underway,” and “6 million U.S. women get pregnant each year,” as the couple — played by Bayer and Beck Bennett — grows increasingly frustrated.

“This was fun at first, but now it's like, ‘Wait and tell me when you know,'” Bayer says.

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The couple ultimately figures out they were pregnant after all when the child is actually born — but the CNN Pregnancy Test is still churning out alerts, nine months later.

“Because CNN believes we deserve all the information they can find — even if that information is no information,” Bennett says in a soothing voiceover.

Watch the video: