Science Channel Greenlights Craig Ferguson Series ‘I F-ing Love Science’

New show is inspired by the Facebook page of the same name, which has more than 10 million likes

Science Channel greenlit new series “I F-ing Love Science,” executive produced by CBS’ “Late Late Show” host Craig Ferguson.

Ferguson made the announcement via a videotaped message at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas on Saturday.

The series is inspired by the Facebook phenomenon, I F*cking Love Science, created by British biology student Elise Andrew, which boasts more than 10 million fans. The one-hour show will feature a mix of live-action, animation and re-creations that demonstrate the random manifestations of science that connects us. The Green Mountain West Productions and Karga7 Productions series will debut on Science Channel in fourth quarter 2014.

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“If you know anything about me, you know I love science,” said Ferguson. “Science has a naughty secret — it's that all things are connected. And this show is going to explore the randomness of science. Think of it as a late night Google search that goes a hundred pages deep until things get weird — and then you just keep going. And there is no better partner for this kind of smart entertainment like Science Channel and Elise.”

“When I created my Facebook page three years ago I never could have imagined that it would resonate with a worldwide audience of 11 million followers,” added Andrew. “This partnership with Craig and Science Channel is an exciting new venture that I hope will encourage more people to embrace the amazing, wonderful world of science.”

“I F-ing Love Science” is executive produced by Ferguson and Rebecca Tucker of Green Mountain West Productions. The series also is executive produced by Sarah Wetherbee of Karga7 Pictures. For Science Channel, Debbie Adler Myers and Rocky Collins are executive producers and Bernadette McDaid is vice president of production. Andrew is on board as consulting producer.

  • richierich

    “Bad fucking ass”

  • Jennifer Mitchell

    This will be the best show, 2 of my favorite things/people coming together!

  • Zack Toler

    I remember when it was just less than 5k likes :D so awesome to see it come so far

  • noxulifer

    Instant orgasm.

  • a

    why is it not hosted by Elise herself! wasn't half the point of the page that women could f-ing love science as well!

    • Lea

      Where does it say she won't be on it?

    • Marie Polk

      I second that notion!

    • YetAnotherCollegeKid

      I imagine Elise might be busy. I mean, she has a science empire to run.

    • CarnA.J.

      Way to randomly, and unnecessarily make this about women. Douche canoe.

    • disqus_U9HPbDYavk

      Because Craig Ferguson is F-ing Amazing…. Duhh

    • Ashley Zimmerman

      She's never made it a big deal that she was a woman in the field of science and neither has her page. Though I do think it would be wonderful to have her on the show, being as she's the creater of the page.

    • nathan

      What the hell? Your obviously not a biologist otherwise you would realise that biology is a female domimated field these days.

      • GrammarNazi

        YOU'RE obviously not taking any grammar courses. Douche.

        • nathan

          I deliberately miss spell things to give people like you something to do. If you spent less time going through forums on the internet fixing peoples grammar than you might achieve something abit more profound in life rather than being known as that annoying dick that gives people the shits.

          • phroZac

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          • jo

            But a dick being an object. Couldn't it be that? Or does the fact that it's a person acting like a dick mean who should be used?

          • Marcus Lundberg

            jo: yes.

          • Boboe

            You deliberately misspell (note the correct spelling) words to give people something to do? Yeah, you're a douche.

        • feloneouscat

          Wow. To be a GrammarNazi, your logic and grammar sucks.

          Let's assume that someone was taking grammar courses, they obviously would not be skilled at grammar (because they are in the process of learning it). Hence, it would not be surprising that the grammar would be sub-par. Thus it is impossible to tell if they are, or are not, taking grammar courses.

          If it is assumed that someone has taken grammar courses, then, in fact, GrammarNazi's grammar is incorrect as he/she should have written: “You obviously have not taken any grammar courses.”

          Either way, GrammarNazi fails.

          • BeNiceToPeople

            Such hypocrite. Much brackets. Wow.

          • feloneouscat

            I do not argue to be a grammarian. However, if one wishes to go through sites trolling for grammatical mistakes, one should be CORRECT rather than incorrect.

            I made no hypocritical statements – either that or that word doesn't mean what you think it means.

    • belgium2

      Duh, because she's in COLLEGE.

    • Bob Dole

      Fuck Elsie. She can suck a dick.

      • MostlyPerfect

        She could too! As a biology student she would have access to a microscope.

        • TARDIS

          Perfect comment.

      • DominicBruysPorter

        I totally would, her brain is sexy!
        For the record, you can probably suck a dick too. Sad for you that you probably wouldn't get any enjoyment out of it.

        It's like the old Churchill quip: “I smell, but you stink”

      • Marcus Lundberg

        So what you're saying is, we should just fuck anyone who can suck a dick..? What's your address Bob?

      • Kathy B

        Wow must be really jealous.

      • Boboe

        You can't even spell her name right, idiot.

      • Rob Green

        Better to suck one than be one, I bet you are only jealous anyway, bet you love a concerto on the pink oboe yourself…dick ;)

    • bayonetbrant

      Pretty sure the article doesn't say *anything* about who is hosting. But hosting a TV show is a specific skill set that's distinct from loving science, and Elise may not have it or may not want it. Could be her; might not be her.

    • LardDragonManifesto

      Elise will be the show's consultant producer.

    • Drake

      Elise being a woman never had ANYTHING to do with the page. She was never blatantly “LOL I'M A GIRL” about it other than to state it as a fact when she was asked, or in her “about” page. It's her fans who went crazy over it, not Elise.

  • Brandon Akey

    FURGUSON!!!!! This is automatically epic.

  • Goose

    i hope they don't try to censor the show. possibly the best thing about IFLS is that elise does not care about holding back just because she might offend some people. television holds a lot of blame in the fact that so many people think “since religion is only an opinion then so is science.” i hope the science channel doesn't succumb to that pressure just for the sake of keeping the numbers up.

    • disqus_U9HPbDYavk

      Have you seen Ferguson before?…

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  • Max

    I used to like the page, until she announced that she was a woman. She made a big post that was like “guess what everyone: I'm a girl!! XO” Nobody really cared but she kept trying to make a big deal out of it. Posting feminist stuff and going on about how science is a boys club and that she tricked us all with the page. This show will probably be mostly about feminist science, and how we should discriminate against men. So I won't be watching.

    • Brandon Akey

      Your upset about somebody making a big deal out of something? HAH!

      • Groooaarwww!

        I'm upset about your use of “your”.

        • Brandon Akey

          Thanks. I don't often do that but I will be sure not to in the future just for you. :P

    • Tom Dagosa

      Hahahahaahaha oh my god… if you're brain is that little, I'm surprised any science could leak in there anyway!

    • Mac

      What is ‘feminist science’ exactly? Could you elaborate?

      • MostlyPerfect

        I'd like to know myself as I can't find any references to this fabled feminist sciences on Google at all. I'm assuming it's the exclusive study of chemicals and atoms that have vaginas…… Where do I sign up to be a feminist scientist?

        • TARDIS

          sex positive ions should be at home ironing. who is minding the children?

    • xochi

      Just cause one girl hurt you a long time ago, it doesn't mean they are all bad

    • jen4k2

      You're being sarcastic, right?

      • BeMiceElf

        Sarcastic/complete and utter moron…it's a fine line…

    • lildspop

      It was actually because people kept assuming she was a he, because the page is a science page.. douche. It was a big deal to her and it's her page soo..

    • WickedWiccan

      i've been following the IFLS page for over a year, never once saw what you see in her “pushing feminist science” on people. Contradiction in terms much? Science has no gender. Try watching, might unlearn some biggotry.

    • belgium2

      OK, Matt, so you're saying that you don't like it when people try to clear up misconceptions? Matt, why do you think that it? Also, Matt, please tell us what ‘feminist science’ is – I don't see that field anywhere in the system.

    • MostlyPerfect

      Feminist science! LOL! Great troll post.

    • TARDIS

      Trolli, Trolli, Trolli. ::shakes head::
      Try harder.

  • Daniel Clancy

    Hell yeah, when is this going to start screening in Aus?

    • Ollie


  • Bob Dole

    Atleast they'll have someone decent in the videos now LOL not some self-absorbed fat chick.. :s

    • DominicBruysPorter

      wait! You posted twice? Does this mean you are in fact not trolling and are in reality actually bad mannered and bad tempered, and an ass?

    • Biggus Dickus

      At least she's not an asshole like you.

      • Jack Lam

        Without assholes like him, there wouldn't be shit like you.

    • W

      To be fair, I don't really like the videos Elise does. Not because she was self-absorbed (she isn't), or fat (subjective), but because I didn't find her particularly engaging.
      It'll be good to have shows hosted by a professional TV show host.

  • Neilukd

    Point of order Elise is not a student she is a Graduate!

  • Saun Hytche

    Such scientific discourse here…amazing!

  • Rajko Galun

    Nice,but then again,there are nothing that america can't
    turn in to crap.

  • Max White

    I'm not sure I get how its related to IFLS. If she's not involved then it's just famous people taking her name, isn't it?

    • W

      “Andrew is on board as consulting producer.”

  • Guest

    Pretty cool that a self-admitted High School dropout would get behind a project like this. Great to hear it and look forward to seeing the episodes.

  • Tim OBrien

    Pretty cool that a self-admitted High School dropout like Ferguson would get behind a project like this. Great to hear it and look forward to seeing the episodes.

  • Mandy Sue

    Science is enjoying a reemergence with the decline of stoopid anti-science boobs who have been trying to take over this country. So glad to see this show! (And “Cosmos.”)

  • blinded me with science

    I fucking love science and I fucking hate you anonymous fucking trolls who ruin a good article with your self-important shit storm of stupidity. I say the first episode of this show should be Craig Ferguson killing all you twat waffles with god damned science!

  • TattooedLittleMiss

    Combining my favorite Facebook page/website with the only late night talk show host I like. I'm excited!

  • Michael Difani

    I spent five years in the army, active duty, in a front line combat unit in W. Germany for 30 months, so I've heard the f-word and all its variations…why not substitute it with “fug”, etc. as the famed late writer Norman Mailer did in his 1948 novel, “The Naked and the Dead”, the army in the Pacific war, 1941-45? Grow up, cut the vulgarities and coming across like a jr. h.s. punk.

  • Hannes

    Worst idea ever. She has no education in the field and simply re-blogs studies done by others, and gets all the credit for it. The only reason IFLS is popular is because she has a wide following of feminists and religion-bashing, angry atheists who love it. IFLS is notorious for ridiculing all religions and for posting anti-theists statements, that have absolutely nothing to do with science. Clever and very well played, but in the long run it will fail. I'm happy to say that several scientists I've spoken to seem to agree and don't like her and find her page often misleading and inaccurate. If anything, this will fuel a healthy dose of skepticism towards her page and will eventually lead to IFLS being exposed for what it is; nothing but a platform to promote anti-theist ideas and make money.