Scott Pelley to Interview President Obama in Rome on Friday

Scott Pelley to Interview President Obama in Rome on Friday

The “CBS Evening News” anchor will sit down with the commander-in-chief as he visits Europe

“CBS Evening News” anchor Scott Pelley will interview President Obama in Rome on Friday.

A clip of the interview will be broadcast on “CBS This Morning” and also on CBS's evening news flagship program.

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Pelley will be live on location from The Eternal City chronicling the president's European tour.

President Obama is meeting with Pope Francis for the first time at the Vatican City on Thursday, where they are discussing their “shared commitment to fighting poverty and growing (income) inequality,” according to the White House.


  • Jim

    OH! WOW-WEE!

  • dso1

    Big Whop! A series of softball questions from another hypocrital news reader at CBS. Scott Pelley is one of the worse liberal shills who would cover O's butt no matter what he did.

  • sweetplum

    Awesome and I can't wait to see Scott Pelley interview President Obama after his visit with Pope Francis!

  • Michael David Curley

    So not only has he got it wrong about a continent he's not even from, but he's talking about equality sat there in Rome. There 200 US citizens buried in the worst natural disaster since when, to hit American soil?

    No doubt a speech from the rule book, while his cops are ordered to kill New Mexican men.