Dailies | Shia LaBeouf Re-Emerges Into Public Life With Bar Fight, Drunken Ramble About Being ‘Normal’ (Video)

“I'm a normal human being. Like, I'm super normal. I'm super normal. I'm super normal. Like, more normal than most,” the actor says

Shia LaBeouf announced his retirement “from all public life” last week, but must have gotten drunk and forgot about it on Thursday when he was caught on camera getting into a fight at a London pub, and then apologizing for it.

“I'm not trying to have, like, anymore problems. You understand? Like, I'm really just trying to make peace,” LaBeouf told a group of women in a video (above) posted by TMZ. “I mean, I'm a normal human being. I accept what I got to get into to do what I love. You know what I mean? And I'm not trying to shit on nobody.”

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The ruckus reportedly began at the pub, a place called Hobgoblin, when another patron made a comment about the mother of a woman LaBeouf was with.

A video shows the “Nymphomaniac” star, who is currently shooting David Ayer's war movie “Fury” in the UK, headbutting his target while asking, ”What are you saying about my girl's mom?”

After things calmed down, LaBeouf took a seat at the table where the man was sitting and spilled his drunken heart out to the people left sitting there.

“I'm a normal human being. Like, I'm super normal,” LaBeouf assured. “I'm super normal. I'm super normal. Like, more normal than most.”

LaBeouf has been facing a lot of public scrutiny in recent weeks since apologizing for plagiarizing Daniel Clowes’ 2007 comic “Justin M. Damiano” with his first short film ”HowardCantour.com.”

  • jan smiths

    what a bum.
    his career is over.

  • Charles

    Needs to quit drinking.

  • Desi S.

    At least Shia isn't pissing in buckets and throwing eggs at his neighbor's house and just being a real dick in general. He was being a man and standing up for his woman's mother. I respect that. I've always defended friends and family. Sometimes to the point of facing down armed assailants and nearly being killed but I wouldn't have done anything less for those I love, and neither should he or any real man.

    • addison

      A real man knows that words don't hurt anyone. They are just words.
      And Justin Bieber is 19 years old. He's still a kid despite all his fame & money. All of us do incredibly stupid things when we are young. You did too Desi. It's the only way to learn the meaning of the word “consequences”

  • Tito.

    Shia has become very mentally sick, and no-one is helping him! He needs to be put on a 5051 involuntary psychiatric hold for evaluation And everybody knows it. I hope he gets the help he needs. It's cruel to let him keep making a fool of himself when he's just sick!

  • DReview

    -_- Matrix

  • John

    What creep just secretly records him in a chill bar and then sells it to TMZ???

    Shia's awesome! Rock On Dude!

  • Yup

    I have never seen two people on pot get in a fight because it is IMPOSSIBLE. “Hey, buddy!” “Hey, what?” “Ummmmmmm….” End of argument.