O-Faces Abound in New ‘Nymphomaniac’ Posters: Shia LeBeouf, Uma Thurman, Jamie Bell (Photos)

The cast of Lars von Trier's controversial new film “Nymphomaniac” were caught at what appears to be the height of passion in new promotional posters

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The o-faces of "Nymphomaniac"
  • Rob Allen

    Good grief.. :(

  • Sgt. York

    hot, hot as hell

  • Jack Squatson

    Who is hell's bells wants to see those old geezer men's o-faces ? Geez.

  • mac12sam12

    They look constipated.

  • Wedge Antilles

    These look like autopsy photos….

  • KarlM

    Willemstad Dafoe likes to show his butt in movies. Sometimes that's how his movies open, with his butt… I think he likes his butt.

  • me2

    Soundtrack by Sir “Baby Got Back” Mix-a lot?