Man Killed, Woman Wounded in Shooting Over Cell-Phone Use at Florida ‘Lone Survivor’ Screening

Man Killed, Woman Wounded in Shooting Over Cell-Phone Use at Florida 'Lone Survivor' Screening

Sheriff says two couples got into an altercation over noise

A dispute over cell phone use prior to a screening of “Lone Survivor” led to the fatal shooting of a man and the wounding of his female companion at a movie theater in Wesley Chapel, Fla., about 20 miles north of Tampa, according to local TV reports.

The website of Fox 13 in Tampa Bay reported that the shooting happened around 1:30 p.m. Monday at the Cobb CineBistro. Sheriff Chris Nocco told the station that a man and his wife were about to watch a matinee of the Mark Wahlberg war film when they began to argue with a couple in front of them.

“There was an altercation because the victim was using his cell phone. He was texting. He was making a lot of noise,” Nocco told CNN. “This led to a verbal altercation, the verbal altercation escalated.”

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That led to the man in back pulling a pistol on the couple in front and opening fire, police told multiple media outlets. Both victims were airlifted to a hospital, where the man was pronounced dead. A civilian detained the man inside the theater before deputies arrived and took him into custody, CNN reported.

“When you hear there's a shooting at a movie theater, the first thing you think is the worst. But I can tell our citizens this is an isolated incident. These are two people that fate just brought them together today,” Nocco told Fox 13.

The 21-and-over, dine-in theater was closed Monday following the incident, according to its website.

Messages left by TheWrap at the Pasco County Sheriff were not immediately returned.

  • O. Locke

    florida is a wacky place.

    • Glorious_Cause

      Obama voters are wacky people.

      • Jay

        Nah, Florida is poop. Guy was just “standing his ground”

      • O. Locke

        thanks for your input!

      • Hyacinth DeLisser

        It usually takes one to know one you know!

  • martin in toronto

    Ah … smart Floridians (sarcasm) … Florida is best avoided because of stupid people with guns and a law that enables them.

    What a dumb place to choose to be.

    • ooddballz

      Actually, I found Florida a wonderful place to live, as long as you can avoid all the liberal morons who move there and want to make it “just like” wherever they were fleeing from.

      • TestTickle

        by all means, avoid the crazy liberals. no need to avoid the gun toting conservative morons who shoot people at the slightest provocation. 2nd gun crazed conservative in fla to kill someone over a cell phone in just 1 week.

      • martin in toronto

        “…just like …” might mean safer, you know. Florida has a LONG way to go to improve its image and its statistics on personal safety.

    • trickyd45

      because toronto and your mayor are great examples of human behavior.
      @ooddballz:disqus- true they screw up where they live up north, and them come to florida to screw it up too.

      • martin in toronto

        Great examples of human behaviour? Of course not … Our disgusting Mayor is a complete joke (useless, de-nutted by Council, still a public drunk and drug-user). We'd be happy to flog him off to the first quakified offer, no matter how low.

        Any takers?

        Tricky, both of our countries seem to have a talent for breeding public idiots … but the results look different in this case. It is the gun-nutters that are such a danger to us all … and this piece of anti-social stupidity by a gun-totin’ twit sort of proves it, no?

        I mean, honestly, would YOU take your kids to a movie house in Florida now, with this sort of activity possible and, it seems, likely? And defended by the gun-nut organization?

        • trickyd45

          Well, you are just anti gun then because you have no idea what your talking about when it comes to that. The majority of gun owners are law abiding citizens that have guns in home for family protection or as a hobbie. Blaming gun ownership or the NRA or other org's that protect or 2nd amendment is idiotic. You blame the guns not stupid people like the guy in this article. It's ass backward logic.

          • d

            Not at all. When you're not allowed to have guns at all, there will be much less gun-related crimes. Imagine that the guy at the movie would've need to use his fists, as he wouldn't have a gun.

        • Hyacinth DeLisser

          Send him to Jamaica where the rum come from and he will have more fun!!!!

      • Hyacinth DeLisser

        @ooddballz and TestTickle going off on a tangent, you sure would make an odd team in playing pocket billiards. Wonder who the winner would be??

    • J. Appleseed

      Oh, yeah, places like Chicago, where gun violence is non-existent because of our strict gun ownership laws are way smarter!

  • Goodpacific

    Police officers must maintain a higher standard and not act as though they are God.

  • lin

    they need to NOT ALLOW guns at the movies, come on, he was making a lot of noise?? fucking cop, is he defending the asshole that shot that poor man, he is dead, I hope the attacker rots in jail

  • maias

    So the shooter will now sit in prison for years and years wondering just WHY he didn't wait for the film to come out on video – but hey, man! you showed every one what a tough guy you are – and we are happy you will be out of circulation for a decade or three.

    • Hyacinth DeLisser

      It was absolutely stupid to shoot the man. It goes to show that some people have no value to their lives and so show no regard for others.

  • Hyacinth DeLisser

    The world was a beautiful place, anywhere, until we the wacky ones made it into the wacky place it has become, no matter where!