Boycott the Super Bowl! Show the NFL You No Longer Find Brain Damage a ‘Sport’ (Guest Blog)

Boycott the Super Bowl! Show the NFL You No Longer Find Brain Damage a 'Sport' (Guest Blog)

Men are being tortured sadistically by what is called a sport

One hundred million people will be watching the Super Bowl this year while our players are facing potential brain damage on the field.

Viewers will stuff their faces with hot dogs and chili while men are being tortured sadistically by what is called a sport. Entertainment. Ads on TV are being broadcast for commercials to bait us to watch the Super Bowl, a latter-day version of Vietnam on what is called a playing field.

Recently, a friend and former public defender compared the sport of football to a recreation of people who steal land from Native Americans. And celebrating this. After all, football is all about who gains the most territory.

Then we have the in-your-face cooking shows of foods to prepare for this celebration of carnal bestiality. Sadism is football. Which team can hurt the other team more. As we cheer “Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah.” Or, at least, as a former cheerleader, I did.

Ancient Rome is here today! Whoppee! Let's have a barbeque. A tailgaiting party. As we watch brain damage being inflicted on both teams. We will never know the results of the many concussions until these players are dead. Only then can CTE be discovered in an autopsy.

Dr. Anna McKee, a neuropathologist at Boston University's Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy, was responsible for identifying and systematically researching Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disease similar to Alzheimer's, as a result of trauma-induced damage from football.

And YES, we are finding this dreaded disease, CTE, in the corpses of our beloved players as we cheer them on to brain damage. And EAT!

Behind this sadistic sport and the 100 million fans who watch it and the over $4,ooo a ticket is the money pocketed by the greedy Nero's of this so-called sport — the NFL.

Recently the NFL offered a settlement for a lawsuit against them for pennies. Yes, some $765 million is pennies when the NFL is worth billions. The settlement is only for past injuries and will not cover the men playing in this Sunday's Super Bowl as you eat nachos and cheer the violence. No, their concussions will not be covered in this proposed settlement.

A recent article titled Will Women Bring Down the NFL by Nicole Martorano Van Cleve, PhD Assistant Professor, Department of Criminal Justice, Temple University, states, “The NFL is known for its hard hits and large linemen, but what they should worry about are not those things. Perhaps women playing defense and saying their boys’ brains are worth more than a settlement is what the NFL should fear the most.”

Brava Nicole and bravo to President Obama, who has said if he had a son, he would not allow him to play football.

The NFL has been exposed in attempts to cover up the epidemic of traumatic brain injuries in the league and its denial of science. We are seeing institutional change in a sport that dramatizes masculinity and power and a change created by women. Moms. An NFL doctor admits in the above article, “If 10 percent of mothers began to see the danger of this sport, it would mark the end of football.”

OK, moms, dads and younguns, boycott this Sunday's Super Bowl and show the NFL you no longer find the risk of inflicting brain damage a sport. Entertainment.

  • rob

    Wow you're so much better than everyone.
    People who play this sport knows there are risks with it. I love to play and watch this game and would never stop.
    If my son chooses to play football, he can.

    Stop being so self righteous

  • Melloness

    Oh my gosh. Every sport has risks to injury. Should we put a stop to every other sport for being too dangerous? People who play them know the risks and they are not being forced against their will to play. Don't like it? Don't watch it, but don't prevent others from doing something they love.

  • Joe

    What? If this was the 1st of April, I would take this as an April fools joke. The writer needs to look up the word Torture in a dictionary. If She was going to write an article for people to take seriously, she should have put more emphasis on facts and not trying to make the readers feel guilty about watching a sport that men make a CHOICE to play. No doubt that there can be serious ramifications for some playing, and now that those ramifications are coming to light, some men may choose not to play.Some mothers may choose to hold their boys back from playing. People die and are injured in sport all the time. It has been that way since sport began. Dear writer….learn to live with what men AND women make a choice to do…

  • A

    How dare you compare playing football, much less any sport to the Vietnam war. Of the many irrational and bent positions taken here, you compare a war that men were forcibly drafted into, and lost their lives in, to an athletic sport that NO ONE in this country plays against their will. Certainly not at the professional level

  • Newzheimer

    Put down your crack pipe, dearie. As someone who lost friends in the Viet Nam conflict and had others come back damaged for life, all I can say in response to this drivel is that you have a lot of damned nerve posting this piece comparing armed conflict that men were drafted and conscripted into to professional football. One is war; the other is sport and one in which these men are amply compensated.

    No one holds a gun to anyone's head and forces him into a helmet and pads. Viet Nam OTOH, well…

    I should have known what to expect. Your writing is full of this kind of puerile nonsense. But this one really takes the cake.

  • Jammer

    How about boycott the fashion industry because it promotes anorexia in women? Boycott fashion shows and magazines and anything else from the current regime that controls the fashion industry. Let's see how that works out.

    • carolemallory

      good idea. but not because if promotes anorexia, but because it promotes empty superficial values in women. the nuns and their uniforms were not far from a good moral solution and i'm far from catholic

  • NeuroPhile

    Loved it. An unpopular stance, but very insightful. You're ahead of your time. Keep it up!

    • carole mallory

      thanks neurophile. i am recovering from a shunt inserted in my brain from suffering the disease of NPH.–water on the brain– and do not want to see these players endure what I have yet I hope they in fact have the opportunity as much of their brain damage is too severe for the player to have a shunt My shunt saved my life.

  • Jordan

    Interesting idea, weirdly aggressive article. As a football fan and ex player I want to know more about brain injuries, CTE what my response should be. Maybe it is boycotting but this article didn't convince me.

    • carolemallory

      thanks for your openiness

  • Sally Jane Sharp-Paulsen

    Good on you for showing the other side of the “glory”, Carole. I've seen the effects of irreversable brain damage, as you have, and it's heartbreaking.

  • LoveitLoveit

    Wow, another great, totally wacky, self-righteous, clueless, divorced from reality post! Just when I think you've disappeared, you return w another inane comment bait article. What a delightful way to start the day. Can't imagine why any supposed entertainment news site would publish this stuff but what the hey it's good for a morning giggle. Keep up the gloriously nonsensical work.

    Now, off to pick up beer and snacks for my Super Bowl party!

  • Brains Gambino

    Holy shit this person must be a nightmare to hang out with.