6 More Shows We Think Are Doomed, From ‘Hostages’ to ‘Sean’

6 More Shows We Think Are Doomed, From 'Hostages' to 'Sean'

Fourth-place ABC has most of the shows in our latest list. So far we're batting a thousand

We hate to say a show is doomed. We really do. But we don't take it lightly, and we've never been wrong.

In the past, TheWrap has predicted that a total of 12 shows would be canceled – and all of them were. This season, it looks like six more are soon to shuffle off, joining fall casualties that began with “Lucky 7.”

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Networks have a new face-saving way of avoiding the word “cancellation”: They'll order shows like “Hostages” or “Betrayal” and call them limited-run series. But that's a hedge, and a shrewd PR move; if a show ends as scheduled, it isn't so much a cancellation as a show peacefully ending its run. And if it comes back, well … the people demanded it.

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But let's be honest. There isn't a show on television that networks wouldn't bring back for more if it scored.

“We hope to get not only two seasons, but a lot more,” said “Hostages” executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer before his show aired, with refreshing honesty. “So this is not a miniseries for us.”

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Unfortunately, we think “Hostages” will turn out to be a miniseries after all. Call it “cancelled” or “not returning” or whatever you want, but it leads our latest list of shows we think are doomed. Most are on fourth-place ABC, which can at least take comfort in “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” being a hit.

Here are this fall's unlucky six:

The 15-episode series won't be back for more because NBC's “The Blacklist” is crushing it on Monday nights at 10. It has a 2.0 in the key 18-49 demographic in the live + 7 ratings that generously measure a show's performance over an entire week. CBS isn't known for keeping underperforming shows around, but seems content to let “Hostages” finish its run because of the star power of leads Dylan McDermott and Toni Collette — and perhaps to avoid offending the mighty Bruckheimer.

Tuesday nights start very strong for ABC: “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” has a very strong 4.6 in Live + 7, making it the highest-rated new show of the season. But not even Nick Fury's long coattails help: “The Goldbergs,” which follows it, averages a 2.7, while ratings for “Trophy Wife,” which follows, plunges to a 1.9 average. (The show that once followed “Trophy Wife,” “the unlucky Lucky 7,”  has already been canceled. Maybe “Trophy Wife” could hold on to more of the fanboy audience if it followed “S.H.I.E.L.D.”? After all, star Malin Akerman was great in “Watchmen.”) But as it stands, it would take the power of the Avengers, the Watchmen, and the X-Men to keep “Trophy Wife” from becoming an ex-show.

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Sean-Saves-the-WorldSEAN SAVES THE WORLD (NBC)
“Sean” is the lowest-rated comedy on broadcast television that hasn't been canceled yet, except for ABC's “Neighbors.” Why is it still on? Because NBC has a good relationship with its star, Sean Hayes, who broke out on “Will & Grace” and produces “Hollywood Game Night.” Hayes may have tested that relationship last week when he blamed NBC's low ratings for his low ratings in an interview with The TV Page. One problem with his assessment was that NBC is in first place this season, and his show is its biggest remaining weak spot. The others have been cancelled. The upside for Hayes? His show isn't bad. Maybe NBC will give it time to find an audience, despite its 1.4 rating.

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We wondered over the summer if American audience would root for a female protagonist who has an affair. Turns out the answer is no. “Betrayal” is another “limited-run series,” and unfortunately, its prospects do indeed look limited. ABC plans to air the entire season, but don't hold your breath for more after that. It has a lowly 1.4 rating in Live + 7, so this is the end of the affair.

ABC kept its aliens-next-door comedy alive for a second season by moving it to the no-man's-land of Friday, where the stakes are low. But “Neighbors” is low-rated even for a Friday show, averaging a 1.2. As we mentioned above, that makes it the lowest-rated comedy on TV. We hate to rub it in with a corny joke, but hey, it's probably our last chance: The neighbors are moving out.

We hate to put this endearing show on this list. But its second season debuted to an anemic .2 rating Friday, which is low even by CW standards. (The young network notes that much of its 18-34 target audience watches shows online rather than live.) Even the show's “Sex and the City” connections don't feel sufficient to keep it alive.

  • http://www.facebook.com/judith.randall.50 Judith Randall

    What a bunch of crap! Not one decent show among them. Good writing is a thing of the distant past, I guess. Just watch some of the older shows (Seinfeld, The Practice, St. Elsewhere, and even the Mary Tyler Moore Show was a break-out for 1970, and one of the all time best, Law & Order) and you'll be amazed at how we took the original smart writing for granted. Catch them on Hulu,if you're too young to have seen the original broadcast.

  • Frederic

    I saw once Trophy Wife and it smelled worse then skunk scent. It was stupid, no chemistry with the characters and she was not even that hot looking. She was more of a dumb blonde air head. Cable has better entertainment

    • kg

      Trophy Wife is a waste of a fantastic cast. Bleh.

  • nancy

    I love the show sean saves the world, I love sean hayes he is so funny and lovable. I hope they don't cancel his show, give it time

  • AJ

    Not that I'm particularly engaged with any of the shows listed here, but when everything is held up against Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory as the current sitcom ratings benchmarks, I have little faith in the system. Those shows are terrible.

    • rheffern

      Your credibility just took a huge dump on this comments page by referring to BBT and 21/2 Men as terrible..2 1/2 may be time to release but BBT is as great now as it ever was…comedy may just be over your head!

    • irishluck0317

      AJ, I counldn't agree with you anymore and you are 100% correct. Two and a Half Men and the Bing Bang Theory cater to those who are very young and immature. Polls have shown, many of the loyal audiences of these shows are uneducated. The shows of the past are gone forever so it seems. Seinfeld, MASH, All in the Family, Everybody Loves Raymond, etc…

    • Annoyed with Ratings

      So true!! Well stated.. Couldn't agree more. Although we do watch a few of the shows on the potential cut list. What a shame..

  • Jeff

    No surprises here. What does surprise me is some of the newer stuff that survives. Do people really watch some of these sitcoms where every other line leads to another stupid “what if it really happened?” vignette? If we go back a few years there were shows like Frasier, Seinfeld and others that captured quirky, sometimes outrageous characters and scenarios, but somehow managed to make them funny and entertaining, all without insulting our intelligence in the process.

    • Michael Wallis

      I take it you don't watch Fox with shows like ‘New Girl', ‘The Mindy Project’ and ‘Brooklyn Nine'.

  • singabob

    Just send these duds to FOX, they just gave a full season order to the pathetic “Dads.”

    • http://www.jesseheiman.net/ jesse heiman

      It's executive produced by Seth Mcfarlane who also does some show called Family Guy oh also on Fox.

      • singabob

        So…? A cartoon and its comedy are a bit different than a sitcom.

    • rheffern

      I agree that Dads is severely lacking in the likeability factor and the sitcom Mom seems very non-committal by the actors. The season did manage to sprout a new sit-com hit that was totally unexpected in The Goldbergs and that is why you give new shows a chance!

    • JD

      I love the show “Dads”. My husband and I laugh all the way through.

  • dispute92

    Remember shows like All In the Family, Threes Company, Carol Burnett, Sonny and Cher comedy Hour, and Dallas, plus as mentioned below, Mary Tyler Moore? We would stay home on a Saturday night and watch before going out. Not happening with the nonsense they show today. Bring them back for your regular viewing hours. Can't do any worse than the nonsense they ARE coming out with.

  • Ronald Brookins

    Trophy Wife deserves a better office. It adult cast is stellar and the kids cast is remarkable. The writing is very good and gets better each episode. I like this show and hope that it is given the opportunity to find its audience.

  • inthebusiness

    Sean saves the world is vomit…chewed over and over and up it comes…what a senseless bore of a show- and I love Sean!…but if Jim Belushi's show could last more than 5 minutes- I assume there is hope

  • whatever

    Sorry to say your perfect record is ruined – Trophy Wife was just picked up for a second season

  • Scudder2008 .

    Sean Save does for gay people what the Jeffersons did for black people..hit all the preconceived stereotypes..America's thought “campy gaymen are so funny”its a wonder they didn't hire Liza to do the theme song..believe it or not there are funny men that just happen to be.. gay… people who don't fly around the room on their next shopping spree at Bloomies..or hosting an award show…

  • JimBob

    I REALLY don't know what all of you “critics” out there in TV viewing land are looking for but I watch these comedies with an open mind. Are some of them weak? Sure! But if they can take my mind off of my daily problems and give me a couple of laughs, that's all I'm looking for. Every one of them doesn't have to win an Emmy! Are you all so qualified in the field of Television Situation Comedy that you know exactly when a switch should be pulled on a given show?? Loosen up! Sit back and enjoy it for what it is….a DIVERSION from the daily rat race!!

  • Jarhead

    I enjoy watching Hostages but the problem is in the long-term future of the plot. How long can the viewer wait for the situation to conclude. There is no way viewers can believe a president is going to anticipate surgery for months and a family who has no outside contact for weeks on end. But, Dylan McDermott is very good as the rogue agent.
    Not that it was mentioned, but it is time to put an end to the tiring “Red John” story line on The Mentalist. Just sayin.

    • CarolynWh

      Amen! I quit watching The Mentalist cuz I got tired of the ‘Red John’ stuff…and never started to watch Hostages cuz the promos told pretty much the whole story…How could they drag that out to a whole season?????

      • worthymagic

        Grace and Rigby will be leaving The Mentalist at the end of the season(or so I've heard) so if you really enjoy them on the show, you better keep watching. The Red John story line will end this season. Thank goodness for The Good Wife that CBS isn't comparing how well it does against The Walking Dead(both at 9 pm est on Sundays) or that would be gone too.

    • Blue Dogs

      My prediction on Hostages: the doctor's family will be KILLED off by their captors, y'all watch.

  • view from the couch

    I feel much of what is on television lauded as top notch best of the best is only that way because people are feed that notion. Modern family is rubbish the middle is just that, middle of the road not good not bad but hey somebody along the way said this show was a hit. , how many folks were really watching breaking bad, always sunny in phila… and dozens more like them until media told them it was the next greatest thing. people watch what they are told to watch. duck dynasty really???? CBS Seems to know comedies 2 broke girls, Big Bang theory, Moms are gems. they need to abandon ship on mike and molly and the millers total dogs. and put 2 and a half men out to pasture it died with charlie harper. ashton was great on that 70s show but just not working on 2 1/2 men even how I met you mother knows when it's time to wrap it up

  • Guest

    Let's face it—-TV these days pretty much sucks…. :(

  • Kelly Vaughan-Bysura

    Ok I personally love Hostages. I too thought how were they going to drag out the plot but I feel they did a great job. Now that being said I dont know how they would continue it thru to a 2nd season unless they created a whole new storyline with new characters. Maybe a spinoff where Dylan McDermott and Toni Colette run off together bc I cannot stand Tate Donovan character. But I love the show and look forward to monday nights each week to see what will happen. Anyone else like it or am I (well my daughter and I) the only viewer lol.

    • beth359

      My 11 year old son and I love this show. I really hope it doesn't end. We look forward to seeing it every week.