Sofia Vergara Tops Mariska Hargitay, Bethenny Frankel on Highest-Paid TV Actresses List

Sofia Vergara Tops Mariska Hargitay, Bethenny Frankel on Highest-Paid TV Actresses List

“Modern Family” star raked in $30 million thanks to acting income and endorsement deals

It really pays to be Sofia Vergara these days.

The “Modern Family” star has topped Forbes’ list of top-earning actresses on television, besting the competition by a wide margin.

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According to Forbes, Vergara raked in $30 million in the past year, nearly three times as much as her closest competition.

In addition to her fees from the hit ABC comedy, Ferrara's haul included income from he endorsement deals with Diet Pepsi, Covergirl, Rooms to Go and other companies. (According to Forbes, she also endorses the thyroid medicine Synthroid, but let's not dwell on that.)

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Sharing a distant second place are “Law & Order: SVU” star Mariska Hargitay and “Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco, with $11 million each. Cuoco's take was up $3 million from last year, thanks no doubt to deals with Priceline and Toyota.

“30 Rock” boss Tina Fey and “Real Housewives” alum Bethenny Frankel held fourth place with $10 million each.

Read the full list at Forbes.

  • Olly Blew

    Bethenny Frankel is not an actress. She's talk show host, a reality “star”, and incredibly annoying..

    • pmk

      She doesn't talk in a normal tone…she screeches and yells most of the show. Most of her show is sexual related…tossing a salad with a shirtless male while peering down his pants. Definitely not a role model for the teenage girls tuning in. Parents better monitor this show since she is a let-it-all loose kind of person.

  • mylifeasagaymansgirl

    When someone chooses to endorse a product like GMO Round Up Ready Toxic Diet Pepsi for money knowing several of the key ingredients have been linked to illness and cancers, it doesn't matter how much money they make, they lack reverence. .