‘Sons of Anarchy’ Shocker: Oh My God, What Happened to Clay?

'Sons of Anarchy' Shocker: Oh My God, What Happened to Clay?

Ron Perlman's character takes a fatal turn as Jax turns SAMCRO away from the gun trade

WARNING Spoiler alert: Do not read any further if you don't want to know what happened on Tuesday's episode of “Sons of Anarchy.”

FX's biker drama “Sons of Anarchy” took a grim turn — even by the show's own standards — on Tuesday night, as SAMCRO leader Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnan) pumped several bullets into gang patriarch Clarence “Clay” Morrow, in an effort to separate the club of the Irish-run gun trade that the club had become involved in.

Clay's death, perhaps not coincidentally, also cemented Jax's position as the leader of SAMCRO.

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  • Rockmaiden

    Clay's death was loooong overdue. It will be interesting to see what Tara does next week but I gotta say I am a little annoyed that none of the members of SAMCRO thought to dispose of the bullets she pulled out of Bobby. I mean, come on, this is as big as big time crime gets here!! With all the lapses in loyalty, they don't think to cover their asses by now???? Unrealistic, but still a kick ass episode!!! Good riddance to Galen's sadistic ass!!! :)

  • Tdee

    Great episode that made up from some of the meandering storytelling we've had to endure this season. Finally got back to classic SoA with Jax the ultimate manipulator – of Galen, Clay, Connor, the cops, even Tara whose head is spinning now. She should have trusted her man!

  • stanfordcrane

    I thought the most interesting point was the conversation between Wayne and Gemma. Wayne is the only “normal” person on the show now.

  • sha

    That was a sick episode, and those that say Clay's death was long overdue Kurt sutter said in an interview it would have been to easy to kill Clay while he was doing all the bad shit that, he wanted to wait until Clay starts to feel sorry for what he has done to the club and Gemma so then people start to feel sorry for him it would have been expected then but most certainly was not expected now. It's like you want to see Clay dead so bad but at the same time you don't want to see him go he played such a big roll on this show.

  • charles fitzherbert

    best episode yet. but why hasn't jax told tara about the deal to keep her out of jail? if he tells her she wont talk to the da. this has been the only thing pissing me off, besides the fact that I have to wait 2 weeks to c the next episode

    • Guest

      Yeah that's not going to happen because then things would just go back to normal. With only two seasons left after this one I don't think Kurt Sutter has any intention on making things significantly better for SAMCRO.

  • CopperCoin

    what ever happened to the original letters that John Teller wrote?!?!

  • Cj Mees

    DAMN! she just has to go to the FBI and tell them how they killed those agents she has the power on her side

  • RIPClay

    I think this was a grim turn for the show in the sense it lost one of its most pivotal and engaging characters. Clay was a goddamn asshole but he was one of the most interesting players in the show. The character development he had is completely unrivaled to any other character in the show. R.I.P Clay, they should have let you live.

  • Chitty Bang Bang

    They've killed off the neatest (Good and Bad) Characters. Who cares what happens to the second -string bikers from now on