Sorry, Ann Coulter: NYC Paper Calls USA World Cup Players ‘Heroes’

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New York Daily News invokes the same word it uses to describe the men who won World War II

Sorry, Ann Coulter: The New York Daily News says the 2014 American World Cup team, with its one win, one tie, and two losses, are “heroes.”

Screen shot 2014-07-02 at 11.46.28 AMCoulter, who specializes in making apolitical things political, has belittled soccer as un-American. But the Daily News disagrees, saying on its cover Wednesday that the American team ousted from the tournament Tuesday consists of “heroes.”

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That’s high praise. Here are some of the other people the Daily News recently declared heroes:

-Robert Renning, a Minnesota Air National Guardsman who pried open a jammed door to save a trapped motorist from a burning car.

-Jon Meis, a Seattle Pacific University student who subdued a campus gunman with pepper spray.

-The World War II veterans who fought in the invasion of Normandy.

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The Daily News went all in on hyperbole Wednesday: It also said the World Cup loss was “The End of the World.”

Hey, at least it didn’t say the soccer players won a war.