Calm Down, People — Julie Andrews Hasn't Even Watched ‘The Sound of Music Live’

Calm Down, People — Julie Andrews Hasn't Even Watched 'The Sound of Music Live'

Will Hart/NBC

The Oscar-winning actress hasn't had a chance to see what Carrie Underwood has done with her Maria character yet

Julie Andrews wasn't among the 18.5 million people who tuned in to NBC's event program “The Sound of Music Live” last week — but it wasn't because of any bitterness about Carrie Underwood taking over her old role.

Andrews, who starred as Maria in the 1965 movie “The Sound of Music,” told the Associated Press on Monday that she hadn't had a chance to catch the special, which cast “American Idol” favorite Carrie Underwood in Andrews’ old role.

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“Alas, I did not [watch the special],” the actress said during the U.S. premiere of “Saving Mr. Banks.” “I had a speaking engagement and I couldn't. But my kids did record it. I'll get around to it.”

While the live performance drew huge numbers for NBC — enough to convince the network to order a second live musical for next year — the critical response was mixed, with many reviewers opining that, as an actress, Underwood makes a pretty good singer.

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Many in the Twitter community also took exception to Underwood's portrayal. Taking issue with Underwood's accent on the special, actress Lindsay Hollister wrote, “BECAUSE IT'S PERFECTLY NORMAL MARIA HAS A SOUTHERN ACCENT IN 1940'S NAZI GERMANY.” (All caps, people; serious business.)

Underwood appeared to address the negative criticism on her Twitter account Friday, writing, “Plain and simple: Mean people need Jesus. They will be in my prayers tonight…”

  • ny4carrie

    Carrie had absolute no trace if a southern accent in her singing it speaking. You haters are really reaching now. Carrie did a fantastic job and does not deserve the hate death threats and bs she has been getting.

    Her vocals were flawless and guess what? She never acted before and she did quite well.

    People focus on the negative but ignore the fact that carries vocals were superb as was her dancing.

    I adore Julie Abdrews and if course no one will ever surpass her in this role. But that does not justify the snarky articles in this site and others hating on carrie for a year long before she sang a note.

    Too bad Julie's fans are not as classy as she is.

    Julie Also supported carrie in this and admitted the original cast all lip synced in the movie. Carrie had to sing live and act live with no re-takes or redos.

    • No hater

      Sorry ! I am not hater but she did act before with Anna Sophia Lobb . She just need more time for prepare big roll .

  • esteej

    I've never seen or heard Carrie so I won't speak ill of her. The entire cast of the origanal show made magic, especially Julie Andrews. I think most people who saw the original show when it first released would enjoy it much more than the remake.
    Julie is still loved and admired by so many people. She has staying power.