Spike Lee on George Zimmerman Tweets He's Being Sued Over: ‘I Did a Stupid Thing’ (Video)

The filmmaker tells Oprah Winfrey he did the right thing by reaching a financial settlement with the elderly couple whose address he falsely identified as Zimmerman's, but now they are suing for more money

Spike Lee only has one word to describe the George Zimmerman tweets that have landed him in more legal trouble — “stupid.”

“I did a stupid thing when I retweeted supposedly the address,” Lee told Oprah Winfrey during an interview that aired on “Oprah's Next Chapter” on Sunday. “It was stupid.”

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One month after the death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, the “Do the Right Thing” director took to Twitter and retweeted what he thought was the home address of Zimmerman, the man who was later tried and acquitted of Trayvon's murder. The address, however, actually belonged to Elaine McClain and David McClain, an elderly couple completely unrelated to the case.

Although Lee had reached a settlement with the couple outside of court on March 29, 2012, they have recently filed a lawsuit alleging that more retweets of Lee's message have caused them to suffer “substantial injury” since.

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“There's nothing I can say that can defend that. It was stupid,” Lee said, before emphasizing, “S-T-O-O-P-I-D.”

In their lawsuit against the filmmaker, the McClains are seeking damages “in excess of … $15,000,” plus attorneys’ fees and court costs.

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Lee said he was “angry” over the death of Martin, but pointed out that's “not a justification for stupidity.”

The McClains were not the only people upset about his actions. Lee said his wife, Tonya Lewis Lee, had a three letter question for him — “W.T.F.?”

“It was not a good time at the Lee household at that moment,” Lee added. “She was bringing it.”

  • Star boy

    Lee is an arrogant, pompous ass and one of the most racist men in America. He's constantly pointing fingers and casting blame. Maybe it's time he do some reflecting on all the damage he's done to race relations in the United States.

    • Ms. Pearl

      Ms. Pearl agrees with you. Spike is a man in pain. He needs Jesus and a good woman.

    • Alexander Crouton-Skitch

      … and then make a movie about it?

    • Color blind

      He make his money off of hatred and race. The world would be a better place without him. Kill yourself lee,
      For the good of mankind. Stop dividing us. And kill yourself

  • A2200

    Maybe it is time for people to more closely examine the narrative they have been sold by the Martin Scheme Team? Then examine what made Trayvon Martin think he was entitled to beat George Zimmerman.

    • Deb

      I don't believe Martin did anything to Zimmerman, he weighs a ton and that was just a skinny kid. However, whatever the circumstances, Georgie is getting his. No one on earth has to do anything to him, he's doing it to himself. Besides he has to endure that whooping from a higher power. His conscience won't let him rest, he will just get into more and more trouble. Just sit back and watch him self destruct. In you eyes A2200, I suppose the lady in Fla. that shot her gun in the air should have gotten 20 years for killing WHO?

  • tom

    Think the couple may still have a case even though they took the chump change. Similar to somebody siccing a dog on somebody. Then saying the dog got sicced on the wrong person. But yet after the “settlement” the dog continues to attack the person. Think the owner has some duty of positive relief.

    Spîke did nothing. He made no public statements regretting siccing the lynch mob on the couple. He has shown no remorse. He made no further attempts to disown the tweet or stop the tweets or say he was wrong. His only regret was he got the wrong address. And sicced the lynch mob on the wrong people.
    Hence he is still responsible for creating a public nuisance and not providing relief. George should sue him too.

  • Backslap_Bob

    The judge is going to toss this one hard. Logic dictates several things in favor of Lee here; the initial settlement goes a long way toward convincing any judge they were satisfied with what they received at the time and are simply looking for a cash grab for reasons outside of Lee's direct control. And secondly, the amount of time passed since that settlement was made before they decided to file the current lawsuit. Clearly frivolous!

  • wyoungs

    yes you did– and now to quote your idol– “the chickens are coming home to roust”- get you check-book ready you pompous azz.

  • Arthur Vandelay

    We need to put out Lee's address out and email it to all the terrorists in this world. We should even offer a reward for Lee's capture and torture